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Jun 26th, 2011
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  1. Hello everyone, this is open letter.
  3. I have been dreaming of creating place for open research for scientist of all kinds. In this place those who do not want to do it for the riches, but want to do it to make the future better and nicer place could work on their ideas and release documentary of their work for free to those who want to manufacture these products.
  5. The place would be in Finland sadly because I live in Finland and we have quite cheap land here. I have been thinking on obtaining around 1 square kilometer of land and building the center on the land.
  7. Though as I am myself a student and do not have a workplace, I would require quite a bit of help from the people in the world to make this possible.
  9. This is call for help and opinions, you can mail me at to tell me what you think, please give it a moment and mail me.
  11. If I find that people are interested I will start developing the website for this and the website would contain features to submit your own research documents, communicate with other scientists and researchers, donate for the creation of the research center. Even small donation such as 1 dollar or euro will help really much.
  13. The forest land in Finland costs about 5000 euros per hectare, 1 square kilometer would cost around 500 000 euros, but that much is not really required at start, because always can buy more land later. For the buildings I have been thinking about collaboration with The Venus Project if they could design and help building it, but funding the materials would require more donations and I do not know prices of building, then of course comes the price of work force to build the place.
  15. Basically the place would be funded by the people and the research would be for the people.
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