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  1. But nobody like me so I dont really count
  2.     <ThomYorke> Christ, you look like a diseased emo kid.
  3.     <ThomYorke> Why would you do that?
  4.     <aSmallGreenBug>    Because I want to
  5.     <aSmallGreenBug>    Also I look fine when I'm not straight out of a shower
  6.     <aSmallGreenBug>    makes my skin look paler when my hair's that dark with water
  7.     <aSmallGreenBug>    so I look horribad
  8.     <release>   Clearly you should take another one
  9.     <ThomYorke> After you look not like a diseased emo kid.
  10.     <ThomYorke> Try adding a hat.
  11.     <NoblesseOblique>   Ren looks good, I can vouch for it.
  12.     <Papillon>  josh, you look like you never eat and have never seen the light of day
  13.     <Papillon>  AKA an anorexic goth
  14.     <Papillon>  who are you to talk?
  15.     <ThomYorke> >Talking about weight
  16.     =-= ThomYorke was booted from #baphomet by YOU (I am actually in a bad mood and you're making me pissy so fuck youuuuu)
  17.     -->|    ThomYorke (~cgiirc@1584C82C.8D94E16.34E7DB6C.IP) has joined #baphomet
  18.     <ThomYorke> .op
  19.     <ThomYorke> oh right
  20.     =-= ThomYorke was booted from #baphomet by YOU (ThomYorke)
  21.     =-= NoblesseOblique is now known as Space_Core
  22.     =-= Mode #baphomet +o Space_Core by Creepybot
  23.     -->|    lmotep (~cgiirc@1584C82C.8D94E16.34E7DB6C.IP) has joined #baphomet
  24.     =-= Mode #baphomet +o lmotep by Creepybot
  25.     =-= Mode #baphomet +b *!*@1584C82C.8D94E16.34E7DB6C.IP by Space_Core
  26.     =-= Mode #baphomet -b *!*@1584C82C.8D94E16.34E7DB6C.IP by Papillon
  27.     =-= lmotep was booted from #baphomet by Space_Core (You heard the girl. Out.)
  28.     -->|    lmotep (~cgiirc@1584C82C.8D94E16.34E7DB6C.IP) has joined #baphomet
  29.     =-= Mode #baphomet +o lmotep by Creepybot
  30.     =-= Mode #baphomet -bbbb *!~Amanda@end.of.days *!*@Rizon-EEADE8E.atclnj.east.verizon.net *!~g@mr.robatou.kilroy *!*@mr.robatou.kilroy by Papillon
  31.     =-= Mode #baphomet -bbbb *!*cgiirc@*.red-81-47-149.staticip.rima-tde.net *!~Administr@Rizon-8E7F4E94.nycmny.fios.verizon.net *!*@Rizon-421464AF.atclnj.east.verizon.net *!*@Rizon-13E49E1D.neo.res.rr.com by Papillon
  32.     =-= Mode #baphomet -bb *!*@zui.quan *!*@8B9D90FA.7D4397AF.EACC6899.IP by Papillon
  33.     =-= Mode #baphomet -e +o!*@* by Papillon
  34.     =-= Mode #baphomet -o Space_Core by lmotep
  35.     =-= lmotep was booted from #baphomet by YOU (lmotep)
  36.     <Papillon>  .k lmotep
  37.     <Papillon>  what
  38.     -->|    lmotep (~cgiirc@1584C82C.8D94E16.34E7DB6C.IP) has joined #baphomet
  39.     =-= Mode #baphomet +o lmotep by Creepybot
  40.     <lmotep>    Ren is mad why?
  41.     <Papillon>  oh
  42.     =-= Mode #baphomet +h Space_Core by lmotep
  43.     <aSmallGreenBug>    I'm mad because I don't like you.
  44.     <Papillon>  she's in a bad mood and you were a jerk
  45.     <Papillon>  your actions have consequences
  46.     <aSmallGreenBug>    .op Space_Core
  47.     =-= Mode #baphomet +o Space_Core by Creepybot
  48.     <Papillon>  being a jerk made her upset with you
  49.     <lmotep>    Since when did people get mad?
  50.     <lmotep>    We make fun of them for that.
  51.     <Papillon>  no, YOU make fun of them for that
  52.     =-= lmotep was booted from #baphomet by YOU (Since right now you fucking intolerable piece of shit.)
  53.     -->|    lmotep (~cgiirc@1584C82C.8D94E16.34E7DB6C.IP) has joined #baphomet
  54.     <aSmallGreenBug>    I hate him.
  55.     =-= Mode #baphomet +o lmotep by Creepybot
  56.     <aSmallGreenBug>    Yes
  57.     <aSmallGreenBug>    You.
  58.     <aSmallGreenBug>    I hate you.
  59.     <lmotep>    Well now she's just hormonal.
  60.     <NegiSpringfield>   :p
  61.     <NegiSpringfield>   too easy
  62.     =-= lmotep was booted from #baphomet by YOU (Hormonal my ass.)
  63.     -->|    lmotep (~cgiirc@1584C82C.8D94E16.34E7DB6C.IP) has joined #baphomet
  64.     =-= Mode #baphomet +o lmotep by Creepybot
  65.     <lmotep>    I don't think that your butt makes hormones.
  66.     =-= lmotep was booted from #baphomet by YOU (Fuck off.)
  67.     -->|    lmotep (~cgiirc@1584C82C.8D94E16.34E7DB6C.IP) has joined #baphomet
  68.     =-= Mode #baphomet +o lmotep by Creepybot
  69.     <Papillon>  alright that's enough kicking
  70.     <aSmallGreenBug>    okay.
  71.     <lmotep>    Why are you still mad? Relax.
  72.     <aSmallGreenBug>    Don't tell me what to do.
  73.     <Papillon>  josh, just leave her alone
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