Untitled Chrysalis/Anon story

May 14th, 2015
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  1. What if an out-of-shape Anon is forced by Chrysalis to undergo military training so that he may become a knight?
  3. >"You are a worthless pile of larvae jelly!"
  4. >Chrysalis yelled while she shoved your face in the mud.
  5. >You managed about 80 pushups this time till your left arm gave out and you collapsed in the slimy mess below you.
  6. >At this junction, it was hard to tell if she was enjoying your suffering or disgusted by it.
  7. >This had gone on for weeks, you pledged yourself to her army and she decided to see if you were worthy of such a boast.
  8. >"Apex predator? Laughable! Absolutely laughable! You are not worthy enough to serve as shield for my weakest minions!"
  9. >She kicked a glob of ichor in your face as you tried to lift yourself back up.
  10. >You wouldn't let her break you.
  11. >You told her no matter what she dished out you could take it.
  12. >That humans could overcome anything with sheer force of will.
  13. >She called your bluff and then some.
  14. >"When the second siege of Canterlot happens, you will be the first to be captured by Celestia's braindead guards. They will throw you into a dungeon and feed you sweetrolls because even they will pity such a pathetic creature!"
  15. >You grunt and wobble to your feet.
  16. >The world spun, your muscles screamed to lay down, but you managed not only to right yourself but to glare at your Queen.
  17. >"Had enough, human? Ready to admit you are nothing but a sorry excuse for a creature form a magicless, mistake of a world?"
  18. >Her answer comes with a spat to the ground, a mix of green slop and a trickle of your own blood
  19. >Her wings flutter and she brings herself to your eye level
  20. >You stare without a word
  21. >"Tomorrow, you will wish you had. Now march to your bunk and sleep before I take mercy upon you and end you right here."
  22. >You shakily salute and begin the slow shuffle back to your designated hole in the ground.
  23. >Once Chrysalis is out of sight, a few of the drones from your company buzz over to you and help you back.
  24. >They chatter among themselves, wondering why she is so intent on breaking you.
  25. >Had you the energy to think, you may have joined them.
  26. >"Wake up, slugnoid!"
  27. >Water splashed in your face and your dreamless sleep came to an abrupt end.
  28. >"On your feet and outside in 10 minutes! If I have to come into this disgusting barracks again you'll earn a day in the cocoon!"
  29. >Chrysalis marches out.
  30. >You fight the aches and pains of weeks of abuse and don the rags you were given.
  31. >With a minute to spare, you were greeted with the barely cresting morning sun.
  32. >"Top of the hill, human! If I miss breakfast you won't see a morsel today!"
  33. >Summoning strength you never knew you had, you blindly followed Chrysalis's taunts up a steep hill.
  34. >Your bare feet dug into the muddy floor and your hands clawed at the ground every time you fell.
  35. >When you reached the top, she used her magic to pull you onto your back.
  36. >Her holey hoof pressed right on your chest, hindering your breathing.
  37. >"Give up."
  38. >You dared not touch her but you forced air into your lungs against the pressure she put on your sternum.
  39. >She pushed down harder.
  40. >"Give. Up."
  41. >You grit your teeth and gasped for air, but not once did you stop fighting her.
  42. >"Why do you do this to yourself? What do you hope to gain? You will never be one of my obsidian elite. You will NEVER be my second in command! You will not be remembered at all! You won't even be a footnote in a historian's account of our victory!"
  43. >She pushed down so hard you sunk into the mud.
  44. >You strained and fought to stay conscious.
  45. >Right before you were about to pass out, she lifted her hoof and let you breathe.
  46. >As you coughed and gasped for oxygen, she scoffed and walked away.
  47. >"Anonymous?"
  48. >Through your strained breath, you manage to lift your gaze to her.
  49. >"You will NEVER rule by my side. So forget that childish fantasy and go home. You will--"
  50. "Yes....yes I will."
  51. >She raises an eyebrow as you forced yourself to your feet again.
  52. "I with you...while Canterlot burns around us.."
  53. >You cough and wheeze, the mere effort of talking taking what little energy you had left.
  54. >Your reward for your boast is her laugh.
  55. >It was mocking and evil, that practiced giggle she once used to gloat over the sun princess.
  56. >"Bold words. You have quite the imagination. Or you are delirious."
  57. >She might be right but you focused on getting your breathing under control.
  58. >You couldn't make a claim like that then black out right after.
  59. >"I like bold. Bold is how I stand above you. Bold is why my changelings follow my command without question."
  60. >She raised her hoof.
  61. >You braced yourself to be struck
  62. >But she did the opposite and wiped a speck of mud from your cheek.
  63. >"Perhaps there is something worthwile in that sorry bag of flesh afterall?"
  64. >She flicked the mud away and nearly pushed you onto your back.
  65. >"Go back to the barracks and clean yourself up. At noon we will see how bold you are. Be sure to eat, it may be the last meal you enjoy."
  66. >She flew away without another word.
  67. >You began your trip downhill, quickly falling to all fours and crawling to stop yourself from tumbling.
  68. >Bold?
  69. >Standing up to her and volunteering for this hell wasn't bold enough?
  70. >You thought you were in too much pain to be scared....
  71. >Noon came.
  72. >But you didn't wake in time.
  73. >When you got back to the barracks and laid down, your eyes closed and sleep stole you from the world.
  74. >You didn't dream at all, every ounce of energy your cells could find was put to recovering your battered form.
  75. >You were woken by a concerned drone, shaking you claiming Queen Chrysalis was looking for you.
  76. >While you were too groggy and couldn't tell who it was, you thanked him and pulled yourself out of bed.
  77. >It was well past 2.
  78. >Son of a bitch.
  79. >A surge of adrenaline got you to your feet, dressed in the nicer rags, and out the mouth of the barracks stucture.
  80. >Chrysalis was waiting atop the hill with her second in command.
  81. >The little asshole with the helmet.
  82. >"There you are! Anonymous, have we broken you so badly you cannot remember how to tell time?"
  83. >Chrysalis chuckled and her favorite minion followed suit
  84. >"Or have you given up? Finally ready to admit you don't have what it takes to stand by my side!"
  85. >Were you not in so much pain,you'd find the courage to ask if any of her other minions ever had to endure what you have.
  86. >You reached the top of the hill and straightened out.
  87. >"When you came here you were a disgusting grub of a beast. Now you wouldn't scare an earwig!"
  88. >The second laughed harder while she berated you.
  89. >You stood there and took it as always.
  90. >But today something was different.
  91. >Her insults became a sort of staticy white noise
  92. >You no longer heard them
  93. >There was just sound as your heart began to beat harder
  94. >Not faster, harder, stronger.
  95. >Every thump made your chest feel as if it would explode
  96. >The second kept laughing, and your heart beat so loudly you felt it in your ears
  97. >Chrysalis must have said something particularly degrading, for the second belted out another laugh.
  98. >That was the last time you heard him laugh too
  99. >For the moment his little mouth opened and cackled, you felt a fury seize your body and you lunged forward.
  100. >What happened next, even you had a hard time explaining.
  101. >It was like a force seized your body, and every bit of stress and anger you suffered for the last few weeks focused itself into your fists.
  102. >Your first swing hit the changeling so hard the helmet flew from his head.
  103. >Before he could even fathom what had happened, your left hook struck him dead in his chest.
  104. >You were atop him a second later, pounding your fists into his body with rage and strength you never knew you had.
  105. >Chrysalis screamed and ordered you to stop, but her voice was distorted in your blind anger.
  106. >The sounds leaving your own mouth could only be described as guttural; curses, growls and screams all blended together.
  107. >The second in command was crying for help beneath you.
  108. >Other drones jumped on your back and tried to pull you off him, but they only slowed your swings.
  109. >Eventually enough of them dogpiled you and got you off the fallen second.
  110. >Chrysalis added a blast of magic to your chest, knocking you backward and sending her minions flying in all directions.
  111. >She stood between you and her second in command
  112. >You took deep breaths and wiped the blood from your face, staring into her frightened eyes.
  113. >Behind her, the fallen second coughed and struggled to move.
  114. >It was just then you began to feel the sting of your knuckles.
  115. >You had been punching so hard both your hands were bleeding.
  116. >"You better pray he lives, Anonymous!"
  117. >Chrysalis bellowed and ordered you away.
  118. >When you didn't budge, other drones pulled at you to get you moving
  119. >Eventually you started down the hill
  120. >Rational though returning, the scene replayed in your mind over and over
  121. >Even you couldn't make sense of it.
  122. >All except one thing
  123. >The look of fear on Chrysalis' face.
  124. >It was for only a second, only when she saw the crumpled form of her second in command then looked to you
  125. >But you had done the unthinkable
  126. >You scared a monster.
  127. >You weren't brought back to the barracks.
  128. >As if your outburst wasn't hint enough that you were in trouble, the new accommodations where.
  129. >A bed, a sink, four walls, one door made of heavy wood.
  130. >A cell.
  131. >After you washed the blood and pieces of chitin off your hands, you fell onto the hard bed
  132. >Where had this all gone so wrong?
  133. >When the changelings found you, they threw you in a cocoon for lack of a better idea, you broke out
  134. >Even then, when you were a tubby out of shape loser, you managed to escape
  135. >But you didn't get far before they caught you and brought you before Chrysalis
  136. >When you saw her, in all her glory, you did what you hoped would be an act even she couldn't refuse.
  137. >You bent the knee and pledged yourself as her knight.
  138. >It was so strange, that was weeks ago and you thought you were so clever.
  139. >That the changeling queen had been alone for so long that your pledge would win her.
  140. >What a fool you were.
  141. >She had mocked you, beaten you, forced you to work till you collapsed, then pushed you harder and harder every day
  142. >Every day till she bent you too far
  143. >You snapped, and may have taken her second in command with you.
  144. >As your mind raced with possibilities for what you can only imagine would be your quick end, your eyes became heavy again
  145. >Even now, even faced with unimaginable consequence, the primitive parts of you only wanted more sleep
  146. >So you gave in and let the world fade to darkness.
  147. >Why not, afterall?
  148. >Whatever awaited you, might as well have a good sleep first.
  149. >"Wake up."
  150. >There were no windows or clocks.
  151. >You had no idea how long you'd been out.
  152. >As you complied and rubbed the sleep from your eyes, you saw Chrysalis in the doorway of your cell.
  153. >"I had to put Tekcirc in stasis. I don't know if he will ever come out of it."
  154. >She glared.
  155. >You stared at the ground but felt no remorse for that changeling.
  156. >It actually felt good to know you hurt him.
  157. >No, no that wasn't it.
  158. >You were proud that you..
  159. >"Do you know how difficult it is to find a competent second in command?"
  160. >..broke something she liked.
  161. >"The one before him was so insufferable I threw him into a volcano! I should do the same to you!"
  162. "Try it."
  163. >That was your cue to look up.
  164. >See if she still
  165. >Oh yea
  166. >She scowled but her eyes gave her away.
  167. >That quick glance to the door.
  168. >All you needed to see.
  169. >"How long do you want to stay locked in here, Anonymous? A week? A month? Threaten me one more time."
  170. >A smile crept on your face but you kept quiet.
  171. >No amount of pride was worth a month in solitary.
  172. >"All you've proven today is you can be provoked. I have still no use for a magicless husk of a.."
  173. >You took this moment to stand up.
  174. >You squared your shoulders, feeling muscles you never knew you had tighten in your back.
  175. >You never noticed before but you stood nearly a head taller than her
  176. >Not counting her horn, of course
  177. >She lifted a single back leg when you rose, but she bared her fangs and her magic began to trickle from that twisted horn.
  178. >Her neck tilted so she could look you in the eyes, her power flowing like wisps of green fire.
  179. >"Tonight you sleep in this hole. Tomorrow, we see what you're truly capable of."
  180. >The air around her burst into green fire.
  181. >The heavy oak door to your cell slammed shut.
  182. >She was gone.
  183. >It was hard to say if you successfully made a point or not.
  184. >Between beating her second in command to a literal pulp and now intimidating her in your cell.
  185. >For the time being, though, you were in this hole.
  186. >There was no way to tell what time it was, or when 'tomorrow' would come around.
  187. >So for lack of anything better to do, you laid back down.
  188. >Once again, sleep found you quickly enough.
  189. >After an unknown amount of time, the oak door groaned open, waking you.
  190. >You expected Chrysalis, but it was a few drones from the barracks.
  191. >They lead you from the cell to another room, one with a shower and some clothing
  192. >Actual clothes this time, not rags.
  193. >Well, more like robes with some terrible stitching to make them human compliant
  194. >You took advantage of the shower, letting the hot water loosen your muscles and clear your head.
  195. >Then you cleaned your scrapes and cuts before getting out.
  196. >That's when you noticed the mirror
  197. >The first one you've seen since you started this little adventure
  198. >You hardly recognized yourself
  199. >The excess pounds were gone, your jaw was prominent, and dare you say it but you could actually see muscles on your frame
  200. >You'd have taken more time to admire yourself had the mirror not also reflected the dozens of bruises, scrapes, cuts, and other injuries you sustained.
  201. >Even so, it was an accomplishment that you were standing here at all.
  202. >Taking one last look at yourself, you donned the robe.
  203. >The fabric was nice, a soft, cotton of some sort.
  204. >They were black, like the changeling's hides, with a blue rope to tie the middle
  205. >Weird.
  206. >When you reached the door, it opened on its own.
  207. >Chrysalis was on the other side.
  208. >"So you can be civilized afterall."
  209. >Her tongue flicked over he fangs and she motioned down the hallway
  210. >"Follow me."
  211. >By follow she meant keep pace, for she never once allowed you to be behind her.
  212. >Trust was never her strong suit, you gathered, especially for outsiders like yourself.
  213. >"Did you mean what you said?"
  214. >She asked suddenly, breaking the silence as you two walked down the hallway.
  215. "What do you mean?"
  216. >"Did you mean it when you said we would dance together as Canterlot burned around us?"
  217. "Yes. I did."
  218. >She scoffed and shook her head, her green mane tossed freely over her shoulders.
  219. >"My hatred for the ponies is well known. They hoard love and happiness for themselves while the rest of the races fight for the scraps they leave behind."
  220. >She stopped and turned to you, her eyes scanning you from head to toe.
  221. >"But why would you want to see them destroyed by us? What could you possibly have to gain from our victory?"
  222. >You close your eyes for a moment, considering an answer
  223. >Did she want the 'right' answer or the truthful one?
  224. >Her expression was flat and slightly annoyed at your silence, giving you the impression she wanted the latter.
  225. "Why do you want to rule?"
  226. >She cackled, her laugh echoing in the corridor.
  227. >"Because it is my right! I don't 'want' to rule, I am destined to rule! My changelings are superior to those ponies in every possible way. Anonymous, they are our FOOD, how could we not rule?"
  228. >You smirk as she exposes her insatiable appetite for power.
  229. >That was the side of her you always admired.
  230. >"But my question still stands, human. What does that have to do with you?"
  231. >Your smirk grows a little wider.
  232. "Why would I want to stand in your way when I could stand at your side?"
  233. >She eyes you quizzically as the two of you leave the tunnel and emerge outside.
  234. >"You are a strange creature, Anonymous. I am beginning to regret not killing you the day we first met."
  235. >She winked but somewhere you knew she was serious.
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