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  1. The continuation of adventures
  2. Of yacht battles
  3. Started after the storm,
  4. That’s how I met my frigate
  6. Let guests of the seas learn
  7. All sovereignty of the pirate
  8. He who owns the whole sea,
  9. Can be called a real pirate
  11. Roar of cannons, whizz of caseshots
  12. The battle has started with a sudden encounter
  13. Clank of metal, bullets, and sabres
  14. That’s how the deadly battle goes on
  16. Two frigates have met
  17. In the blue of the sea hell
  18. Our pirate ship
  19. Turned out to be your trouble
  21. Our pirate ship
  22. Turned out to be your trouble, your trouble.
  24. Chorus: Not a Somalian,
  25. And not a Caribbean,
  26. But I am a new Russian pirate.
  27. And not a Brazilian,
  28. And not an Indian,
  29. But I am a new Russian pirate.
  30. Yes, I am that new pirate.
  32. Suddenly a sea monster
  33. Appeared from the sea,
  34. Suddenly grabbed our ship
  35. A giant octopus
  37. He threw everyone overboard
  38. And cut our yacht.
  39. That’s how the frigate broke down
  40. And completely sank.
  42. But the crew survived,
  43. Got to a local island,
  44. Where it built a ship,
  45. More durable and powerful.
  47. And we left for the seas
  48. We found the octopus
  49. Shoot him down from our cannons.
  51. On the internet, like at the sea,
  52. We are rocked, we download.
  53. And insist on our rights
  54. (rock, download, and ‘insist on one’s rights’ contain the same word)
  55. On our undecked ships
  57. If you write something,
  58. Or if you invent something,
  59. Hold on in your hands,
  60. Your copyrights.
  62. Copyright suffocates
  63. Like tentacles of the octopus,
  64. Call a violator a pirate,
  65. Like at the sea.
  67. Pirates like citizens
  68. Have their own laws,
  69. No one will like
  70. Punishments as well.
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