Get Cutter Get Butter 7

Jul 21st, 2016
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  1. SLAP!
  2. >"THOSE PIGS!"
  3. SLAP!
  7. SLAP! SLAP!
  11. SLAP!
  16. >"Oh yes~ Hit me. Hit me as hard as you can. Get out all of that AGGRESSION~"
  17. >You watched as Princess Celestia, the leader of a whole country, your ruler, give her behind a small wiggle as Thunderlane pulled back and swung the paddle in his hooves
  18. >Though there weren't many stallions in the gym that looked anywhere close to happy, Thunderlane might have looked the most upset at the moment
  19. >The stallion's eyes were ablaze with fury unlike any you've ever seen
  20. >His teeth here drawn back into a permanent scowl, his shirt clung to his sweat-soaked, veiny body
  21. >You could hear him cursing under his breath in between his swings, snorting and growling and carrying on and foaming at the mouth like some sorta beast
  22. >There was a savageness in his swings as he assaulted the princess's bottom
  23. >Each single swing carried with it all of the strength and weight that ol' Thunder had acquired going to the very gym that you were being held hostage in
  24. >They were hard, hard hits no matter how you looked at it, and each time a blow landed you couldn't help but flinch
  25. >But, of course, with how the princess was acting, they might as well have been kisses
  26. >With each slap that sent her meaty rump jiggling Princess Celestia would coo, leaning into the hit so that the resounding crack could be heard halfway across town
  28. >Just like Thunderlane, Princess Celestia was covered in sweat from muzzle to hoof, but unlike him there were also... other fluids on the princess's body that mixed in with her sweat
  29. >The princess had lowered her front half slightly so that her rump, now bright red from all of the paddling that it had endured, was sticking high up into the air
  30. >And the look on her face...
  31. >...
  32. Slap!
  33. >"Yes, harder!"
  34. SLAP!
  35. >"Treat me like the bad filly that I am!"
  36. >"Shit your pig mouth!" Thunderlane snarled. "You're NOT supposed to like this you fat-flanked creep!"
  37. >"Yes~"
  38. >You reeled back as well as you could trapped as you were as a certain... scent hit your nose
  39. >Oh sweet Cele--
  40. >...
  41. >Nevermind...
  42. >Looking away from her royal highness, because if you didn't you might see something you didn't particularly want to, you turned your attention to Rainbow Dash
  43. >Just like you and everypony else in this gym, she had watched everything that Rarity and the other girls just did with Anonymous
  44. >...You all and half the cod-picking town but that was besides the point
  45. >...If there was even a point...
  46. >Anyhow, you had expected Dashie to get a kick out of three mares having their way with a stallion out in the open where everypony could see
  47. >You didn't mean nothing bad by that but Rainbow just seemed the type to enjoy that sort of thing
  48. >But, to your surprise, she wasn't hooting or hollering or looking outside at them with a thousand yard stare in a puddle of their own sweat like Fluttershy over there was doing
  49. >There was a small frown on her face and a disbelieving look in her eyes
  50. >She looked plum confused, and maybe even a little concerned, like she didn't even know what to make of what just happened
  51. >As she sure as sugar should!
  53. >You could STILL see Twilight and Rarity and Pinkie out there acting like a couple of deviants
  54. >A little affection in public might have been okay in your book but THAT, what you had just witnessed, was a WHOLE other beast
  55. >They should have been ashamed of themselves, having relations out in the open like that
  56. >It wasn't right!
  57. >Your eyes snapped away from Rainbow and toward one of the rooftops
  58. >You could see about dozen mares with their heads poked over the roof they were hiding on top of
  59. >Guardsmares, ponies that protected your country, watching all of this nonsense with wide eyes and their tongues hanging out like a couple of dogs on a hot summer's day
  60. >You didn't like it one bit
  61. >Any of this
  62. >What Anon and the girls were doing might have been getting these danged stallions out of this gym-- there weren't many left in here you realized-- it was the wrong way to go about this
  63. >You were the Elements of Harmony for pete's sake!
  64. >Your momma's taught you better than that!
  65. >What the hay would they think if they saw you all now?
  66. >Frankly, it, THIS, was embarrassing
  67. >Embarrassing and disgusting and it didn't sit well with you one little bit
  68. >A mare didn't treat a stallion like that, no matter what!
  69. >Your frown deepened as you turned away from the window and looked around the gym
  70. >From what you could tell most of the stallions were staring at what was going on on that couch
  71. >Through the door lobby you could see Caramel bucking one of those cage thingy's while he cursed like a sea pony
  72. >And Thunderlane was busy beating (or at least trying to) the horse apples out of Princess Celestia
  73. >Nopony was staring at you or Dash
  74. >As far as you could tell nopony even knew that you were in the room anymore
  75. >Which meant...
  76. >With a grunt, you fell onto your side and rolled onto your back
  77. >Tucking your legs as close to your body as you could, you began to roll into the gym
  79. >Though you were grunting and swearing and making a heck of a lot more noise than you wanted, nopony yelled or ran at you; they didn't even turn their heads
  80. >Not even Rainbow
  81. >...
  82. >Dangit
  83. >You thought she'd get the same idea as you but it looked like the idget couldn't look away
  84. >...
  85. >That's alright
  86. >You'll get her and the rest of the girls after you got out of here...
  87. >You'll get out of here and then you'll--
  88. >You winced as you rolled muzzle first into a bench
  89. >Not hard enough to seriously hurt, but more than hard enough to sting like an SOB
  90. "Horse apples!" you grumbled, scrunching up your nose
  91. >Rolling onto your other side, you tried to wiggle out of the rubber bands wrapped around you
  92. >Both sets of legs strained against the elastic, pawing and kicking, but it was no use
  93. >Every time that you got close the band would snap back toward your body, making you hiss in pain
  94. "OWowowowowo, consarnit!"
  95. >Even so, you tried your darndest for about five minutes until, with red marks all over your chest and belly and breathing hard, you gave up
  96. "Razzle, Frazzling, horse apples, curd, plum bucking..."
  97. >How the BUCK did the princess get out of these stupid things?!
  98. >HOW?!
  99. >HO--
  100. >You took a deep breath, holding it for a few seconds before you explosively exhaled
  101. >Easy there girl
  102. >Easy...
  103. >You took a few more deep breaths, rolling your withers as you closed your eyes
  104. >...
  105. >Alright...
  106. >It looked like you weren't just gonna be able to walk out of here like you thought...
  107. >That didn't mean you were out of options though...
  108. >Grunting, you rolling onto your stomach and picked your head up as best as you could
  109. >You could still see Caramel bucking that cage to pieces, making one HECK of a fuss
  110. >Your ears perked up, listening to any sounds of distress
  111. >The only thing you could hear were Caramel yelling and screaming and Princess Celestia being paddled
  113. >It looked like nopony knew that you had left the room...
  114. >Slowly maneuvering to your left, you looked over to where you and Dash had broken into
  115. >...
  116. >Now, you knew that Caramel and these fellas weren't all that bright
  117. >But were they dumb enough to keep the door that the two of you had walked through open?
  118. >Would they, in the midst of all of this nonsense, forget to close it?
  119. >...
  120. "Buck it," you grumbled. "It's not like a got a whole lot ta lose at this point..."
  121. >Setting your jaw, you began to crawl across the gym like a worm, slowly but surely making your way toward the exit
  122. >You might not to able to use your hooves, but that didn't mean you couldn't get out of here and get help!
  123. >And you weren't gonna go those bucking guards, or Rarity and the girls, or anypony like that
  124. >Though you were shaking your head about what the hay was happening this was still a delicate situation
  125. >A situation that needed a stallion's hoof
  126. >And not just any stallion!
  127. >You needed to find one that had a lick of sense in him
  128. >Somepony who could talk the apples off a tree!
  129. >A ringer!
  130. >And, as luck would have it, you knew just the stallion...
  132. ~(0*0)~
  134. Clank!
  135. >The metal rang as you bucked it as hard as you could
  136. >You could feel your muscles, from withers to haunches, ripple as your hooves slammed into the power cage
  137. >The metal supporting the thick, sturdy frame seemed to crumble like paper as you connected with it
  138. >The cage swayed, groaning
  139. >Though your hooves were now stinging from the force of your kick you ignored the pain, standing in the middle of the swaying cage staring at nothing in particular
  140. "I can't believe that they would do something like that," you muttered to yourself. "Why would they do something like that to Anon?"
  141. >One of your back legs cocked back and once again slammed into one of the cage's supports as you stood there
  142. "After all of that... after getting this fit... Why would they pick somepony as ugly as HIM?!"
  143. >You were a perfect specimen of a stallion
  144. >You had the looks, you had the willpower, and you had the personality
  145. >Sure, some mares might have been a little... intimidated by you but you were the COMPLETE package
  146. >Hot enough to get any mare that you wanted
  147. >Princess, noble, millionaire, whoever, whenever, whatever!
  148. >Growling, you spun around and bucked another support beam, bending it outward with a single hard strike
  149. >The cage swayed before tipping over and falling to the ground with a clang
  150. >Stomping a hoof against the ground, you made your way over to the next cage
  151. >Anon was just some big, dumb ugly monkey
  152. >The kind of stallion that you had around to make the rest of you look pretty
  153. >He wasn't the type of stallion that could, or SHOULD, get the hottest mares
  154. >Especially not mares like Rarity and Princess Twilight
  155. >You could care less about him getting Pinkie Pie, she was a little too chubby for your taste and a big weirdo
  156. >And, to be fair, Twilight seemed to be the type of mare that would be happy to get any kind of stallion, since she hadn't been a princess long enough to know that she could have anypony she wanted
  158. >But Rarity?!
  159. >A mare like her shouldn't even give Anon the time of day!
  160. >She was rich!
  161. >She was the cutest mare in town!
  162. >She had connections to Canterlot!
  163. >She was graceful and suave and elegant!
  164. >A mare like that only deserved the best!
  166. CLANG!
  167. >Breathing hard, you shut your eyes tightly
  168. >You could still see everything happening in your mind's eye
  169. >Anon pulling her into his lap like the SLUT that he was, sucking on her horn with absolutely NO SHAME
  170. >You could still see her squirming in his lap, her eyes shut tightly and her back legs kicking and...
  171. >A pang of jealousy hit you in the gut like a buck, making your entire body tense so hard that you were shaking
  172. "ARUGH!"
  173. CLANG!
  174. >At first you hadn't cared about it all that much
  175. >You knew that they were just trying to get you out of the gym
  176. >They were acting, everything that they did was as fake as could be
  177. >But then, after it was all over, Rarity turned around, wrapped her hooves around his neck and kissed him
  179. >And it wasn't one of those forced, still high from your orgasm kisses that mares sometimes gave you after you had sex with them
  180. >Sure, the lust and hunger was there, but the look in Rarity's eyes as she pulled him toward her...
  181. >And that small, pleased smile that teased the edges of her face as she looked into that big dumb, green ape's face...
  183. >Your hooves strucking out in all directions, tearing the power cage that you were standing in to pieces
  185. >One of your kicks sent a chunk of metal flying toward the wall-length mirror, shattering it into a million pieces and sending glass everywhere, but you didn't even notice
  186. >You were too busy recalling the look on Twilight's face as Anon preened her wings
  187. >Her mouth had been hanging open and her eyes had been hazy yet more alive than you had ever seen them
  188. CLANG!
  189. >She was a princess, an alicorn, one of the most influential and powerful ponies in the world
  190. >Not the best looker, but a stallion would find himself in one heck of a herd if he nudged her in the right direction
  191. >But she hadn't picked you
  192. CLANG!
  193. >She hadn't picked any stallion!
  195. >She had had the same look in her eyes as Rarity had while she was sitting in that SLUT'S lap
  196. >The same smile had been on her face, she had been making the same sounds as those weird grabbers poked at her wings
  198. >Screaming, you bucked a plate tree, sending plates flying in all directions
  199. >And the way that Rarity and Pinkie had been...
  200. >While they were...
  201. >You were supposed to...
  202. >They couldn't...
  203. >Anon wasn't...
  205. "AURGH!"
  206. >You stomped down onto a bench, slipping it in two, before spinning around and kicking both pieces across the room
  207. >Never before had you ever felt this amount of anger
  208. >You could feel it bubbling up in your chest, you could feel it with every beat of your heart
  209. >It was making your body feel unnaturally warm and it was even making it hard to breathe
  210. >Anonymous had taken your future away from you
  212. >Getting this body was supposed to open you up for great things
  213. >You were supposed to be the one that Rarity was supposed to ask out
  214. >You were supposed to be the one that set up a nice little herd for yourself
  215. >You were supposed to have servants and a nice big house and a few kids and all of the bits that you ever wanted to spend
  216. >But now?
  217. >NOW?!
  218. >Panting, you bucked another plate tree before you threw back your head and screamed
  219. "IT'S NOT FAIR!"
  220. >You wanted to hurt him
  221. >You wanted to make him feel the pain that you now felt
  222. >You wanted that more than anything that you've ever wanted
  223. >And you were going to hurt him
  224. >Buck everything else
  225. >Buck all of these ponies
  226. >Buck all of these guards
  228. >Snarling, you stomped out of the now ruined weight room and into the lobby, where everypony else was...
  229. >...
  230. >Was there supposed to be another mare here?
  231. >The teeth-gnashing, burning rage that you felt slowly subsided as you looked around the room
  232. >There was the princess... and Fluttershy... and Rainbow...
  233. >Hadn't the fellas' gotten another mare?
  234. >...
  235. >Snorting, you shook your head of the thought
  236. >Buck it, you don't care
  237. >It was time to go out there and TEACH THAT SLUT A LESSON
  238. >Poking your head out of one of the broken windows, you looked around while trying not to look in the direction of the couch
  239. >Your nose scrunched up in thought as you stood there for a few moments
  240. >But then the lightbulb over your head turned on
  241. >Now smiling, you turned to the remaining stallions in the gym
  242. >There must have been just fifteen of them left
  244. >Nothing compared to what you had had only a few hours ago
  245. >But, if you plan worked, not only would you get everypony else back but you'd surprise those guards lying in wait for you
  246. >Yes...
  247. >Anon was in for the surprise of a lifetime...
  248. "Fellas, listen up! I gotta plan..."
  250. _~--~_
  252. >You are Mr. Cake
  253. >Not Mr. Cake: the strongest overhead presser in the Iron Church
  254. >Not Mr. Cake: the lieutenant in the Great Stallion Army
  255. >Just Mr. Cake: the stallion that was locked up in a jail cart with about two dozen other stallions
  256. >There wasn't a lick of room in the cart; something like this was probably meant to house four or five ponies
  257. >It was so packed that each and every one of you were pressed together so tightly that it was a wonder that any of you could even breath
  258. >Warm, sweaty bodies were pressing up all around you
  259. >You could hear stallions, most of them your friends, grumbling, whispering, and some even crying to themselves
  260. >You doubted if any of them had ever been in a jail cart before
  261. >You most certainly hadn't; usually you weren't the kind of pony that got all that roudy
  262. >And, now that you were here, not able to move an inch and staring into through thick iron bars into the faces of the guards watching over you, you could honestly say that you didn't care too much for it
  263. >There were carts sitting on either side of yours you noticed
  264. >Each of them held stallions to the point of bursting
  265. >Big, muscle-y stallions that had been yelling and boasting and bragging not a few hours ago
  266. >Now all of them were silent except for the occasional whimper or whisper
  267. >You sighed, looking down at the cart's wooden floor
  268. >You had heard the guard talking amongst themselves about what was going to happen to you
  269. >Many were guessing that you were just going to get a slap on the wrist
  270. >Others thought that Princess Twilight was going to put you all through the ringer
  271. >Fines, jail time, possibly worse
  272. >But you weren't worried about that to be honest
  273. >What you were worried about was your Cupcake and your little Pound and Pumpkin
  274. >Your loving, wonderful wife and your darling, beautiful children
  275. >You doubted that they even knew where you were right now
  277. >Cupcake probably thought that you were just getting a workout in before you came in and helped her with the shop
  278. >It was a Thursday, and since this was the day that most ponies got their paychecks today was going to be particularly busy
  279. >It usually took you, her, and Pinkie working your tails off to keep ahead of the customers
  280. >But now with Pinkie, um... INDISPOSED and you held up in a portable jail Cupcake would have one heck of a time minding the store and the kids
  281. >Even though Pound and Pumpkin were getting bigger, even starting to help around in the store, Celestia bless them, somepony needed to keep an eye on them
  282. >And Cupcake couldn't watch them and take orders and bake and work the cash register and...
  283. >Sighing again, you let your shoulders sag
  284. >Here you were, a forty year old stallion who should have some better sense, getting ready to be hauled away to Celestia knows where and your wife was back at the bakery no doubt ready to tear her mane out
  285. >Orders were no doubt being missed, customers were probably staring to angry, the kids had probably gotten into the powdered sugar and were running around shaking and twitching like salt-addicts
  286. >She couldn't do it alone; she needed your help
  287. >From the first day that the two of you opened SugarCube Corner she had needed your help
  288. >Even though she could bake anything with a bit of sugar and flour and a little bit of egg she was completely helpless without you
  289. >...
  290. >But even though you could handle customers and orders with ease you couldn't bake a cake if somepony put a crossbow to your head
  291. >Cupcake tried to teach you, your father had tried to teach you when you were younger, you had even tried taking a few cooking classes at the local community college
  292. >Nothing you did of course worked; everything that you pulled out of an oven was either burnt black or so misshapen that it had to be thrown out
  294. >You were too skinny, too tall, and you couldn't cook a thing to save your life
  295. >With any other mare you would have been kicked to the curb
  296. >But Cupcake didn't care; she loved you all the same
  297. >...
  298. >If it had been the other way around, if Cupcake and Pinkie had gone off to Celestia knows where and left you all alone on one of the busiest days of the week, you would have been hopelessly lost
  299. >You might have started crying from the stress, maybe closed the shop down for the day
  300. >And you could have been FURIOUS at the both of them whenever they got home; you'd probably make Cupcake sleep on the couch for the next month if she pulled something like that
  301. >Yet here you were, with two stallion's rumps in your face as you waited for Princess Twilight to sentence you
  302. >...
  303. >It worked both ways
  304. >The two of you couldn't run the shop without the other
  305. >Without you she was lost, and without her you would be lost
  306. >Sure, Pinkie would be able to pick up most of the slack if either of you were gone, the dear, but whenever it was just you and her something was... off
  307. >You didn't work as fast, you weren't as crisp, everything seemed wrong and out of place
  308. >It was like, without her, you were just working at fifty percent capacity
  309. >When you together the store was running smoothly
  310. >When you weren't it just... wasn't
  311. >Though you couldn't see it from here, you turned to the direction of Anon's gym
  312. >You were a business stallion
  313. >You loved your shop
  314. >You loved waking up before the sun came up so you could get your store ready
  315. >You loved talking to ponies, you loved the atmosphere
  316. >Even the bad things, the bad customers, having to repair or buy things, the long hours, even they brought a happy smile to your face
  317. >You don't know what you'd do if anything happened to SugarCube Corner...
  318. >Anonymous, the giant, sweet stallion had worked his flank off for the gym of his
  320. >He didn't have somepony like your Cupcake, he didn't have a family with any money, he didn't even have that much money himself
  321. >For years you had seen him working himself to the bone, working two sometimes even three jobs, saving every single bit that he could get for his gym
  322. >He had done jobs that no stallion in his right mind would do and he had done them without complaint
  323. >Though he hadn't said anything you had seen the dark rings under his eyes, you had seen how his clothes were starting to look a little worn
  324. >He had been willing to lose sleep, do without, for his dream
  325. >And then it had happened
  326. >A place had opened up and he had managed to snatch it up before anypony else could
  327. >You had never seen him happier when he had come into your store with about a thousand flyers in his hand, asking if he could advertise the opening to the Iron Church
  328. >He had worked himself half to death setting this gym up, and not only had he set it up but it had been PERFECT
  329. >It was big but not too big
  330. >Most of the equipment was used but still in good condition
  331. >There was no nonsense about it, no flare; it was just a place where you could go and get a workout and meet up with your friends
  332. >...
  333. >But not anymore...
  334. >You stopped breathing for a few seconds when you recalled all of the windows that you had broken
  336. >You had all also torn up the lobby, and the last time that you saw, before you had been hauled away, the gym itself hadn't been in that good of a shape
  337. >Anon's gym, his business, the little place that he had been dreaming about for as long as you've known him, was wrecked
  338. >And It wasn't some natural disaster that wrecked it, not some parasprite incident or some super villain
  339. >It had been you
  340. >There was no excuse that you could use, not justification
  341. >You had done it; you and every single stallion here
  342. >All of you that had been going to the gym six days a week so that you'd have good bodies for the beach...
  343. >Your knees wobbled as regret and sorrow, unlike any that you've ever felt, filled you
  344. >It was so bad that you had to lean on one of the stallion's next to you for support
  345. >You felt horrible, sick, disgusted
  346. >This wasn't fair
  347. >No, it wasn't just unfair, it was wrong
  348. >You believed in stallions' rights
  349. >You believe that a stallion that worked just as hard as a mare should get the same pay as she did
  350. >You believe that a stallion should be judged by the contents of his character, not on whether he had a cock between his legs or not
  351. >...But what you did was wrong
  352. >What every single one of you did was wrong
  353. >Anon took you all in and showed you the wonders of weightlifting
  354. >He showed you all how to get the bodies that all of you wanted since you were blank flanks
  355. >He did all of this with a smile on his face and joy in his eyes
  356. >...And you wrecked his gym and threw him out of it while yelling about stallions' rights and calling him names...
  357. >"WHAT THE--"
  358. >WE'RE BEING ATTA--"
  360. >You picked your head up as you heard the sounds of a struggle happening right outside of the cart
  361. >The moment that you did so a mare's face slammed against the bar that wasn't a foot away from you
  362. >The mare's eyes widened in pain before she disappeared under the cart before you could so much as jump
  364. "What?..."
  365. >You, along with everypony else around you, jumped as Thunderlane poked his head up from under the cart
  366. >The pegasus looked slightly disheveled, his muscle shirt slightly crunkled and his mane out of place
  367. >But there was a smile on his face
  368. >A triumph, beaming smile
  369. >...The same smile that all of you had been wearing when you had wrecked Anon's gym and kicked him out...
  370. >"Just give me a second and I'll get you guys out!" he said, flashing a pair of keys at you all. "Listen, Caramel has a plan. If he go and..."
  371. >You slowly tuned him out as you looked through the bars toward your house
  372. >You were getting out...
  373. >You were being freed...
  374. >Looking down at your get up you frowned
  375. >Your beard and shirt, such had looked so amazing on you this morning, now looked disgusting in your eyes
  376. >You wanted, no, NEEDED, to take them off
  377. >You needed to shave, you needed to change into your work clothes...
  378. >You needed to get home to your wife and your babies
  379. >You needed to think up of a way to apologize to them for pulling something like this
  380. >You didn't say a word as the stallions around you started cheering about this and that and some such thing
  381. >The headband that you had been so proudly wearing was dropped to the ground as you pulled it off your head and tossed it away
  382. >If you hurried you could still make it home before the lunch rush...
  383. >Hopefully Cupcake made those extra cinnamon swirl bites
  384. >For the last couple of weeks you've been selling out of them...
  385. >You were still silent as Thunderlane unlocked the door and threw it open and you all made your way out of the cart
  386. >While nearly all of the stallions began to form into a great big group, listening to Thunderlane shouting orders and getting them into groups, you turned the other way
  387. >It was a bit of a leg from here to the store, but if you hurried you'd make it there in no time at all
  389. >Hopefully you'd think up an apology to your honey bunny before you made it through those doors and--
  390. >"Mr. Cake!"
  391. >You stopped for a moment
  392. >Looking over your shoulder you saw that nearly every stallion was looking at you in confusion, Thunderlane included
  393. "Oh, did you need something, Thunder?" you politely asked
  394. >Many of the stallions frowned, looking at each other as Thunderlane stepped toward you
  395. >"Well yeah," the pegasus said. "I was telling everypony about our battle plans and you're just walking away! Where are you--"
  396. >Your ears perked up as the town bell ran twelve times
  397. >It was noon...
  398. >The lunch rush was about to begin!
  399. "Oh horse apples," you muttered. "I'm going to be late."
  400. >You smiled apologetically at your friends
  401. "I'm sorry fellas, but the lunch rush is about to hit and my wife's all by herself."
  402. >With a little wave you took off down the rode as fast as your hooves could take you
  403. >You had no idea how you were going to make this up to Anon
  404. >Maybe you couldn't; maybe he'd hate you forever for what you've done to him
  405. >You'd hate you if you were in his position...
  406. >But even so you were going to try your hardest to fix this
  407. >But not today
  408. >Today your honey bunny needs her stallion >...
  409. >And you need her
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