Oct 29th, 2011
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  1. <Markpire> >watching harry potter
  2. <Markpire> >eating chocolate covered raisins
  3. <Markpire> >some falls on the sheets
  4. <Markpire> >dont pay attention
  5. <Markpire> >covered in chocolate by end of movie
  7. <Useless_Mummy> >watching harry potter
  8. * beato (beato@witches.exist) has joined #Hotglue
  9. <COCKSPAL> >chocolate covered raisins
  10. <COCKSPAL> >not bertie botts
  11. <COCKSPAL> god, some of those bertie botts were so fucking good
  12. <COCKSPAL> like the popcorn
  13. <COCKSPAL> and the disgusting ones were actually disgusting
  14. <POO> I wonder
  15. <Amaranthea> Oh god
  16. <POO> How they got those gross flavors to taste so much like the gross shit
  17. <Amaranthea> those every flavor beans
  18. <POO> like the bear shit flavored one
  19. <Amaranthea> so good at making gross ones taste gross
  20. <POO> do they have some guy in a room who eats a pile of bear shit and then compairs it to the bean?
  21. <Amaranthea> sure they aren't enjoyable to eat
  22. <POO> Like
  23. * O1av has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
  24. <COCKSPAL> i was impressed at how vile they made themm
  25. <Amaranthea> But you have to hand it to them, they did a good job
  26. <COCKSPAL> inorite
  27. <POO> Each day, I bet the guys who think of the flavors wonder how to fuck up the tasters day
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