Casual Sex Octavia

May 29th, 2017
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  1. >Be Anon.
  2. >And definitely not that faggot, Incognito,that lives next door.
  3. >You didn’t come to Equestria alone on that fateful day two months ago.
  4. >That asshat of a neighbor had appeared alongside you in this strange new world.
  5. >To top it off, he ended up living next door to you and took every opportunity to fuck things up for you every step of the way.
  6. >Your date with Roseluck at the movies?
  7. >Ruined when he decided to burn the theater down because they didn’t serve crab legs.
  8. >Your picnic with Blossomforth at the hill overlooking town?
  9. >He tried to build a fort there and declared it the seceded state of Incognito, the Well Endowed.
  10. >Every attempt you had made to find a relationship was destroyed.
  11. >All by that idiot.
  12. >Fucker was probably stalking you, judging by his ability to find you when you wanted to be left alone.
  13. >But you this time he wouldn’t ruin your plan.
  14. >It took weeks of preparation and having one of Twilights friends get you a ticket, but you finally were going to the most popular show in Equestria.
  15. >The Canterlot Symphony.
  16. >To top it off, one of ponies who lives on your street was playing with them;Octavia Melody— an earth pony that always had an air of refinement and superiority when you tried to approach her.
  17. >Every time you tried talking to her she scoffed at your attempts.
  18. >Ridiculing you.
  19. >Even going as far as calling you a “Strange Ape” or “Monkey”
  20. >But you wouldn’t give up.
  21. >Papanon didn’t raise a quitter after all.
  22. >And that dick Incognito wouldn’t be able to fuck it up for you this time.
  23. >You were going to Canterlot for a couple of days to see the sights and attend the orchestra.
  24. >Checking your backpack for the trip to Canterlot again, you noted the contents.
  25. >Money?
  26. >Check.
  27. >Tickets, extra clothes, and basic toiletries?
  28. >Check.
  29. >Self Respect?
  30. >Who the fuck needs that anyway?
  31. >A self-respecting man didn’t jump through hoops like you did to get himself a girl--er marefriend.
  32. >It wasn’t a secret that you were looking to settle down and start a relationship.
  33. >And sure enough, there were plenty of willing mares that were all too happy to hear the news.
  34. >But you also did have standards...
  35. >That’s a lie, you really didn’t have any standards as far as looks went.
  36. >To you, most of the mares were 10’s.
  37. >Even the ones who thought they were ugly by pony standards were 9s in your book.
  38. >What mattered was personality.
  39. >You wanted a partner that was willing to put up with the stupidity that followed you all the time.
  40. >That’s why you took a liking to Octy.
  41. >You could just tell that beneath her “go fuck yourself” attitude that there was mare who could care about you.
  42. >Putting the pack on your back you set out towards the train station.
  43. >You had a train to catch after all.
  44. --
  45. >Checking into the Canterlot Royal Mareiot Hotel was altogether a simple affair.
  46. >The door mare was courteous opening the door for you and bowing slightly as you passed.
  47. >Your mind couldn’t help but wander to Octavia as you opened the door to the luxurious room you had rented for the next several days.
  48. >Would she even care that you had come to see the show?
  49. >Would it matter?
  50. >Inserting the key that you got from the receptionist into the lock you turned the handle.
  51. >Stepping through the now open door you were greeted with a freshly clean room that smelled faintly of lilacs.
  52. >The window gave view to the capitals skyline full of buildings and steeples, the streets below bustling with throngs of ponies going about their busy lives.
  53. >The bed felt soft, almost as if you were laying on a cloud as you laid back letting out a sigh.
  54. >The train was bumpy during the entirety of the trip, combined with the tough leather seats they had, you were eager to decompress and relax.
  55. >What would she be like… if you could get through all the walls she had up all the time.
  56. >Would you even be able to get through all the defenses she had in place?
  57. >Maybe you wouldn’t get through to her that you were interested in being with her.
  58. >But you could be patient.
  59. >Your eyes drifted shut and you slipped off to sleep.
  61. >A small buzzer went off on your wrist and you groaned, sitting up.
  62. >It was time to head to the concert.
  63. >The hall itself wasn’t too far from the hotel so you could grab a quick bite to eat before heading there.
  64. >Thankfully the hotel had a small shop with plenty of food.
  65. >Making sure that you had your ticket and room key you headed out the door.
  66. >No sooner had you entered the lobby did you see a familiar pony walk in, her cello case strapped to her back.
  67. >She was quick to spot you as well, you after all, did stick out in a world of knee high horses.
  68. >”What the buck are you doing here?” her tone harsh and to the point.
  69. ”I came here to listen to a concert.”
  70. >”I didn’t think monkeys enjoyed music.”
  71. “And I didn’t know they let donkeys play in an orchestra.”
  72. >Oh, pony be mad now.
  73. >Octavia got into a low “I’m about to fuck a nigga up” stance, snarling at you.
  74. >”I dare you to say that again.”
  75. >”Miss Octavia, we’re about to begin.”
  76. >Saved by a… a stallion in what looked like a clown outfit?
  77. >Dude had more frills than a French aristocrat.
  78. >”I’ll be there in a moment. And you—” her glare directed at you as she turned back “—don’t think this is over, monkey.”
  79. --
  80. >What the hell were you witnessing right now.
  81. >Your eyes threatened to pop out of your skull as you surely witnessed two mares on the stage being fucked as they played.
  82. >And no, that wasn’t some weird euphemism for anything.
  83. >There were two stallions, whom had mounted them and were just fucking them.
  84. >Looking to your left and right, you hoped that the other audience members would find the situation as shocking as you.
  85. >But none of them seemed to pay it any mind.
  86. “Hey, excuse me?”
  87. >You tried to get the attention of the couple whom were seated right beside you.
  88. >”Yes?”
  89. >The stallion seemed confused by your odd interruption.
  90. “I think I might be hallucinating, but by any chance are you seeing two mares being fucked on stage?”
  91. >The stallion cocked his head to the side.
  92. >”They’re probably really stressed out. Those stallions are so nice to help them out like that.”
  93. >You have to be kidding me.
  94. “So you don’t see anything wrong with this?”
  95. >”Why? Those mares are probably feeling pretty heated, without anypony to give them some relief it will affect their performance.” the mare beside the stallion cut in.
  96. >”That grey mare with the cello in the back row looks pretty bad herself. You should go and help her.”
  97. >Grey mare?
  98. >It can’t be-
  99. >Looking to where the mare was pointing, you saw Octavia.
  100. >Even from where you were sitting you saw that she had a flushed face and her hoof movements were erratic.
  101. >”By the looks of it there aren’t any other stallions willing to help her out right now, so go on.”
  102. >This had to be some sort of practical joke.
  103. >Right?
  104. >None of the ponies back home ever did anything like this, at least none that you had witnessed.
  105. >...Fine, you’d play along for now.
  106. --
  107. >Approaching the stage where the orchestra was playing, you felt the sweat collect on your brow.
  108. >This was ridiculous.
  109. >As you passed the first seat where a unicorn mare was playing a flute, you couldn’t help but gaze at the stallion that had mounted her.
  110. >His face was turned in concentration as he thrust into her slowly and deliberately.
  111. >Wait- was he-
  112. >Holy shit! He was fucking her in a way that wouldn’t mess with her playing.
  113. >His length kept plunging into her yearning, puffy folds, coaxing out a squelching noise with each thrust.
  114. >The floor beneath the two was drenched with sweat and cum.
  115. >All the while the mare continued, nonplussed by the fact that she was being fucked on stage.
  116. >This was crazy.
  117. >The moment her part was over the stallion let out a snarl and really began to pound into her.
  118. >The meaty thud of his hips slamming against her flanks was however drowned out by the rest of the orchestra.
  119. >Turning your head towards the audience, you tried to comprehend what was happening.
  120. >It was as if they didn’t even notice, or more likely didn’t care.
  121. >As your eyes travelled back you noted that the conductor was still orchestrating the symphony, but from your vantage you could see that two mares were beneath him.
  122. >They were both greedily lapping his cock.
  123. >Towards the back of the symphony you saw Octavia, still looking as agitated as before.
  124. >Her face was flushed, and now that you were closer, you could see that she was breathing heavily.
  125. >Your eyes couldn’t help but flick between the various sexual acts happening on the stage as you took step after step towards where Octavia stood.
  126. >It was then that her her eyes locked with your own.
  127. >First you could see confusion in them, probably from seeing you there on stage, then agitation, before settling on something akin to need.
  128. >Her whole demeanor changed in an instant.
  129. >The usual gruffy mare that wouldn’t so much as give you the time of day was-
  130. >She was telling you to do something.
  131. >Feeling your heart beat faster, you couldn’t bring yourself to move from where you stopped, only a stone's throw away from where she played.
  132. >Almost as if she sensed your reluctance, you saw Octavia mouth “Stop staring. If you're going to do something, just do it already” even as she continued to play.
  133. >Despite that she looked a bit shaky and you could tell she was fighting to play despite her obvious arousal.
  134. >Was she asking you to do that?
  135. >Her arousal must have really been playing with her mind for her personality to change so drastically.
  136. >In front of a crowded hall?
  137. >A voice in the back of your head said to just go back to your seat.
  138. >But you didn’t listen.
  139. >WHY didn’t you just listen!?
  140. >Your legs, seemingly moving of their own accord, took you right behind the musician, her eyes following you the entire way.
  141. >No going back now.
  142. >Standing behind Octy you couldn’t tear your eyes away from her shapely behind.
  143. >She stood holding her cello, her right hoof gripping her bow tensely.
  144. >Despite this, you could still see her slit glistening and her clit winking every few seconds.
  145. >The puddle of her juices shone on the floor.
  146. >Not wasting any time, you sank to your knees behind her and placed your hands on her flanks, caressing them softly.
  147. >Your fingers trailed through the delicate fur right where her cutie mark lay.
  148. >Being an earth pony, her rump was larger than a pegasus or unicorn—just the right amount of muscle and fat.
  149. >Years of playing while standing on her hind legs had given it the firmness that many mares could only dream of.
  150. >Feeling her body tremble from your touch, you were rewarded when a spurt of fluids trickled from her opening.
  151. >Leaning in, you gave her slit a cursory lick.
  152. >It tasted sweet.
  153. >Gripping her flanks firmly, you planted your mouth at her opening and began to attack her deepest parts with your tongue.
  154. >Hearing her take a sharp breath, you knew she was at least enjoying herself.
  155. >Though you could have sworn that her playing became more frantic every time you ran your tongue across her winking clit.
  156. >A grin worked its way onto your face as you heard Octavia gasp.
  157. >”Will you quit with the teasing and just get to it,” she whispered.
  158. >What an impatient horse.
  159. >Her tail flicked, hitting you right in the face.
  160. >Whatever doubts you had before were gone.
  161. >You were going to fuck this mare until she was nothing more than a quivering mess.
  162. >Reaching down you undid your fly and wrestled your hardening dick out of your pants.
  163. >Despite her tone you saw her sway her rump invitingly.
  164. >This was all the incentive Anon Jr. needed as it grew to its full size.
  165. --
  166. >The ape was taking his sweet time.
  167. >Didn’t he understand anything about ponies?
  168. >Your heat was making your mind grow so foggy you could barely play.
  169. >He surprised you when he came up to the stage earlier.
  170. >His touch, his groping, and teasing licks only fueled the fire growing in your nethers.
  171. >You needed a cock to quell that fire.
  172. >And Anon’s was right there ready and willing.
  173. >The air around you was filled with the smell of sex from the other members of the orchestra who were being ravaged.
  174. >But beneath it you could smell his scent.
  175. >That odd scent of sweat and fresh cut grass that always drove you wild whenever you encountered him back in Ponyville.
  176. >You felt him press himself against your opening, his member throbbing.
  177. >Feeling your lips squeeze, you felt some juice flow out of you, no doubt coating his length in anticipation.
  178. >Your hooves trembling, you fought against the urge to simply bend over and impale yourself on him.
  179. >To mark him as yours.
  180. >But the show must go on, no matter what your personal needs may have been.
  181. ”Hurry. I need this now.” her tone stern, not asking you, no- she was telling you.
  182. >You wanted his cock in you.
  183. >No, you needed his cock in you-
  184. >In that moment you felt the head of his cock separate your folds.
  185. >Biting your lip in barely contained anticipation you felt him inch forward, his thick member going deeper into you.
  186. >A bolt of pleasure shot through your body as you felt him hilt himself inside you.
  187. >Your eyes nearly rolled into the back of your head as your brain tried to process all the sensations.
  188. >You fought to keep your grip on your bow as the sensations threatened to overwhelm your senses.
  189. >You never felt so- so full before.
  190. >Your muscles tightened as you felt him begin to draw back before slamming into you again.
  191. >The fogginess that encased your mind was beginning to withdraw, only to be replaced with pleasure.
  192. >He was so different from a stallion, but at the moment you didn’t care.
  193. >His thrusts were hitting you in all the right places.
  194. >Each movement resulted in more of your juices seeping out and running down your legs, pooling on the ground between the two of you.
  195. >”Ease up Octy, I’m not going to last too long if you keep squeezing like this,” he managed to get out through gritted teeth.
  196. “Don’t call me Octy and you better not cum before I do.”
  197. >Some colts needed to be put in their place; he should be happy you were letting him do this.
  198. >Arching your back, you began meeting his thrusts with your own.
  199. >The concert continued, you played, and Anon kept thrusting.
  200. >How long had it been? Five, no, six minutes?
  201. >This colt was something.
  202. >Most barely last a minute before they were spent.
  203. “Slow down. My solo is starting, if you make me mess up I swear that I’ll bite your dick off.”
  204. >Bow ready you began.
  205. >True to your warning Anon eased his pounding.
  206. >Then almost as if sensing that you were about to hit an important note the cheeky bastard slammed himself into you with all his might.
  207. >Your bow hit the string rigidly letting out the wrong tone.
  208. “Bucker” you managed to ease out through clenched teeth.
  209. >He resumed his previous speed when you barred your teeth at him and made a chomping action.
  210. >You were almost done.
  211. “Wait… wait…”
  212. >With a final pull of your bow you finished.
  213. “Now, pound me raw.”
  214. >You lost track of your own orgasms, at this point all that existed was left was your music and the electrifying feeling of Anon pushing himself into you.
  215. >But his movements had changed in the last thirty seconds or so, motions more erratic.
  216. >”Shit, Octy, I’m close.”
  217. “Don’t you dare pull out, monkey.”
  218. >”Well.Fuck.You.Too.Donkey!” Each word was accented with a thrust before he pushed himself against you.
  219. >You felt him erupt inside you.
  220. >Each spurt of his cum coated your insides.
  221. >Whatever control you had over your body was gone as he filled you.
  222. >You felt the warmth spread through your entire body as you climaxed again.
  223. >Tongue hanging out of your mouth, some drool seeped out as you panted.
  224. >Maybe the monkey wasn’t so bad after all.
  225. >But you couldn’t let him know that.
  226. >It would all go to his head, and if that other human was any indication, he did not need to be encouraged more than necessary.
  227. >You just have to play the long game here Octavia.
  228. >You swear that Vinyl told you some sound advice about stallions who got a little too big for their saddlebags.
  229. >”All you got to do Octy is take ‘em back to your place, fuck them silly, and then fuck them some more. They won’t even look at another mare after that.”
  230. >You remember that you could only nod when your DJ friend gave you that advice.
  231. >Perhaps she wasn’t mistaken.
  232. >After all, colts were simple minded, often only thinking with their other head.
  233. >So you would use that to your advantage.
  234. >You felt him pull out of you, a mixture of your juices and his cum spilling out onto the floor.
  235. “Wait-” you managed to get out as he began to leave.
  236. “Lobby. After show.”
  237. >Words are hard sometimes.
  238. --
  239. >The concert was over.
  240. >The audience and a majority of the orchestra had already filed out of the hall.
  241. >Your clothes were covered in-
  242. >It’s probably better for what’s left of your sanity to not think about it.
  243. >As she had asked, you waited in the lobby after the show.
  244. >She was probably going to tell you off after your little romp on stage.
  245. >That or she wanted to kick your ass.
  246. >”There you are.”
  247. >Coming out through the door marked “Authorized Ponies Only,” she made her way towards you.
  248. >She appeared composed, not a hair out of place, and that familiar air of “I’m better than you” still around her.
  249. >”You had some nerve to have your way with me like that.”
  250. “I thought-“
  251. >”Even back in Ponyville that was your problem. You think too much.”
  252. “Wha-?
  253. >”Honestly, not even allowing me, THE Octavia Melody, the courtesy of a taste of your cock when you made your rounds to ‘meet the neighborhood’”
  254. “I- courtesy?! But I didn-”
  255. >”No, you waited for months, MONTHS, of all this teasing and ‘friendly’ pleasantries, like I didn’t know what you were doing”
  256. “I wasn’t doing any-”
  257. >”Exactly! You weren’t mounting me, you weren’t suckling me-”
  258. “I-”
  259. >”Do you have any idea how simply MADDENING those fingers are?! So dextrous and… satisfying”
  260. “Bu-”
  261. >”You know the most ridiculous thing? Even with all that, I was happy when you finally grew a spine and approached me like that.”
  262. “So… You’re not mad?”
  263. >”Oh I am, very much so. Though you can make it up to me.”
  264. >What the fuck is all this? Haven’t you been like… her Incognito this whole time?!.
  265. >”Here’s the key to my hotel room.”
  266. >You caught the key she threw to you nonchalantly.
  267. >”You’re going to make it up to me tonight, during my next concert, and the one after that.”
  268. >Oh.
  269. >”Hey Anon what kind of queer ass shit are you doing?”
  270. >Like a deer frozen in headlights, you turned towards the source of the voice.
  271. >There was no way he could be here.
  272. >How did he even-
  273. >”I couldn’t find your dumb ass back in Ponyville so I came looking for you. Who’s the broad?”
  274. “I fucking hate you.”
  275. >”That’s an odd name for a mare.”
  276. >Cocking his head to the side Incognito opened a beer and shrugged as he took a big gulp.
  277. >”Eh, whatever, come on let’s go to the bar. I heard the mares here put out like it’s the end of the fucking world.”
  278. >Letting out a large burp, he turned towards the exit.
  279. >”Come on faggot, those mares need some human D, and who am I to refuse them their needs.”
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