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  1. DRILLBATTALION.NET Information:
  3. Website Link <link=""><color=#6aff8fff><u>HERE</u></color></link>
  4. Discord Link <link=""><color=#6aff8fff><u>HERE</u></color></link>
  5. For assistance, create a post in our #support channel on discord and a "SCPSL Admin" should be able to help.
  7. DRILLBATTALION.NET USA EAST Lab Rules, if broken can result in a ban:
  9. - This server is meant to be the serious server and you should try to do what you can to win.
  10. - No working together with members on another team. NO TEAMING, NOT EVEN CHAOS AND SCPS
  11. - No racial or derogatory comments to other players.
  12. - Treat other players with respect and don't be disruptive or harass them personally.
  13. - No spamming the Intercom system with unnecessary information, if you are doing something annoying on it action may be taken.
  14. - No cheating or hacking.
  15. - If you see someone cheating or harassing someone you can report it to our #support text channel in our discord linked above.
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