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Apr 28th, 2019
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  1. z0mogToday at 1:11 PM
  2. [13:09] +frisoeva: you wanna fight for ghosting tour
  3. i guess nobody is on so ill just play it to not lose to act
  4. join call if u want
  5. imaToday at 1:32 PM
  6. im getting a haircut
  7. uh mag hawl can win
  8. this has to be like rocks lando scarf lele
  9. or no scarfer at all
  10. or scarf rocks
  11. either way i think if he landos and he eqs u can sd with hawlucha idk if he would sr
  12. z0mogToday at 1:35 PM
  13. i win 9/10 times
  14. seeing as hj is 90%
  15. undisputedToday at 1:36 PM
  16. ah that feel when I left my other computer open on west chat
  17. and now I get no highlighted chat
  18. letting me know my friends said something
  19. :feelsbadman~2:
  20. z0mogToday at 1:42 PM
  21. can someone reassure my notion that this is a 100% win by just going koko her
  22. ok it is
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