She is lewd and athirst (one-shot)

Oct 28th, 2015
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  1. I sat back in my recliner as the drugs began to take hold - the world itself spun and fell away as I ascended into an unearthly bliss. The opium coursed through my veins, numbing my body even as it painted the drag world around me more vivid than I had ever seen. The senseless beiges and greys of my world spun and sparkled into a caleidoscope of meanings before my closed eyes. The sun itself raced across the sky like a divine boat saluting the voyage of a true psychonaut.
  3. In a word, I was free: I flew through worlds of magic, past, present, and future. I watched forgotten civilizations on lost continents rise and fall, their futile struggle against the inevitable splayed before me like so many anthills. The furthest reaches of space lay open before me, glimmering and twinkling as I swooped between the moons. Slowly my ascent peaked and I began to fall back, back into my body, back into the dusty studio around me.
  5. As I found myself floating slowly back into my own body, I noticed something sat in the corner - an emaciated, dull-grey figure in the otherwise brilliant scene. I experienced the most terrifying vertigo as I was transfixed by the vertebrae bulging out of its back. I could not look away, and yet my attention seemed to somehow draw its attention. I watched in horror as the short-haired, humanoid head slowly spun to face me - and in the moment that its gaze met my eyes, I fell away from the dream.
  9. I could not remember, I did not want to remember. I tried desperately not to think of what I had seen - a bad trip, nothing more. Yet the existential terror that those eyes filled me with would not pass. Hours followed one another as I shook in my chair, hugging my knees and desperately avoiding blinking my eyes. Every time I inevitably did, a new wave of horror washed over me as barely-repressed fragments of memories flowed into my brain.
  11. Slowly I remembered, as much as I tried to avoid it. That emaciated face, with its sunken, bony cheeks was slowly filled in with every nightmarish blink. An incongruously delicate nose, almost pouting lips, a tiny waist... For a moment I almost though of the monstrosity as a reflection of my lust for heroin chic, but the wordless terror that filled me soon freed me of that idea. Finally I remembered the final moment, the moment our eyes met.
  13. Or rather, didn't. My eyes met the empty, black, sunken holes that should have held her eyes. I shivered as if dying of fever when her face filled my consciousness. I cast my desperate gaze at the dying light of the sun, now somehow less brilliant than it had been only moments ago. As many lights as I could light, nothing could remove the grey haze that had descended upon my world. With every passing moment I was more alone, more afraid.
  17. The television and the radio could not help me. My world turned monochrome and continued to darken as I sat, rocking, in the corner. Suddenly I noticed a black smoke wafting the the air just before my eyes - to my horror I realized it seemed to emanate from behind me. Too late, as I felt something wet brush against the back of my neck. I sprang forward like a spooked cat and spun to see the corner itself smoke like a steam engine.
  19. But what had touched me? I saw a long charcoal-grey tongue whip in the air where my nape had moments before stood. I watched in horror as a delicate nose emerged from the corned, followed by pouty lips, thena forehead covered in bone-white bangs. I knew what to expect even before it happened, but could not avoid gasping as those empty sockets emerged from the walls. I lay, paralyzed, as the head and shoulders materialized before me.
  21. Finally her arms appeared, catching her weight on the floor even as her buttocks slowly pushed their way through the fabric of reality above. Her eyeless face was twisted into a terrifying, obscene leer - her sunken cheeks were drawn back around her whipping, drooping tongue. I was almost relieved when I went blind with fear - but it did not last. I could hear the chittering, barking sounds of her approaching me along the old, rough, wooden floor.
  25. I wished for death as I felt the wet, ice-cold tongue press onto my lips. An unholy kiss violated me, followed by a chittering voice, like echoes of glass breaking, in my voice: "You finally noticed me..." I could not resist as bony arms terminating in long fingers wrapped around my chest, pressing her emaciated form to mine. "I will never let you forget about me again..." Soon after the words had finished ringing through my ears, I felt her tongue force its way into my mouth.
  27. She violated my lips and tongue for what seemed like a hellish eternity while rubbing her bony body against mine. Slowly one arm snaked its way inside my clothes, drawing circles around my sides and thighs before going for the kill. I felt her icy fingers climb down to my pubic mound and wrap around my penis. I did not understand the process that made it grow stiff from her touch - driven blind by the horror, I was shocked to feel myself grow erect.
  29. Her tongue finally relented. Whatever mercy her mouth would have for me, her body would not. I felt her position herself above me, kneeling, chittering as if panting. "I have waited so long for you to notice... I've always been here..." Her ice-cold hand guided my shamefully erect penis to a freezing wetness - I knew exactly what it was, as much as I wanted to deny it. The room rang with a chittering howl as I felt her icy flesh impale itself upon me.
  31. I screamed out as if dying from the anguish in my soul and the pleasure on my body. She paused for a moment, impaled all the way on me as she was, before beginning to move. She slowly rocked back and forth on top of me, worming her tongue back into my mouth as she did. Her bony chest and arms again wrapped around me in a cruel mockery of a hug, having guided me into my doom. To my horror, I soon realized the forbidden pleasure she gave me had driven me to the edge.
  33. Her emaciated hips were suddenly flooded with my semen. My vision returned in terrifying glimpses, and the sight of her eyeless face a mere hair's breadth away from mine, locked in an unholy kiss, made me pray to lose it again. She broke the kiss and turned her face to the ceiling, softly chittering, as I released my final spurt inside her. She twitched ever-so-slightly and fell to my shoulder, mercifully hiding her face from my sight, even if it was still irrevocably burnt to my memory.
  37. I fell to my back onto the floor as I slid to the side under her weight. She pulled her head away and presented her face to me as if torture: "We will be together for ever, now. I have always been here. I will always be here..."
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