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  1. Full name : kwon yebin
  2. Nickname(s) : -
  3. What do you want to be called : yebin
  5. Birthday : june 25, 2002
  6. Age : 15
  7. Birthplace : seoul, south korea
  9. Nationality : korean
  10. Ethnicity : korean
  12. Height : 168cm
  13. Weight : 46kg
  14. Blood type : A
  16. Personality :
  17. ・yebin is more of an indoor person. she's quiet when she is a human but very hyper as a pup. she is a little stubborn and does not trust other's easily. she acts a little cold at first but is friendly if you get to know her.
  19. Background :
  20. ・yebin stayed with a married couple ever since she was a newborn. she didn't know who or where her real parents are and the couple also said they didn't know, as they found yebin in a box at a dark alley not so far away from home.
  22. ・yebin's only friend back then was a pup who stays at her neighbourhood, beagle. they became close for quite some time but yebin didn't saw beagle anymore so she assumed that beagle moved.
  24. ・yebin left home a few weeks later at night after overhearing the couple talking about putting yebin at the pound because they were going to move and no pets are allowed in their new apartment.
  27. ・bubblegum
  28. ・cartoons
  29. ・trot music
  30. ・the color pink
  31. ・stuffed animals
  32. Dislikes :
  33. ・bugs
  34. ・the dark
  35. ・being disturbed
  36. ・dog food
  37. ・getting her fur dirty
  39. Habits :
  40. ・'woof-ing' in her human form (at times)
  41. ・zoning out
  43. Trivia :
  44. ・she can do a little bit of martial arts, she was taught by her neighbour who does it.
  45. ・she falls asleep easily.
  46. ・she only turns into a human when her owners are not at home.
  47. ・somehow good at singing.
  48. ・was nearly caught by the pound once but managed to escape in time.
  50. Slot : samoyed
  51. Backup : dalmatian
  53. Face claim : loona yeojin
  54. Backup : loona chuu
  56. Love interest : jeongin
  57. Backup : seungmin
  59. How did you met :
  60. ・yebin started staying at the dark alley where she was found after leaving home. one night, it started to rain and she got a fever as the water was too cold. she was about to faint but then she felt that the water stopped pouring and looked up to see a boy covering her with an umbrella.
  62. ・he kneeled down and dried up yebin's wet blanket. he covered her with his jacket and tried giving her a biscuit, which she ate after a few attempts. yebin rejected at first when he asked if she wanted to stay at his place but agreed later on.
  64. First impression on him :
  65. ・inside, she was scared. she had a hard time thinking about whether she can trust him but later on, something about the boy made her feel safe.
  67. First impression on her :
  68. ・it was his first time seeing a samoyed dog and he was fascinated at how pretty a samoyed's fur is. after realizing she was sick, he knew that he had to take care of this dog or else he'll feel guilty for leaving it there.
  70. Relationship timeline :
  71. ・they started off as acquaintances but as time passes, they suprisingly got along so well. he had this really fun aura that makes you want to know him better. they became as close as yebin and beagle. she told him that she could turn into a human after she moved in with him and he didn't mind at all
  73. ・they started developing feelings in the future but kept it a secret from each other for a long time. jeongin confesses after everything goes well (like after they are saved from the pound).
  75. Pup you're most close with :
  76. ・BEAGLE; they've been friends for a long time and they have a lot in common. they seperated ways but they meet again in the future and are happy to be reunited.
  78. Pup you're least close with :
  79. ・PAPILLON; things started off awkwardly between the both of them and yebin is a little scared of her after hearing her being sarcastic with the othet pups. although, she would like to befriend papillon.
  81. Requested scenes :
  82. ・jeongin and yebin hanging out at the rooftop at night, watching the stars and he confesses afterwards.
  83. ・yebin catching up with beagle after not seeing her for a long time.
  84. ・yebin meeting her ex-owners in her human form and finds out that they've been lying to her and that they know about her parents and how they died (plane accident).
  86. Extra(s) : if there is anything that doesn't match, tell me and i'll change it :)
  87. Notes to me : this applyfic is so interesting and so sorry for the late form, i was stuck on writing about yebin's background ;;
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