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  1. Okay so... rant for today...
  3. I LOVE horses, they are a passion of mine. That’s why I took up riding a year ago to fufill my lifetime dream of competing and building a strong bond with an animal that doesn’t understand my language... but today I think it has changed... I’m scared of horses now... My trainer kept forcing me to do something today. She got a whip out, and kept hitting my horse. She scared me and my horse, so the horse bucked me off and I fell off into a mounting block.  I had hurt my elbow really bad to the point of not being able to feel it when it’s touched, and the gravel cut up my arm till it bled, and then my knee was bleeding and hurting too... I hit my neck and head hard on the mounting block, so being in extreme pain I started crying. They laughed at me, made fun of my for crying, and I had a panic attack before I started cantering so that didn’t help... I don’t know what to do, should I keep riding or quit?
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