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D64D2 v1.0 changelog

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Jul 13th, 2018
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  1. ----------
  2. Final 1.0
  3. ----------
  4. + Added final Motherdemon sprites by Cage (woohoo!)
  5. + Added Boom-version of maps that make use of voodoo dolls (MAP02, MAP19, MAP27, and MAP30). These are denoted with a 'B' at the end of their lump name.
  6. + Added opening title demos (Mechadon, DeXiaZ, and CoTeCiO).
  7. + Added special DEMO4 lump (Mechadon).
  8. + Added cleaned-up versions of STEP1 and STEP2 (flats).
  9. + Added tweaked versions of the following patches - WALL42_3, WALL53_1, & WALL55_1 (Da Werecat).
  10. + Added new animated versions of RSKY1TAL (that will work in ZDoom-based ports, thanks to Da Werecat).
  11. + Added back the 'extended' versions of some tracks by CoTeCiO. They are pointed to in the MAPINFOs; simplified versions are used in vanilla and ports that don't have MAPINFO support.
  12. + Added ZMAPINFO lump.
  13. + Added EDFROOT lump; adds obituraries for the new monsters as well as an updated ending cast call.
  14. + Added an updated casting call (ZMAPINFO lump) that adds the new monsters to the roster (works in ZDoom based ports only).
  15. + Added super-secret.
  16. * Updated WADINFO lump.
  17. * Updated MAP01 (by Da Werecat & Mechadon)
  18. * Updated MAP02 (by Mechadon & Da Werecat)
  19. * Updated MAP03 (by Mechadon)
  20. * Updated MAP04 (by Da Werecat & Mechadon)
  21. * Updated MAP05 (by Mechadon)
  22. * Updated MAP06 (by Mechadon)
  23. * Updated MAP08 (by Da Werecat)
  24. * Updated MAP09 (by Da Werecat)
  25. * Updated MAP11 (by Mechadon)
  26. * Updated MAP12 (by Mechadon)
  27. * Updated MAP13 (by Mechadon)
  28. * Updated MAP14 (by Da Werecat & DILDOMASTER666)
  29. * Updated MAP15 (by Mechadon)
  30. * Updated MAP17 (by Mechadon)
  31. * Updated MAP18 (by Megalyth & Mechadon)
  32. * Updated MAP19 (by Mechadon)
  33. * Updated MAP21 (by Mechadon)
  34. * Updated MAP22 (by Mechadon)
  35. * Updated MAP23 (by Mechadon)
  36. * Updated MAP24 (by Mechadon)
  37. * Updated MAP25 (by Mechadon)
  38. * Updated MAP26 (by Mechadon)
  39. * Updated MAP27 (by Mechadon)
  40. * Updated MAP28 (by Mechadon)
  41. * Updated MAP29 (by Mechadon)
  42. * Updated MAP30 (by Mechadon)
  43. * Updated MAP31 (by TwinBeast)
  44. * Updated MAP32 (by Mechadon & Da Werecat)
  45. * Updated MAP33 (by Mechadon)
  46. * Updated MAP01's simplified music (small bug fix by CoTeCiO).
  47. * MAP11's track has been moved to MAP24.
  48. * MAP11 now uses the track Sanity Decay by CoTeCiO.
  49. * MAP14 now uses the track Painful Dreams by CoTeCiO (previous track had issues in Chocolate Doom).
  50. * MAP21's track has been changed (Watch Your Rock by CoTeCiO).
  51. * All of the Doom and Doom II tracks that are being used were re-ripped from the iwads as MUS lumps (apparently DOS Doom would choke on the midi versions).
  52. * Swapped out the statusbar for the tech bar again (hell/marble bar will be included separately).
  53. * Made a very slight adjustment to the statusbar (around the mugshot background).
  54. * Updated the blue cloudy lightning sky with Da Werecat's awesome new lightning and foreground artwork (with a tiny bit of help from Mechadon).
  55. * Updated the RSKY1S and RSKY1TAL textures (Da Werecat).
  56. * Updated the RSKY5S and RSKY5TAL textures (Da Werecat).
  57. * The tall sky textures were tweaked in the TEXTURE1 lump so they should align better in some ports.
  58. * Updated the LANGUAGE lump with the intermission texts (used in the ZMAPINFO lump).
  59. * Updated the WFALL* textures (Da Werecat).
  60. * Updated the TEKLONG texture (Da Werecat).
  61. * Updated the CREDIT graphic.
  62. * Updated CoTeCiO's music tracks with slightly simplified/tweaked versions so they sound better in OPL.
  63. * Updated the EMAPINFO lump to use Da Werecat's tweaked skies (specific to Eternity).
  64. * Updated the GAMEINFO lump with a few nifty extras (Da Werecat).
  65. * Updated the WADINFO lump.
  66. * Voodoo doll setups were altered so that they use an infinitely exploding objects in place of a crushed barrel to move the dolls forward (this should help prevent any oddities that might pop up in vanilla). All maps that made use of voodoo dolls have been updated with this new setup.
  67. * The monster spawners (used in MAP30) are now killable. This allows for a more graceful way of ending the spawning enemies, and should prevent any oddities that might occur with crushing monsters in closets forever.
  68. * Added Da Werecat as an author credit for MAP14.
  69. * The Motherdemon behavior has been modified so that it works with its new sprites. Some of its general behaviors have been tweaked a bit to get the animations looking good and also to help balance it out more.
  70. * The Motherdemon's attacking behavior has also been overhauled. It now longer spews endless attacks when its target is in sight. Now it fires a blast of Rev rockets and Manc fireballs, then follows that up with a targeted Archvile flame attack. When it goes into its pain state, it will recoil first and then quickly spawn a Lost Soul before returning to its chase state.
  71. * More frames were added to the Motherdemon's FaceTarget sequence during its Archvile flame attack (so now it should better face its target when attacking).
  72. * The pain chance for the Motherdemon has been reduced to 6 (was 10).
  73. * Increased the Motherdemon's mass from 3000 to 8000.
  74. * Increased the Motherdemon's speed from 22 to 25.
  75. * Tweaked the animation timing on the Motherdemon so its less likely that its pain sound will get cut off.
  76. * Updated the Motherdemon's decorate so its up to parity with the dehacked behavior.
  77. * Changed the Motherdemon's obiturary message so it didn't copy the Mastermind's obiturary message.
  78. * Updated the GLDEFS lump to give the Motherdemon some lighting effects during its Archvile flame attack.
  79. = The MAPINFO was choking on the some of the options in ZDaemon. This has been fixed by removing the offending entries in the MAPINFO and creating a ZMAPINFO for the ports that can make use of the options (thanks damo2k for the help here).
  80. = Fixed the author entry for MAP05 to include Mechadon as a credit.
  81. = Fixed a typo in the first intermission text (thanks to Da Werecat for pointing it out).
  82. = Fixed the popping sfx in the MAP30 Motherdemon fight (thanks to Da Werecat for providing the new blank sfx lumps).
  83. = Zandronum was choking on the attenuate property in the GLDEFS lump when running the wad in OpenGL rendering. So these were commented out to fix the issue.
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