Blowjob competition

Jan 5th, 2014
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  1. >day tea with Hexferry and you are Anonymous
  2. >and suddenly things go dark as you collapse onto the floor
  3. >...
  4. >you awaken
  5. >you’re bound onto a chair and there’s mothponies all around you
  6. >you look around and also take notice that you are inside some huge tent and Hexferry is there, next to you
  7. >but she has tight black leather garments on and a riding crop
  8. >you try to move but you can’t budge, your bound tight
  9. “Mares and Gentlecolts, let the games begin!”
  10. >there is cheering as you turn to look at Hexferry
  11. >”Hexxy what’s going on?”
  12. >Hexferry turns to look you with a cold look on her face
  13. “We are having a blowjob competition”
  14. >you take a minute to process that
  15. >”...what?”
  16. >but then you notice that your erection springs into full bloom rather painfully
  17. “Good, the potion has started to take effect”
  18. >”What potion?”
  19. >Hexferry smiles with glee
  20. “Why Anon, the potion that lets you cum and maintain an erection until you drink the antidote”
  21. >Before you can question her more, Hexferry turns to the audience and yells out
  22. “All right, contestant number one, you’re up!”
  23. >you turn to look at the mass of mothponies as one of them starts to walk towards you
  24. >it’s Amata
  25. >you watch at her as she shyly walks up to you
  26. “Ummm.. I’m inexperienced... but please bear with me
  27. >she gives you a little bow
  28. >that would be so cute if it would not be for all these ponies staring at your precum-leaking junk junk
  29. >”Amata wai-“
  30. >you are silenced by a ballgag Hexferry puts on you
  31. >Amata moves her mouth closer to your dick and you can now feel her breath on it as you stare at her with wide eyes
  32. >Amata extends her tongue as her wings slightly open, showing you how nervous she is
  33. >her tongue gives your shaft a good lick, starting from the base and gently moving up until slipping off of your tip, leaving a trial of drool on your member
  34. >your body shivers as a warm pleasure starts tingling in your crotch
  35. >Amata takes a quick look at your eyes, but blushes and decides to close her eyes as her open mouth hovers above your shaft
  36. >you brace yourself for the sensations as Amata takes the tip into your mouth and sucks down on it, squeezing her lips tightly around your throbbing cock
  37. >it feels amazing, Amatas mouth is wet and like a warm putty around your glands, and she’s really sucking down on it
  38. >not to mention you can not really resist her blushing face with her eyes closed shyly as she starts to slowly move hear head up and down, unsure at first but quickly gaining confidence and picking up the pace
  39. >you let out a muffled grunt as you feel yourself nearing the finish line, Amatas drool now slowly flowing down onto your jewels
  40. >and then she gives your glands sudden strong licks with her tongue and you go over the edge
  41. >as your member starts to throb and let out your hot seed Amata pulls back in surprise and you watch as your baby batter soils her face and mane as Amata catches her breath
  42. “Let’s hear it for contestant number one, Amata!”
  43. >the ponies cheer as Amata trots off to presumably clean herself off
  44. >you get down from the high of sexual enjoyment as your dick suddenly springs back into full erection and with a few throbs your testicles feel like they would have been magically filled to the bursting point with more of your seed
  45. >what a potion
  46. “Well, seems like our judge is ready again, so can I have contestant number two?”
  47. >you have to admit tough, that tight black leather outfit really fits Hexferry nicely
  48. >you look at the next pony, pretty much now accepting your faith and going along with the ride
  49. >it is Pepper Dust, who walks up to you while sneezing a few times
  50. >you’ve got to be kidding, it’s not mares only?
  51. >you are not sure about this anymore
  52. >but you are not going anywhere, so you just brace for it.
  53. >Pepper Dust gets his face close to your member
  54. “Umm, here I go”
  55. >and takes the tip into his mouth
  56. >O- Oh wow
  57. >He’s using the tip of his tongue to draw circles on your frenulum area and it feels amazing and intense
  58. >you tense up random muscles as you try to resist this insane pleasure
  59. >but it is useless and you cum
  60. >it is almost painful, another orgasm so fast after the last one, and your body jerks a it violently, or at least as much in the limited movement capability you have while bound
  61. >Pepper Dust keeps your member in his mouth, letting it fill with your seed, and then pulls back and swallows your load
  62. >He gives you a coy smile as he makes way for the next contestant
  63. >you hate to admit but that swallowing made your heart flutter a bit
  64. >a mare walks towards you
  65. >or at least you thought it was a mare until you noticed the member between his legs
  66. “Third contestant, Gemini!”
  67. >a trap moth, your erection and sperm springs back up and only halfly because of the potion
  68. >traps are one of your many secret fetishes
  69. >Gemini flashes you a killer smile and bedroom eyes as he sets himself near your twitching cock and gently caresses it with his hoof
  70. >it send shivers almost too strong all over your body
  71. >that potion must make your dick more and more sensitive after each orgasm
  72. “Let me show how it’s done...”
  73. >Gemini places his mouth near your member and...bites his teethes together?
  74. >you raise an eyebrow as Gemini looks at you with a playful glint in his eyes and places his open moist lips and pushes your dick in
  75. >it slides gently along his teethes and then hits the inner wall of his cheek
  76. >and then Gemini starts to blow you like this
  77. >the sides of his teethes scratch gently against your tip as sloppy sounds fill the air as your rip hammers against Geminis cheek
  78. >a whole new kind of a pleasure
  79. >the combined textures of hard and soft send ripples down your shaft as Gemini bops his head and his drool drips down onto your testies and shaft
  80. >Gemini picks up his pace and starts to jackhammer your member with his mouth untill giving it a few final deep bops and then pulling his head back, popping your dick out as it grazes at his teethes almost painfully
  81. >but it is enough to send you over the edge as you shoot your third load, all over Geminis face
  82. >it feels like your testicles almost pull all the way into your lungs
  83. >you can barely focus your eyes now as you watch Gemini rub the sperm all over his face in mirth and then giving you a playful wink as he walks away, swaying his butt at you as he walks
  84. >your head is hurting now, but your body screams for more, oh dear god more
  85. >even the still air feels like hot velvet upon your cock
  86. “Contestant number four!”
  87. >Hexferrys voice seems a bit distant now
  88. >you awaken back to reality as you see Golden Corral before you, licking her lips
  89. “I hope you are ready for something intense Anon~”
  90. >you just rest on the chair, balls full once again and cock painfully erect, accepting whatever may come
  91. >Golden Corrals tongue gives your tip a few licks and then suddenly darts down into your urethra
  92. >it feels painful but good, being violated like this as her tongue digs deeper and deeper
  93. >soon she pulls it back out, sending more painful but so good shivers from deep within your cock
  94. >her tongue darts back in again, shooting that intense pleasuring pain trough your whole body, and pulls out as your insides shiver in enjoyment
  95. >Golden Corral keeps fucking your urethra with her tongue until you climax, the shear force of it sending her tongue flying out and surprising Golden Corral as her wings spread wide and her mane gains a few gooey white stripes
  96. “...oh wow, such force~”
  97. >Golden Corral flashes you bedroom eyes as she makes her way off the sage, lifting her tail up and giving you a rather wet sight
  98. >you can’t see anything, your eyes now having rolled to the back of your head as drool escapes from he sides from the gag that you are wearing
  99. >you do not anymore think nor care, and as your dick stiffens again you thrust your hips upwards as well as you can, signaling how eager you now are for more
  100. “Well, seems like our judge is now very eager for more, Now, time for the fifth competitor”
  101. >and then Hexferry turns to you with a jar of honey
  102. “I am competitor number five Anon, and if you get any cum on my mane I’ll end you”
  103. >Hexferry drips honey onto your member and then hungrily takes the whole thing swiftly into her mouth
  104. >it feels like your cock is sinking into something pleasant for miles to no end
  105. >Hexferrys suction is the strongest by far as she greedily moves her head
  106. >you look at her in the eyes
  107. >Hexferry blushes and averts them, making your cock twitch at her cute behavior as you moan into the gag
  108. >she picks up her pace, as if in a hurry to finish and starts to caress your balls with her hoofs
  109. >you can no longer take it and thrust your hips violently as you cum
  110. >and one of the ropes binding you actually comes loose and your dick shoots deep into Hexferrys throat, making her eyes as big as plates in surprise as your seed makes her gag
  111. >Hexferry pulls back coughing, some of your gunk now dripping from her nostrils as well
  112. >Hexferry stares at you in anger and stomps off to get cleaned as another pony comes up to you behind her
  113. >Virgo takes your once again erect member into his hoofs and starts to stroke it roughly and begins to give your tip strong licks
  114. >these strong rough movements are just what the doctor ordered and you cum again
  115. >Minty moves up and blows you, more cum
  116. >some pony and cum
  117. >stallions and mares, all giving you head
  118. >cum more and more
  119. >you loose count, the world turns to black
  120. >it hurts but feels good but hurts
  121. >you are no longer aware of anything
  122. >...
  123. >...
  124. >...
  125. >as you come to you notice that your member is now flaccid, and you are hurting very badly in your abdomen
  126. >your binds are undone, and you are sitting in your own scat, you must have lost control of your bowels at some point, fresh tears have been running down your face and your eyes hurt like you would have popped a vessel
  127. >you try to get up from the chair and instantly collapse onto the floor in pain, none of your limbs listening to you
  128. >you just lie there, hurting and covered in filth
  129. >but then you feel a hoof hoisting you up
  130. >you turn to look and see Hexferry supporting you
  131. >she notices you looking and blushes
  132. “Y-you idiot, it’s not l-like I was concerned”
  133. >you smile and let Hexferry carry you home to get cleaned up
  136. the end
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