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  1. 2020-01-13 14:20:25 next-brick01-head open-ils.circ: [] editor[1|2923364] action.hold_request.update status= transit= capture_time= current_copy= email_notify=t expire_time=2020-07-11T10:28:51-0400 fulfillment_lib= fulfillment_staff= fulfillment_time= hold_type=T holdable_formats= id=21097437 phone_notify= sms_notify=5035157495 sms_carrier=48 pickup_lib=394 prev_check_time=2020-01-13T09:29:40-0500 request_lib=394 request_time=2020-01-13T09:28:51-0500 requestor=2923364 selection_depth= selection_ou=394 target=2754702 usr=2923364 cancel_time= notify_time= notify_count= notifications= bib_rec= eligible_copies= frozen=f thaw_date= shelf_time= cancel_cause= cancel_note= cut_in_line= mint_condition=t shelf_expire_time= notes= current_shelf_lib= behind_desk=f acq_request= hopeless_date=2020-01-13T09:29:40-0500 isnew= ischanged= isdeleted=
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