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  1. Track Link:
  3. This intro is fyaa 🔥🔥🔥please upload the rest of the mix
  4. DJ 4NAV my man 🙌🙌👏🏼
  5. Wow...omg pure fire my brother
  6. I luv it…keep it up
  7. Great mix…turn it up
  8. That’s dope keep’em coming
  9. You should come play in my city !!!
  10. Magnificient work my brother.
  11. Good transition
  12. dope mix
  13. Energy is off the chart
  14. This get me going in the gym
  15. Work is getting lit with this mix…more like no work is getting done lol
  16. How can I download this mix
  17. Good job..can I listen to it offline?
  18. You should make all perreo mix next
  19. Luv the vibe
  20. Peace up…good energy
  21. keep blessing us with good mix
  22. can i please get the download link
  23. Best good work
  24. very lit make me finna party
  28. Track Link:
  30. I like the mix but how can i get it
  31. U got me dancing in the gym
  32. straight fire you go man
  33. turn my workout session into a clubnight
  34. always on point with the mix
  35. my due is fire turn it up
  36. I like your song selection
  37. great work
  38. I like this mix
  39. awesome job my DJ
  40. Can’t wait for the next mix
  41. need link asap
  42. any chance you can add tracklist thank you
  43. dj 4nav where the party at this weekend
  44. pull to my city
  45. sure needed this in my road trip
  46. thanks for the download link airplane mode on and dj 4nav is on repeat
  47. you da baddest
  48. dj 4nav all the way up
  49. go dj that's my dj luv dem tunes
  50. good job
  51. awesome mix
  52. I like it like that
  56. Track Link:
  59. dj 4nav in the mix yay
  60. my favorite dj on here
  61. the best dj in the whole world no cap
  62. this mix is fire
  63. dopeness after dopeness
  64. no contest for you man
  65. you make me happy with this mix
  66. I love your mix
  67. great stuff
  68. good mix
  69. bravo good mixtape
  70. shake shake now drop turn up
  71. Could listen to it All Day
  72. Love u best mix
  73. Couldn't stop moving man..
  74. OMG... My body was nonstop grooving it..dayuuum
  75. Been on repeat in my car
  76. You should come and do shows here
  77. you make very good mixes!
  78. OMG!!!!! pure dope!!!!
  79. Nice one man
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