MGE Side III Mansion of Twilight

Jun 24th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Mansion of Twilight
  2. Mmm~, the night breeze feels great♪ It’s rare I drink too much...♥ Ufufu, and~ that’s~ why~, this estate is the last place I’ll show you♪ I really wanted to show you this place...♥
  3. Well? With all of Mira’s pure spirits gathered around here all at once, it’s just like being among the glittering stars in the night sky♪
  4. This is where the Ancient Waterway of the Spirits ends, the largest secret gathering spot where Mira’s pure spirits gather. It’s also a sacred land for Mira’s elementalists.
  5. This is the “Mansion of Twilight”, fufu, it may be called a mansion, and a long time ago it was a large and magnificent estate, but now it’s become like this, half broken and just floating on the water♪
  6. That’s why when the elementalists gather here, they take a gondola like we are now♪
  7. Isn’t the moonlight spilling through the broken roof romantic? When the moon is full, Mira’s elementalists will meet here, and hold an elementalists’ council. Usually, the elementalists that come here are all friendly, drinking alcohol they brought with them, leisurely chatting on and on about things and getting riled up bragging about their wives, but on the evening of a full moon, things are a bit different.
  8. Mira’s elementalists who have ventured far away return, and they all discuss things such as the situation of various well-known countries and the status of the reconstruction of places in crisis, and everyone is quite serious.
  9. Fufu, of course, when the council is finished, they head straight to their gondolas... And join with their beloved elementals until morning♪
  11. In Mira, this place is called “The Secret Residence” or “The Hidden Place”. While it certainly is a very special place, it’s only difficult to find, anyone can enter like this♪
  12. Usually, the pure spirits that gather in the Ancient Waterway of the Spirits can serve as guides, and if you carefully observe and follow them, you can naturally arrive here♪
  14. You can most easily see the pure spirits’ light at night, so it’s best to seek it out at night, I suppose? However, to get here, you have to go back and forth through some rather complicated waterways, so many of the people excited to find this place get lost along the way... As a result, they are guided by monsterized spirits who couldn’t stand to just watch, and end up being taken care of all night at their residence♥
  15. Fufu, do you find yourself picturing it? This is a place where spirits gather, and it’s not just monsterized elementals, dark elementals also show up♪ That’s why many of the people who visit here merely out of curiosity end up mingling their bodies with the spirits and forming contracts with them♥
  16. In that sense, this place is a sacred land to elementalists, fufu, and a birthplace of elementalists...♥
  18. And here we are... Well? Is this far enough?
  19. I’ve been patient ever since we left that restaurant, but now I’m at my limit♥
  20. No, ever since I touched that thing of yours at the hot spring, the whole time I’ve been guiding you... I couldn’t forget it, I wanted to have it, and it was all I could think about♥ Hey, I can’t wait until we get back to the inn... Can we do it here? The spirits are looking at us expectantly... Ufu, ufufu♥ You got caught by a naughty song maiden, didn’t you?
  21. You can’t escape now can you...? But it’s okay, I’ll keep you happy in this city forever♥
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