New MIX & EU & US installs.

Oct 22nd, 2019
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  2. Information on setting the:
  3. Percentage of successful installations:
  4. It depends entirely on your file, if it FUD and your SOFTWARE works properly - you will be pleased with the percentage of successful installations. See reviews in the topic
  5. Source:
  6. Traffic goes directly. Without intermediaries (exchanges). Traffic is clean, live, without bots, passes through TDS filters.
  7. Everything comes with live traffic, all browsers, IE through a bunch of exploits, other browsers through the script landing. Clean bots.
  8. The uniqueness of the installations:
  9. Installations are sold in one hand. 1 PC = 1 install
  10. Check for popular SOFTWARE:
  11. There are bills for popular software, which provides a greater probability of a clean PC
  12. Check for success:
  13. Each installation is tested for success, so you get the top impact on the market and maximum quality
  14. As soon as you wrote to me, you accepted all the rules listed below!
  15. Read the rules of service! There is no refund! Replace the balance, agreed with them! I do not agree, do not replace the balance!
  16. 1.Malibekov is not performed, the installation is time-tested. If the knock failed-the problem is not on my side. I am a conscientious seller and do not render bad services.
  17. 2.In installation is often a queue, you get into it as soon as I made the payment for the necessary number of installs. If you're not online when your channel should be, and you haven't left me a file in advance, you're at the end of the line. Exact time of the start of your system call will not work, so I can only roughly guide. I'm not leaning anyone forward. Your turn may be delayed only if the client in front of you was not online or he bought a small number of additional installations.
  18. 3.Strongly recommend all test before Strait, the flow of not'm stopping, only if the problem on my side (was for all time just one times, keep please this in view)
  19. 4.Instaly and traffic believe on my statistics.
  20. 5.If you buy loads, then you buy them and not accounts paypal, amazon, chase, etc. and statistics are loads and not accounts. The type of problem I had a few akkov this link or there is a small balance will NOT be accepted. Everything comes with real time traffic, stat is available on request.
  21. 6.If you want to order a stream of loads or traffic and it is partially occupied, as you immediately said, keep in mind that you will not have a super flow rate or you will have to wait for some time until the flow is completely free.
  22. 7.The service may refuse to provide services to you without explanation.
  23. 8.No tests are provided or provided. the minimum quantity to order is 1K.
  24. 9.Do not pour encoders, lockers!!! Upon detection of such software, the flow stops, the money is not returned!!!
  25. Prices on install:
  26. Mix World - 1k - 350$
  27. Mix Western Europe - 1k - 1000$
  28. US - 1k - 1250$
  29. Contacts for communication:
  30. Telegram - alerod
  31. Gabber -
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