Anon in Saddle Arabia's pony prison chapter 12

Jul 29th, 2017
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  1. Be Anonymous
  2. >You were finally outside the prison of Saddle Arabia. Seems like the guards and terrorists were playing… and by the looks of concern of the crowd, it looks like the guards were losing.
  3. >Hell, they were playing soccer and had shirts and shorts with their respective colors for each team; the guards had blue sky while the terrorists had dark orange.
  4. >Ponies with clothes are always cute, but there is one pony in the terrorist team that wasn’t wearing a shirt or shorts at all.
  5. >It was a… cyborg? No, no way. There isn’t that kind of technology in this world, despite… ponies having things such as vinyl players and other stuff.
  6. >Aaaaaand the guards were losing 6 against’ 0, which was… ouch, so bad.
  7. >You hope this isn’t the only game that the play, you actually want to help and stay on their side for once against those terrorists.
  8. >You really want to help them for good.
  9. >Oh whoa, seems like Shorty was playing too! Damn you need to take a pic of those clothes! And…
  10. >Damnit Anon, concentrate. He may look cute with a ponytail and sweating bullets as he’s playing and trying his best… but there is no time to take pictures of him right now.
  11. >…
  12. >Okay, probably a few shots wouldn’t hurt.
  13. *Snap*
  14. >Yeah… this would look good in a calendar. Heh, maybe you could promote some football games and make every world country compete for the first place.
  15. >As you continue watching the game, they were in the last minute of the match. A terrorist pony with a number 34 on his shirt that was the forward of the terrorist team passed the ball to the tiny- terrorist pony… he jumped and while in mid-air he did a bicycle kick that landed the ball inside the goal.
  16. >That was… pretty badass, you gotta admit. For him to achieve such kick and landing when the goalkeeper is a damn minotaur and the size of half the goal, that’s pretty impressive.
  17. >Or could there be a chance that they can cheat this game?
  18. >As the ref blows the whistle, the crowd from the guards stays in silence, but the terrorist tiny crowd starts to stomp their hooves on the sand as an admiration of the victory.
  19. >You approach the sweaty Shorty that, as exhausted as he was, was still cheering up his team.
  20. >As you approach them, you find the ball that the guards and terrorists used in the game. It didn’t look that much used and, uhm… you feel nostalgic about having a non-living thing that also needs your help to speak.
  21. >Also Red and Blue Candle need something to use to move around, so… maybe you can find a marker later and put some eyes on this soccer ball.
  22. >Yeah… now for a name? Pancho doesn’t go anymore since that was for the box.
  23. >Hmm… maybe since it was a soccer ball, you could call it some Brazilian name? Yup seems logic to you.
  24. >But you don’t know that many Brazilian names… only Ronaldinho, uh…
  25. >…Maybe just Cinho? Eh, most Brazilian names end in inho, so it’ll do fine.
  26. >You pick the soccer ball, your new Pancho 2.0 and with a sly smile you talk to him.
  27. “So, ready for the second part of our adventures, Cinho?”
  28. >You put the soccer ball near your ear so it implies that is whispering to you.
  29. >”VAI TOMA SUA GOSTOSA UHUHEUHAEHUEUHA” You say while trying to imitate the Portuguese language as best as you can.
  30. >…You need to draw some teeth in this soccer ball as soon as you can, you racist son of a bitch.
  31. >Aaand there are some ponies in the crowd looking at you as if you have a mental illness, so you better hurry and catch up with the guards now.
  32. >You start walking slowly and tried to listen to the guards’ conversation in the meantime.
  33. >”Okay… we may… have lost our first game… but! There are still two games that we won’t lose! We just… need to focus! We just… need to… stay together as a team! We just…” Then Shorty fell to the sand with his hooves wide open. “Need… some… water…”
  34. [Exhausted warden noises]
  35. >”Maybe I should have been the cheerleader again… This short is too tight anyway…”
  36. >They were looking so exhausted, the poor things.
  37. >”Brother, I can’t believe I couldn’t protect the goal not even once… those terrorists are tough material.” The green minotaur, Delta Iron said while sitting on the sand. “And did you saw that pony with the number 34? He and the tiny terrorist were unstoppable.”
  38. >”Yeah.” The brother of the green minotaur, a gray minotaur whose name was Omega Iron, nodded to his brother as he stretched his arms. “I think they had mercy on us for a moment… but 7 goals are so… rough on us. Or maybe we are bad at hoofball.”
  39. >Meanwhile, the other terrorists were praising the midget robotic suit pony and the terrorist with the number 34 on his shirt. Your eyes could catch the name of him on the back of his shirt.
  40. >Or well, more like a nickname. You don’t think “Hape” is a pony name. Although he was hugging the terrorist ponies even if they didn’t like it with a cheeky smirk.
  41. “Yo guys.” You wave your hand while you finally get near the group of guards and the exhausted warden lying on the sand. “How’s the fight going?”
  42. >”Nonny- I mean, Anon!” Shorty got up; he had sand on his mane and was a bit disheveled. “We don’t like the term ‘fight’! We prefer contest! Or games! This isn’t a fight!”
  43. >Shorty waved his hooves around you while scrunching his face, he was probably angry at the first defeat of the ‘games’.
  44. >Neh, you know how to calm ponies.
  45. >You just boop his muzzle to stop his complaints. For a reason you have a degree in booping, your teachers were jealous of your skill!
  46. “Oh come on, it isn’t the end of the world if you lost a game… right?”
  47. >Instead of reacting or blushing to the boop, Shorty evaded eye contact with you. Same with the others, it seems something was going on.
  48. >Maybe something was in game? Or was the boop too much? Damn this must be something serious then.
  49. “Okay, everyone seems to act so differently. What happened in the meantime I was getting the camera? Did the worm eat someone? …I was joking on that so you guys better not say yes!”
  50. >Shorty looked at Lima who looked at the sand, then at you with a determinate expression.
  51. >”Lima’s brother… the terrorists have him and if we win, we can have him back... back to us and his sister.” Shorty then looked at the terrorists with a face of anxiety. “But… if we lose, I have to join the terrorists for Celestia knows how long.”
  52. >Oh, so it was tha-
  53. >WAIT WHAT!?
  54. >You take Shorty by both his shoulders, making him eep and enter a state of confusion and blushing as you make him look at you.
  55. “YOU WHAT? ARE YOU CRAZY SHORT? You never thought what would happen if you lose? If you leave those that you protect and love the most? Didn’t you think about the consequences?” You say while shaking him every second.
  56. >Then you stop and look at sand of the desert. Aka the floor.
  57. >Then Short placed a hoof over your shoulder.
  58. >”Somepony has to protect the prison, it is my duty as the warden… no matter the price, I need to protect my guards, my prison… everypone who is at risk.” Short Fuse stared at you directly in the eyes without hesitating. “Lima’s brother is in danger and so is the prison… but this warden right here isn’t giving up, I have hope in my guards- no… in MY friends!”
  59. >You take your hands out of Short’s shoulders and sigh heavenly.
  60. >These ponies man. Sometimes you feel like if you’re actually in an open age TV show.
  61. >But you can’t contradict Shorty if you were him you would say the same... or probably would kick someone in the nuts.
  62. >Or maybe crossdress until the end of days.
  63. >Oh shit you’re getting derailed.
  64. “Guess you’re right.”
  65. >The spirit of everyone in the team was going up with what Short Fuse said, one by one the guards could feel the motivation they needed.
  66. >”The warden’s right. And this whole prison not only counts on the warden but everypony that is on the team.” Said Lima while opening her batwings. “We can do this! They might have a powerful terrorist that can jump across a field in a blink of an eye and with the dexterity of ten chimeras with the evil grin of a windigo… but we still have the spirit of teamwork AND friendship on our side!”
  67. >The two Minotaur brothers nodded, Delta Iron spoke first.
  68. >”Right, we must show what us minotaurs are good for! KAPLAR!” Delta Iron raised his fist to the air as he shout.
  69. >”FOR SADDLE ARABIA! FOR THE PRISON! FOR MARKWIN! KAPLAR!” Omega Iron shouts to the air, raising his fist into the air to fist bump his brother.
  70. >Every guard and rest of the team was cheering up now, which left the terrorists with expressions of confusion.
  71. >And so, the tiny terrorist wearing that odd suit approached the guards and Short Fuse; his helmet was emitting some red and purple aura as he… whoa, it was true what Lima said, this pony can go from one place to the other in a blink of an eye.
  72. >It didn’t take not even one second for him to stay near every one of the guard's team.
  73. >”Why are you losers cheering on? YOU’RE LOSING BY ONE GAME! YOU SHOULD BE CRYING! BEGGING FOR MERCY! YOU GUYS ARE ALMOST LOSING YOUR WARDEN! CRY! BEG!” The tiny terrorist shouts while waving his hoof angrily at the guards, not noticing you. “There is NO WAY you fools win this! We terrorists are special in the art of cheating and we know you guys are soooo respectful that you losers can’t cheat!”
  74. >You chuckle and look at him with a cheeky grin as you kneel to maintain your stare at him.
  75. “I didn’t know the terrorists had midgets in their team… or maybe you are a lost child?” You get up and approach the tiny pony while petting his… odd helmet. “Does your mother know you’re here, boyo?”
  76. >This, of course, made the tiny terrorist angry; you didn’t even need to see his eyes to know he was angry, his nuzzle said it all.
  77. >He removed your hand from his helmet with his hoof and looked directly at you while yelling.
  79. >Hah, you made fun out of the midget.
  80. “Aww… should I call you a taller midget then? Or does that hurt your pony feelings?”
  81. *GRRRRR*
  82. >”OKAY! Okay, okay, okay! Enough of this! I won’t be the laughable stock of some guard… not even a prisoner! We shall start the next game before it gets late!” The tiny terrorist said while turning around and going back to his team.
  83. “What’s that? Your mom will punish you if you play too late?” You shout at him while holding a grin.
  84. >”SHUT UP!”
  85. >Oh you needed this. Nothing like bullying the bullies.
  86. >Not that you’re one, but still… those guys are trying to hurt these ponies that are so kind to everyone. So, as to make things fair for your friends… you’ll join the games.
  87. “Alright!” You put your hands on your waist and stare at Shorty and the rest of the guards. “I’m joining the team now! So you guys better-“
  88. >But you were instantly interrupted by the same mini-terrorist pony that was even angrier at you now.
  89. >”You what!?” He yelled, moments before walking at a… extremely and ridiculous fast walking speed.
  90. >That’s not running you swear.
  91. >Damn, he is fast, the little boy.
  92. >This is going to be so much fun… unless they make the next games some running shit.
  94. Be Project Night
  95. >It was your time of glory.
  96. >You were laughing maniacally as you thought the victory was already in the bag.
  97. >You could almost taste the upsies you would get for this victory, even better; you knew The Boss was watching the mighty combat that was happening! You can feel her… her presence is in the crowd of the prisoners!
  98. >All was going dandy until your high definition helmet heard something...
  99. >”Alright! I’m joining the team now.” Said the human that your helmet registered as Anonymous.
  100. >He what!? He can’t do that!
  101. “You what!?” You walked extremely fast near where he was and you stared at him. “That’s cheating! You are NOT a personal of the prison! You are a /prisoner/, not a guard!”
  102. >The human just shrugged as he stepped next to the warden of the prison, winking at you with a cheeky grin.
  103. >”Well you guys are already winning for one game. Or what? The minotaurs are bigger than me and despite that, they were playing and losing.” Anonymous looked at the pair of minotaur guards next to him. “No offense guys, I was making just an example.”
  104. >They just shrug it off as if nothing.
  105. >”How about we make the next fight fair and square? 5 vs. 5, you guys choose the game too so that way there are no hard feelings for me joining all of the sudden.”
  106. >That human thinks he’s the ruler of the rules!? No sir! Emperor Sombra didn’t give you this suit for just play and listen to a dummie! Actually… maybe he gave you the suit for something else and you’re using it wrong…
  107. >But you’re just a brainwashed colt, what else are you supposed to do but play games?
  108. “FINE! I’ll personally defeat you and you will CRY when the warden is with us after we win!”
  109. >Before you continue speaking, you use your helmet to examine the creature that was called Anonymous.
  110. >Time to check his weaknesses.
  111. [[01001000 01101111 01110010 01110011 01100101 00100000 01001111 01101110 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100101]]
  112. [[Analyzing. . . Human . . . Name: Anonymous . . . Vocation: Human . . . Birth place: . . . Unknown . . . Actual residence: Saddle Arabia . . . Talent: . . . No data available . . . Weakness: Friendship . . . Rating: ??/?? Not enough data to rate.]]
  113. >What the hay? Is your helmet malfunctioning? There is no way it could say ‘Unknown data’…
  114. >Let’s check with the warden and see if this is broken…
  115. [[Analyzing. . . Unicorn . . . Name: Short Fuse . . . Vocation: Warden . . . Birthplace: Manehattan . . . Actual residence: Saddle Arabia . . . Talent: Treatment with others creatures+80, speech+70, dressing+200 . . . Weakness: Leadership . . . Favorite food: Cucumbers . . . Rating: 75/100 Special target . . .]]
  116. [[01001000 01101111 01110010 01110011 01100101 00100000 01001111 01100110 01100110 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100101]]
  117. >Uh… the helmet did work with the warden. But what in Tartarus was that about favorite food? And “Special target”? Something is fishy about this warden… or could it be something related to The Boss secret plan….?
  118. >Nah, that’s ridiculous… who would want a weakling like that unicorn anyway? The terrorists probably want him just to get the guards peeved.
  119. >Welp, back at your children induced rage! Thanks, suit that gives you infinite sugar!
  120. “You better prepare for the defeat of your life, Anonymous! You and the rest of the guards along the prison will FALL! I don’t even care if I do it alone, with this suit…” You take a quick spin and show all the sides of your suit. “I can even win by myself! Pretty neat, huh?
  121. >”Eh… too red for my taste.” The human says while looking at the soccer ball that was on his foot. “So we’re playing round two or what? Cinho is getting impatient.”
  123. “So you want to play already… uh? So impatient you want to lose already, uh?” You jump backward and land near the terrorists. “Okay! Then you better prepare for it! For we… are the best at this game!”
  124. >Haha… he thinks he can join like nothing and play the most stealthy game of all! You will show him!
  125. >The human before going to his disgusting team of guards grabbed the ball that your team was winning with and dusted it off.
  126. >Why in Equestria would he make a soccer ball talk? Is it a strategy? …then you need to find an inanimate item and make it talk too!
  127. >BUT THERE IS NO TIME! You need to get prepared for the next game… for your next victory!
  129. Be Short Fuse
  130. >Be thinking.
  131. >Your team did lose a bit harsh the previous game… Light Cloud wasn’t defending very well and was letting every terrorist come her way… maybe she was feeling bad? Her face looked really blank.
  132. >Oh well, good to know she isn’t playing the next game since it’s only 5 vs. 5.
  133. >The sun was on the highest point of the day; Celestia was judging us in this game. Or probably torturing us since the sun is too hot! You’re sweating so badly, you’ll need some makeup after you take a bath in the spa… after the victory of course.
  134. >Hopefully your team gets out of this one, we have Anon so we could win… but can Anon step up in the next game? You’ve never seen him play before, and… terrorist games are so tricky to keep up with.
  135. >As a matter of fact, only foals are good at the next game that they already proposed…
  136. >No, he can do it! You believe in him! In all your team!
  137. >Besides, you don’t want to join the terrorist and use… whatever black and ugly clothes Musul Mare uses… they’re just… ugh! Out of fashion! It doesn’t combine with your eyes and it probably makes you look fat.
  138. >Speaking of her… where is she?
  140. Be Anon
  141. >Be playing-
  142. >Oh sorry.
  143. >Be dueling against the terrorists for the liberty of Nighty Veil.
  144. >Also so they don’t take Shorty away.
  145. >You can’t imagine Shorty with the terrorists, not even wearing their clothes.
  146. >Maybe black underwear.
  147. >Ehh, back on the topic...
  148. >So, now you joined the guards, despite the complaints of the tiny terrorist cyborg, you still went for it and helped your friends and guards from the prison.
  149. >Man, you wish you watched that soccer game… or as they probably call it, hoofball. Watching the whole game would have been perfect so you could take notes of which are the ponies that you need to be careful about.
  150. >But it seems that the only one that was dangerous was that edgy red and black fuck cyborg that SOMEHOW is cheating.
  151. >Must be the suit.
  152. >So next game was in and you joined in, despite the complaints of the unknown midget pony, you played the mighty and stealthy game that they called search and destroy.
  153. >…Practically hide and seek.
  154. >It is quite the challenge because the rules were that we could hide only in the desert, which is… damn hard to hide since there are many open spots unless you try to hide under the sand.
  155. >And well, since the terrorists won the previous round, they choose to search us first.
  156. >They were so confident of the previous victory that they made it so that, if they did find us in less than five minutes, they win the round by default.
  157. >And you were okay with that, as risky as it sounded and despite all the guards and Shorty gasped at you… you had an ace under your sleeve.
  158. >As the genius monkey that you are, you had the greatest idea and tried it as fast as you could, once the game was begun. The guards quickly found hiding spots around the area, Short Fuse tried to hide behind a palm.
  159. >…He was quickly found by the tiny terrorist.
  160. >One by one every guard was found by him… all except you who stayed hidden in the most and easiest spot to hide.
  161. >And where you might ask? Well… in no other place than… in front of everyone. Quite the surprise, right?
  162. >If you can’t see them, they can’t see you.
  163. >You only have your hands covering your face as if you weren’t there. When someone came in close, all you had to say is “I’m not here” and they, as the silly ponies that they were, obeyed and went away to search somewhere else.
  164. >Since you were the last one and there was the five minutes time limit, they got pretty desperate… mostly the little cyborg terrorist that was jumping around, hoping he could find you.
  165. >”WHERE. IN. TARTARUS. ARE. YOUUUU!?” You look through a tiny gap between your fingers as the little terrorist jumped around and was smashing the sand around, trying to dig a hole probably.
  166. >Various ponies coughed from the sand he was raising, mostly terrorists.
  167. >No matter how cheater this horse was, you have your own outstanding mastery of ninja hiding! Bullshitery no Jutsu!
  168. >…That was the most weaboo you’ll ever get.
  169. >That was, until he stepped closer to you, silently staring at where you were. You could see through a part of your hand that you had uncovered a bit, the pony was just standing there, menacing… and then the surprise went full when his helmet suddenly covered his muzzle, hiding his expression.
  170. >As if it scanned something, the helmet went to normal again and with an “Aha!” the pony pointed to your direction.
  171. >”I found you!” He screamed in victory while pointing at you.
  172. >So the helmet is the way he cheats… interesting.
  173. >Well, no matter how he discovered your spot… you ain’t blowing your cover just for that.
  174. >It’s time to see how stubborn this tiny pony is.
  175. “I’m not here.” You normally say, as if it wasn’t that much of a deal.
  176. >”LIES!” The tiny terrorist poked you on the legs. “I CAN FEEL YOU! STOP LYING!”
  177. "Nope, I'm not here."
  178. >The tiny terrorist started whining in front of you as you rejected that you were indeed, in front of him.
  179. >"You are here! You just spoke to me!"
  180. [Silent Anon responses]
  181. >He looked from left to right and appeared to be confused for a bit.
  182. >"Where did you- AGH!" He once again put on his helmet and scanned the same spot you were in, it did a tiny 'beep' sound. "YOU ARE THERE! STOP LYING AND SPEAK ONCE AGAIN!"
  183. >Pfft, did you fool him for a second by not speaking? These ponies man... you need to play against them often so you can get some laughs.
  184. >The tiny terrorist called for a set of terrorist partners and pointed at your spot while jumping a bit… just like a kid would call for something he just found and want his parents to notice.
  185. >Is this terrorist even a grown terrorist? Or was he a colt? …if that’s the case, is there the probability that this is...
  186. >...nah, it can’t be.
  187. >”There he is! Right in front of us! Can’t you see him!? CAN'T YOU?!”
  188. >Even if they stared at you, would they believe him if you said you weren’t there?
  189. >Welp, only one way to find out!
  190. “He’s lying, I’m not here. I am but an illusion of the desert that is playing with your pony heads.” You take a pause before continuing speaking. “Also the red helmet pony thinks you two are butts and that you should wear more red.”
  191. >”…” The terrorists stared at where he was pointing and then accepted it as nothing.
  192. >“See? There is nothing there… also, we are never using black clothes under this sun, it will just exhaust us... despite Musul Mare using it.”
  193. >”And we aren’t butts, we are ponies! Do you need glasses or what?”
  194. >This, of course, made the tiny terrorist anger than he was before finding you.
  196. >Yeah they aren’t blind, just silly like the rest.
  197. >”Well I’m colorblind…” The left terrorist says while looking down in shame while his partner pats his back.
  198. >”Oh… I’m sorry” The tiny terrorist came closer to the terrorist with an apologize, moments before yelling at him. “NOT! Now go back at finding that astro monkey!”
  199. >Now that’s just rude.
  200. >You don’t care he called you astro monkey, you’ve heard better nicknames. You’re just angry that this faggot didn’t apologize at the colorblind terrorist.
  201. >You are going to kick his ass.
  202. >LITERALLY!
  203. “Hya!”
  204. *Heavy steel bump noise*
  205. "SON OF A-"
  206. >You hold on your pain before you give away your spot.
  207. >…G-Good thing you have your hands still on your face… because… that fucking butt is made out of steel…! Your feet fucking hurts from that kick! If something, your foot just discovered a new type of pain! Ouch!
  208. >That’s gonna sting in the morning.
  209. >”HEY! WHO KICKED ME!?” The tiny terrorist looked behind you, at where you were at. “I KNOW YOU’RE THERE! DON’T TAKE US AS FOOLS! …OR ME AT LEAST!!”
  210. >Oh you will. This faggot better prepare for the shame of his life!
  211. >The tiny terrorist, angered about the whole situation of his helmet not helping him to find you, turned around and took a step towards the two terrorist ponies.
  212. >Not before you left him a surprise.
  213. "Pffft." The moment he takes the step, you make the noise of a fart with your tongue.
  214. >The two terrorist ponies looked at the tiny terrorist with expressions of surprise.
  215. >"What are you two fools looking at?"
  216. "Pfffft"
  217. >The left ear of the tiny terrorist perked up as if noticing the noise you made.
  218. >"Uhhh... look, I know we're terrorist and we do various bad things... but if you're feeling like... like..."
  219. >"Taking one for the team?" The other terrorist continued speaking.
  220. >The tiny terrorist was confused by this, he didn't know what they were talking about... this was great.
  221. >"What are you two talking a-"
  222. >Aaaand before he finishes speaking, you make another fart noise.
  223. "Pfft."
  224. >"Oh my." One terrorist said. "Maybe you're feeling bad?"
  225. "Pffft"
  226. >The tiny terrorist again turned around to face you, and as he did his fashion turn, you did another fart noise.
  227. >This one was big.
  228. "Pfffffffffft"
  229. >"Okay, we're leaving... time limit's over anyway..."
  230. >They started slowly to walk backward away from the tiny terrorist who not only was confused but now anger filled with confusion.
  231. >"YOU TWO GET BACK-"
  232. >Now each time he spoke, you tried to make more fart noises.
  233. >"...IT'S NOT FUNNY!"
  234. "Pfft pfft pffffft!"
  235. >"AAAAGH!"
  236. "Pfffffft!"
  237. >He was totally losing his mind now that he knew you were "somehow" making fart noises.
  238. >"STOP IT!"
  239. >Oh ho ho, you won't yet.
  240. "Pfft pft!"
  241. >It seemed like the crowd was taking notice about what was happening here and they were hearing the whole tantrum the tiny terrorist was having.
  242. >One by one they were murmuring words about how the tiny terrorist needed to go to the bathroom.
  243. >Others about how that suit must stink now.
  244. >Even the guards were worried about him! Haha!
  246. >This is hilarious, hilarious indeed. But ah, everything needs an end…
  247. >You say that because the guards were starting to search for you since they already won the match, and by the looks of it, they were worried as fuck.
  248. >The sound of various ponies yelling your name was the only thing that could be heard in this part of the desert.
  249. >It was funny how some pegasus were trying to look up in the clouds, just in case you somehow managed to fly.
  250. >At least you know Short Fuse must know where you are hiding at. He’s intelligent enough to-
  251. >”I wonder where Nonny is hiding… I haven’t seen him since this duel started… I wanted to hide with him so hard, hum…” Short Fuse said with a hoof near his muzzle while he was looking around the desert.
  252. >Oh come on Shorty, you are not like this.
  253. >Okay, he probably would hide with you, but you know he’s more clever than that.
  254. >Seriously everyone was just trying to look for you while being worried, even the fucking terrorists! Not for the game, but they were damn worried too!
  255. >Well, all terrorists except for the midget terrorist, he was being a salty fuck and was hoping for them to never find you.
  256. >>”Oh by Larson, what if the sand swallowed him!?”
  257. >>”Don’t worry about the enemy, Sand Storm!”
  258. >>”But… what if we are next since the sand is alive and it could swallow the entire city any second now! And us with it!”
  259. >They started to panic now, good God you didn’t mean for this to happen.
  260. >On the bright side, you can become motherfucking Houdini whenever you want.
  261. >”Okay! Tell him to come out! You guards won this round already, just tell him to come out before he starts to worry us more!” The pony named Sand Storm says while trying to control himself with deep breaths.
  262. >Guess that’s your quote to reveal yourself.
  263. >You uncover your hands and show yourself to the ponies that were starting to tear up and thinking you were fucking gone from existence.
  264. >Jeez.
  265. “What's up everyone? Or err... everypony. You guys look worried about something, did I miss something?” You say, as if you were never there.
  266. >”ANON!” The guards, Short Fuse and even some of the terrorists cried out for you.
  267. >They were trotting to where you were, it was until one pony started hugging your leg that each one of the ponies were going in for a hug... or a pad on the back.
  269. >They started to corner you in a wave of hugs and tears that- HEY! Who just hugged your butt?
  270. "Okay! Okay! I get it, you guys are happy! Now move, please! Personal space!"
  271. >And the crowd was clapping their hooves or stomping the ground with cheers for… either the victory or just you being alive.
  272. >>”He’s a magician! He can turn invisible!”
  273. >>”Isn’t that cheating?”
  274. >>"The prison has a GOD among them!"
  275. >The crowd continued to cheer the guards and you for quite a bit.
  277. Be Project Night
  278. >You have failed a duel.
  279. >Not only that, The Boss was disappointed about the shameful defeat the terrorists got against one single prisoner, you can see her in the crowd not making eye contact with you, but the guards.
  280. >She was angry.
  281. >You were angry, so... angry. Your ideal plan was to defeat the guards, kidnap the warden and show that you were the colt that the terrorists themselves kidnapped from the prison.
  282. >But now that plan is ruined! All fault from that... monkey!
  283. >Ohh, but this isn't over with! You got an ace under your sleeve!
  284. >You will fight Anonymous in a 1 vs 1 duel! And, in case he comes out to be stronger than you know... you'll reveal your secret identity! Making him stop and giving you the victory!
  285. >It is the perfect plan!
  286. "Mwahahahahahaaaaa!"
  287. >As you were laughing in front of the warden, not only the crowd and the guards were looking at you very confused, but the terrorists joined in.
  288. >And the first to talk was the weak warden of that pesky prison.
  289. >"A-Are you sure you want to continue? Is your stomach feeling better?" The warden of their prison said, showing pity to you.
  292. >Instead of backing off like the coward warden he was, the warden raised his voice.
  293. >"WHO ARE YOU CALLING FEMININE, YOU TINY... TINY AMOEBA!" The warden poked your helmet in the angerest way he could.
  294. >Ooooh, so this was it?!
  300. >Both of you were angrily scrunching at the other while thinking more insults to deliver.
  301. >The crowd, guards, and terrorists were looking at the warden when he was insulting you and the everyone gaze was back at you when you managed something back.
  302. >"Nevermind that! I wouldn't like to get my mouth smelly with that scent of yours! Isn't that right, Mr. smelly?!"
  304. >"SURE! SURE! Perfect in losing to a prisoner who was hiding in front of everypony!"
  306. >The crowd would just look in several different expressions at the fight you were having with the warden.
  307. >>"Is the last duel a duel of words?
  308. >>"Maybe... but who is winning?"
  309. >>"I'd say it's a tie, both teams got pretty impressive insults."
  310. >"What's that? Do you need to go to the little's ponies room again?"
  312. "THAT'S IT! I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU! YOUR PRISON! YOUR EVERYTHING! THIS ENDS HERE!" Your body vibrates with the energy of the sugar within. "And I will not only choose the next duel but the opponent!"
  313. >You point your hoof in the direction of the laughing green monkey that was "breaking his sides" as your helmet registered.
  314. "You! Anonymous!" You yell at him, making him slowly stop laughing.
  315. >"W-Wait, l-let me hah, let me recover a bit..." He took a big breath and finally your helmet registered his sides as "completely okay"... you aren't sure about that status. "What do you want again?"
  318. >The crowd went in a collective 'Ooh'.
  319. >"Well if it's a duel of farts I sure will instantly lose."
  320. >The crowd chuckled a bit and so did the warden.
  321. >SON OF A DONK.
  322. >The sugar in your suit was rushing fast since you were getting so peeved at... EVERYONE!
  323. >Anonymous walked near the warden and stared down at you... that big green gorilla.
  324. >"Well I was going to join the last duel anyway, this prison is like home and I won't accept some terrorists come and fuck with everyone! You hear me, you little piece of cow measure?" He kneeled to look at you. "And when I win this last 'duel' I'm going to take what you clowns took from us and will give EACH one of you solitary for a whole day."
  325. >You are not gonna lie... you are sweating inside your helmet.
  326. >The moment the "human" as registered by your helmet came closer, he whispered near you something that deep inside, made you cringe.
  327. >"And I didn't mean solitary as solitary confinement... I meant you guys playing solitaire for a whole day until you complete the game... the circumstance here is that I'm going to steal all the joker's cards so you guys never finish the game and stay the whole day there..."
  328. >You... never heard something so crazy and bizarre in your whole life... and you have lived a whole! 9 years to be precise!
  329. >But you know his game. Not... the card game, you know he is trying to scare you.
  330. >That doesn't work with you.
  331. >YOU ARE THE FEAR! Emperor Sombra is one hundred MORE times scarier!
  332. >You stare up at him with the same demented smirk you ever had since the beginning of the Project.
  333. "Game on then, Anonymous!"
  336. >It's time for the last duel. The last chance to show The Boss who’s the boss here. Well… she is, but right now you are going to show how MUCH your value is! You were born for this moment!
  337. >Well, not born... just, brainwashed or something.
  339. “RULER FIGHT!” You cry out as you pull a metal ruler and the prison guards give Anon a wooden ruler. "FIRST TO CRY LOSE!"
  340. >Hah! A wooden ruler? Typical of those guards! Weaklings! They are nothing compared to what comes next!
  341. >You will not only hurt this "human", you're going to break him! And then you're going to take the warden and The Boss will be proud of you!
  342. >”Seriously guys… I know he challenged me 1 vs 1 but… wooden versus metal is a bit of a disadvantage. Can’t I get at least two?”
  343. "What's that Anonymous? Where was your self-confidence? Can't deal with my metal ruler?"
  344. >He doesn't reply, just grabs on tight his wooden ruler.
  345. >Hah.
  346. >As you were mentally preparing for the duel, the terrorists were finishing the ring you two were in.
  347. >Sand Storm comes into the middle of the ring between the chimpanzee and you.
  348. >"As mentioned before... the rules of the ruler fight are quite easy, get your opponent out of the ring and you win! Cry and you lose! Everything goes by!"
  349. "Mmhehehe... hahaha! Good luck with that, prisoner!" You stay in offensive as you taunt the enemy. "Good luck protecting the pride of the guards! Of your prison! Hahahaha!"
  350. >That should be enough taunting for the battle, now to prepare for it!
  351. >"Oh ho ho, you said it right, midget." Anonymous grabbed the wooden ruler with both hands. "Because you are right in something... I am a prisoner, not a guard." He points the wooden ruler at you. "And everything goes by."
  352. >No remorse, eh? You like that.
  353. >The sun was almost setting… The last duel was up… Anonymous versus you, the prisoner of the Saddle Arabian prison versus a mighty colt in a powersuit.
  354. >The Boss was watching from the shadows, you can feel her… you can see her! She’s expecting you to win! And you shall win!
  355. “Okay, Anon…” You throw away the metal ruler, which makes Anonymous and the rest of the guards to look at each other and wonder why you did that.
  356. >You feel as the suit gives you the enough sugar to start the battle phase, you could feel... the sugar power!
  357. >You smirk while pulling out two measuring squares out of your suit with the sugary power that your powersuit gives you and prepare to engage in combat.
  358. >Haha! You only used this powersuit's magic once, and it was all thanks to that sugar rush! Those fools were helping you all along!
  359. “Let’s dance!” Your helmet instantly pulls down, making you go in tactical engage mode with the measuring squares levitating around you with a white aura.
  360. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Fl27wKaGFw
  361. [01000001 01110100 01110100 01100001 01100011 01101011 00100000 01101000 01101111 01110010 01110011 01100101 00100000 01101101 01101111 01100100 01100101 00100000 01101111 01101110 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100101]
  362. [Analyzing opponent. . . Opponent type: Human . . . Weak points: Chest. . . Strongest attack: Wooden ruler. . . approximate match time: 5 minutes.]
  363. >Just 5 minutes? Make it 10! You want to have fun with him! Hahahaha!
  364. >”Oh you gotta be kidding me now…” He prepared with his ridiculous weak wooden ruler while the scenario finally was set for the battle. “I get the cheating but you also got magic!?”
  365. >You instantly rush him and throw sand into his face with your hind hooves as the dirty cheater that you are.
  366. >”GAH! MY EYES!”
  367. >That should be enough to make him cry… but you want to poke him with these babies!
  368. >You go straight and start poking him as rough as you could on his back. Anonymous tries to move his wooden ruler in random directions, which you easily evade since it was a blind attack.
  369. >In his dreams he will hit you with that slow ruler!
  370. >Still, that wasn’t enough to make him cry. He is tougher than a minotaur! Probably more than a manticore! You like that.
  371. “Show me what you got, Anon!”
  372. >The human, Anon, spit at his side while holding the wooden ruler with both hands.
  373. >”Alright, maybe I’ll take you serious… those measuring squares really hurt. You want me to go hard on you, uh?”
  374. >He went in for the swing… but it was too slow! You easily evade it thanks to the help of your helmet.
  375. ”Hah! Easy! I could do this with my eyes closed!” Your turn to swing, you hit him this time on the chest as your helmet registered as his weak point. “And you know what's the best part? You can't see my eyes if I ever decide to cry! Hahaha!”
  376. >And it was easier since your helmet was telling you where his ruler will move!
  377. >The sugar rush your suit was giving you was amazing! You never felt so fast before!
  378. >As you moved for another attack, this time Anonymous tried to move the ruler in your direction.
  379. >How useless! Maybe you should tell him that you already know his moves so he gives up already! Which you won't allow and will torture him more!
  380. "You will need to try harder than that, Anonymous! I am faster than your single attacks!"
  381. >As you point to his chest again, the crowd gasps as Anonymous throws the wooden ruler away.
  382. >Your helmet was having a hard time to analyze what was he doing.
  383. [Error, error, no data on the wooden ruler. . . Impossible hit from enemy.]
  384. >Hah! Gave up that easy? What a chicken!
  385. >"ANON KICK!"
  386. "W-What?!"
  387. >The sudden yelling from Anonymous made you look at his legs, preparing your defenses for any kick as he mentioned... but he didn't move his legs.
  388. >What the hay?
  389. >"HYAAAA!"
  390. >As you look back at his face, his fist was coming really close to your face until...
  391. "AGH!"
  392. >He punched you... he punched you so hard you could feel as if he hit you straight to your face!
  393. [Critical hit registered! Critical hit registered! Threat engaging!]
  394. >You were staggered for a moment, your helmet couldn't register anything and your sight was blurry.
  395. >As you tried to orientate yourself and keep track of the ring, Anonymous takes advantage of your situation and this time, he kicks you almost out of the ring.
  396. >You land near the limit of the ring, you could feel your ears ringing from the hit... how powerful is this human?!
  398. "W...What? Y-You said kick and you delivered a punch! What the hay!"
  399. >Anon cracked his knuckles, the sound made the whole crowd to cringe... even you were cringing inside your helmet.
  400. >"Everything goes by, right? I decided to use MY ways to defeat you, and boy..." He undresses his shirt and throws it away, showing up his green hairless chest. "I haven't used my fists in a damn while."
  401. >No rulers, eh? You're going to enjoy this.
  402. [Recovery completed. . . Searching for new weaknesses. .]
  403. >You get yourself up from the sand and the measuring squares levitate around you with the same aura from before.
  404. "Now we're talking!"
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