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Oct 26th, 2016
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  1. Im trying to extend the "AAPlayerControllerClass"
  3. So... the Map files are set to load the gametype "AAGameVeteran" which is extended a few times from "AAGameInfo".
  5. In "AAGameInfo" we have PlayerControllerClass=class'AAPlayerController' defined in the default properties.
  7. If i change that with a mutator in PreBeginPlay() it changes but then reverts to its orginal value.
  9. Function AAPGMODV11.AAPGMOD:PreBeginPlay:0175
  10. [0014.95] ScriptLog: PlayerController: AAPlayerController_mod
  11. [0014.95] ScriptLog: #### LOADING MUTATOR AAPGMOD ####
  13. Then when players are spawn they still have the original "AAPlayerController" and a check of the PlayerControllerClass value is back to "AAPlayerController" after it changed in PreBeginPlay().
  15. I think its because in function AuthenticationLogin in "AAGameInfo" it references default.PlayerControllerClass and not just "PlayerControllerClass" like how the engine "GameInfo" references "return Spawn(PlayerControllerClass,,, SpawnLocation, SpawnRotation)"
  18. This is where im stuck at the moment. Im wondering if "default.PlayerControllerClass" calls the default default property of it and not the value thats been changed afterwards.
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