Gaining Grace [RGRE] WIP (Anon/Fluttershy)

Jul 4th, 2018
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  1. > Ponyville has a new god
  2. > Well, technically he's a human
  3. > But clearly, Anon is a heavenly being sent to bless the lives of ponies
  4. > He's so elegant and demure
  5. > Communicating effortlessly and without words
  6. > Baby foals smile as he walks by
  7. > Even the cattiest of stallions is in awe of Anon
  8. > Mares swear secret oaths in service to him
  10. > Be Anon
  11. > You thought it would be different here, but no
  12. > You are still too shy to talk to anyone outside of faintly mumbled pleasantries
  13. > Luckily you can usually get by with gestures, so it's not like you are helpless
  14. > You just wish you could makes some friends for once
  15. > The ponies here are really skittish, and are always watching you and muttering among themselves
  16. > It makes it kind of difficult to approach anyone
  17. > You stand outside Sugarcube Corner, wavering
  18. > You really do want something sweet, but it's so full of ponies, and Pinkie Pie always makes a scene when she sees you around
  19. > Just the thought walking into that den of overstimulation makes you shudder
  20. > You feel a pony tap your arm with a wing
  21. > You look down to see a yellow mare you think is Fluttershy
  22. > "Um, Anonymous? Can I buy you something from the sugarcube Corner?"
  23. > She understands!
  24. > You feel a thrill of hope, and try to compose a suitable reply
  25. > ...
  26. > Thanks for- no,
  27. > A bavarian cr- wait, do they even have Bavaria here?
  28. > For that matter, where is Bavaria in the first place?
  29. > Oh no, you got lost in your thoughts, no doubt this mare is getting impatient with you, you should apologize
  30. > You glance at her face, but she actually seems content to wait
  31. > She just gives you a small, encouraging smile
  32. > Okay, keep it simple
  33. "Yes."
  34. > Nailed it!
  35. > The mare nods pleasantly
  36. > "What should I get for you?"
  37. > ...how do you say this?
  38. "A don-"
  39. > Wait,
  40. "Like pudding, but-"
  41. > You are bad at this
  42. "With chocolate frosting."
  43. > You bury your face in your hands
  44. > This is why you don't talk to people
  45. > "I understand. I'll just be back in a little bit with your bovarian creme."
  46. > You watch the pegasus trot into the bakery, and feel a little better about things
  48. > Be Fluttershy
  49. > You knew the town beauty was quiet, but it wasn't until you gathered up the courage to talk to him that you realized why
  50. > He reminds you a lot of how you were when you were younger
  51. > At once, all the little things like avoiding crowds, or why he just stares at mares who try to hit on him, it all makes sense
  52. > You resolve to help him make friends, and to help him grow like you did
  54. > Be Pinkie Pie
  55. > You can feel something in your tuft as you get Fluttershy's bovarian creme
  56. > This isn't like her, she usually buys blueberry glazed donuts
  57. > Nevertheless, you are a professional
  58. "Here you go! Bovarian creme for the team!"
  59. > Fluttershy smiles and hoofs over the bits
  60. > You watch her as she goes to a tab-
  61. > No, she's going outside
  62. > But she always eats her donuts at a table?!
  63. > You put a cardboard cutout of yourself behind the counter and sneak off to see what's up
  64. > You peek out from behind the doorframe to see Fluttershy waltz right up to Adonymous
  65. > He smiles at her and takes the bovarian cream with a dignified nod
  66. > Lucky mare
  67. > Then he starts nibbling on it, licking the creamy filling from time to time
  68. > You blush, unable to look away from the lewd sight
  69. > Poor Fluttershy is getting a huge wingboner right there in the street
  71. > Be Anon, licking the last remnants of the donut from your fingers
  72. > Abruptly you realize that Fluttershy has been waiting this entire time, watching you eat
  73. > Her face is red, probably from being out in the summer sun for so long
  74. > You have to help her!
  75. > Not to mention paying her back for the donut
  76. > You look around, seeing only busy shops
  77. > Well, your house isn't far from here, you can get her some water there
  78. > You take a deep breath
  79. "Let's, out of sun, um."
  80. > Come on Anon, you can do it!
  81. "My home. Enter."
  82. > You gaze at her face, silently willing her to do the impossible
  83. > Fluttershy blinks, then smiles at you
  84. > "It is a little hot out, I would love to go to your home."
  85. > Is she a genius?
  86. > How can she understand you so perfectly?
  87. > With a burgeoning hope rising in your heart, you lead her to your house
  89. > Be Fluttershy, sitting in Anonymous' living room
  90. > It's very neat, if a little larger than you are used to
  91. > Even if you tried, you don't think you could take up more than two cushions of his couch
  92. > He strides back into the room with a tall glass of water, his natural grace keeping the water from even rippling
  93. > It's a little mesmerizing watching those long legs move
  94. > Anonymous sets the glass on the coffee table in front of you, and retreats to the recliner opposite you
  95. > You nod pleasantly at him
  96. "Thank you."
  97. > He nods back, a bit jerkily
  98. > Is he nervous?
  99. > You take a deep drought of the water, savoring the way the coolness spreads throughout your body
  100. > You set the glass on the coffee table, and tilt your head at him
  101. "You don't have to wait for me, you should get a drink too."
  102. > He shakes his head
  103. > "M'fine."
  104. > His lips compress, then part ever so slightly, then close tightly again
  105. > "Kitchen, before."
  106. > He must have had a quick drink then, you suppose
  107. > You aren't really sure how to continue, but sometimes you just have to say things
  108. "Do you...find it scary, talking to ponies?"
  109. > You smile at him encouragingly
  110. > He looks down at his hands
  111. > "Yes, its-"
  112. > He starts breathing deeply, lips twisting and trembling
  113. > Your heart sinks, if only you could wrap him in your wings and take away his troubles, but that might just make things worse
  114. "If it's too hard to say, maybe you could write it down?"
  115. > He looks you in the eyes, startled
  116. > Then he rushes off up the stairs
  117. > ...
  118. > Hopefully he's just getting some paper, and not hiding from you
  119. > You wait on the couch, each minute passing by making you wonder if you should leave so he can come back down
  120. > Then he comes down the stairs with an armful of paper sheets, and hands one to you
  121. > [I've never been good at making friends, and it only got worse as I got older. I don't know how to meet people, or how to make conversations. I just stand on the edge of the crowd, afraid. What if they think I'm rude? I know I look weird, and I don't want to make people uncomfortable by trying to make them interact with me. I don't want to make people talk with me while they want me to leave. I know they say things about me, I can see them whisper while they look at me. So I try to stay inside as much as possible, which just makes it harder to go outside and face people.]
  123. > [I just want to have some friends, but I think it's impossible for me, now.]
  124. > You blink rapidly, to keep from crying
  125. > This poor colt
  126. > This poor, poor colt
  127. > You notice a pen on the table, and pick it up
  128. > You suppose you could just say this, but you think he would accept it better as words on a page
  129. > You write your message below his
  130. [I can be your friend, and help you make more friends.]
  131. > You push the paper towards him
  132. > He picks it up and reads, his eyes widening
  133. > Anonymous looks at you, then the paper, then you again
  134. > You smile and nod encouragingly
  135. > He sets the paper down with shaking hands and writes back
  136. > [Thank you, thank you so much!]
  137. > You warmth blooms in your chest, and you start to compose your next message
  139. > Be Anon, leaning against your front door
  140. > It's late in the afternoon, the orange light of the sunset filtering in through the windows
  141. > Your new friend...!
  142. > Your new friend Fluttershy is walking home now, after hours of passing notes
  143. > The coffee table is littered with pages of small talk, of likes and dislikes, of hobbies and doodles
  144. > You collect them in a rough chronological order, and sit in your chair
  145. > You look down at the first page
  146. > [I can be your friend, and help you make more friends.]
  147. > You read that sentence again and again until everything becomes blurry
  148. > You lean back, letting the tears fall down your face
  149. > You won't always be alone
  150. > You clutch the papers to your chest as you sob in happiness
  151. > You finally have a friend
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