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  1. Forewarning : after I finished writing this old message, I decided maybe I should come back to the top and warn you of how incredibly long it ended up being. I got a bit carried away oh, but I meant every word from the bottom of my heart and as genuine as I could possibly mean it! I understand if you don't want to, but I sincerely hope you take the time to read this whole message.
  4. Hey how are you? 33-year old male here and I couldn't resist writing you so I could first tell you how incredibly sexy you are! In my eyes, you truly and genuinely have such an absolutely amazing, gorgeous, ravishing, incredibly and ridiculously sexy and perfect body! You just have the exact body type, build, shape, and thick and curvy shape figure and frame, that I am completely attracted to the very most! I especially love how incredibly and beautifully thick and curvy you are, in all the right and most perfect places! Don't get me wrong, I don't discriminate, I love and attraction to women of all different colors and definitely I am attracted to women of all different shapes, sizes, builds, figures frames, and so forth and so on, but I definitely have a bit of a huge thing, preference, or fetish, or whatever you would call it, for women with bodies that are much more thick, curvy, voluptuous, and with just the right amount of thickness in curves to grab onto, and your body is definitely the epitome of perfection in my eyes! Like I said earlier, I love women of all different types sizes and shapes, even the really skinny small petite type that are essentially just skin and bones with hardly any thickness or , but there is nothing more attractive, beautiful, sexy and perfect thin a full figured thick and curvy full bodied and shapely woman with incredibly gorgeous and soft edges and perfect curves with just the right amount of thickness that I can deal, explore, and or grab onto, and so much more, so basically what I'm saying, is your body is just so perfect to me!
  6. I hope this is okay to say to you and I am not being too Brash, but you have such absolutely beautiful, luscious, perfectly sized and perfectly shaped, perfectly and Incredibly huge and massive, perky and Incredibly perfect beautiful tits and I really really love your huge, big, round, gorgeous, pretty pink sweet amazing and perfect beautiful gorgeous and sweet soft and perfect gorgeous colored light pink and Incredibly and perfectly huge round perfect areolas and nipples! In my eyes and in my most honest and real opinion, you definitely, by far, have some of THE prettiest, most beautiful, most gorgeous, sexiest, most incredibly and perfectly huge massive & perfect tits I have ever seen anywhere before! Every single thing in every single specific detail about your beautiful massive perfect tits is so incredibly beautiful and perfect, and your tits are incredibly special to me, for many different reasons, but a big reason being that oh, and just generically speaking, your tits are just absolutely perfect to me, they also have every single specific detail and attribute that I am attracted to more than other tits and your tits just have every single specific special and unique characteristic that I love the most and that's what makes them the most perfect tits I've ever seen! On top of everything that I just mentioned, a few examples of what I mean exactly are, for example, I love a woman with and usually huge and large tits, even more so, I love a woman with massive tits that also has very special, unique, and abnormally huge gorgeous and massive beautiful pink areolas like yours, they are just the absolute perfect songs, I love how you're huge areolas cover quite a large surface area of a portion of your tits, but still living a very large and perfect amount of surface area uncovered by your areolas, showing off quite a bit of the beautiful skin complexion of your tits, and leaving quite a large area of your tits unblocked and giving me such a up close beautiful detail in perfect view of every single perfect detail in characteristic of your tits, and I especially really fucking love that big perfect skin complexion of your tits give me a perfect view of how beautifully in perfectly engorged and veiny your tits are! And on top of all of that, what makes them even more incredibly amazing, gorgeous, and perfect, is that your tits are so amazingly and Incredibly perfectly perky, especially considering how ridiculously and perfectly huge and master of your tits are, it's very unusual for a woman with incredibly and beautifully perfectly huge and massive tits like yours, to be at the same time, as incredibly and beautifully perky sexy and perfect as yours are! And holyshit! I definitely did not intend to go on and on and save so much about your tits, don't get me wrong, I fucking love each and every part of a woman's beautiful body, especially a woman's tits, but it is very unusual and rare for me to be so as incredibly and ridiculously attracted to, and turned on just by simply seeing pictures of a woman's tits, I tend to prefer and to get much much more incredibly and ridiculously turned on and horny by looking at a different and more specific part of a woman's I will go into details and explain what I mean by that very shortly) so that just makes you even more incredibly special and unique and perfect that I have been so overly intrigued and stuck on looking at and talking about your huge gorgeous amazing and beautiful tits!
  8. What I meant by what I I said a minute ago, in most cases, to me at least, a woman's pussy is the sexiest and most beautiful part of a woman's body and definitely my favorite part! I can explain exactly what I mean by that in detail later on if you'd like. It's very unusual for a woman's tits to completely take over my focus and attention and I don't usually get anywhere near this incredibly in particular say turned on or knee and throbbing hive, just by looking at some pictures of a woman's tits, no matter how nice they are, until I came across yours! Honestly though, and although this was a very close and difficult decision to make and pick between, what I love most about your body is your amazing, absolutely beautiful, breathtakingly gorgeous, stunning, luscious, mouth-watering, incredibly and ridiculously delicious looking, beautifully and perfectly thick fat plump and juicy, incredibly tight looking tiny little pretty pink and light purple shaded, perfectly and deliciously dripping and soaking wet, messy, juicy and creamy, gorgeous amazing imperfect little tight fat juicy gorgeous and perfect pink amazing and incredibly and ridiculously Beyond Perfect Pussy, that I would absolutely fucking love, and give fucking absolutely fucking anything right now for the opportunity just to be able to eat, suck on, lick, and taste, every bitch, every part, and every single inch that I possibly can of every bit and part of your gorgeous and Perfect Pussy, and even more so, I would really really really fucking especially love want and need to be able to lick up and taste every single bit and every single drop can I possibly can of you're dripping and soaking wet pussy juices, Sweet Sticky grool, and my mouth is watering in aching just to be able to lick up and taste each and every single drip and drop that I possibly and physically fucking can of every bit and every single drop of all of your messy, sticky, creamy, thick warm delicious and amazingly sweet cum tripping, sleeping, and even better, squirting from your pussy, so I can literally taste every single bit and each and every single drop that I physically possibly can of every drop of your sweet creamy delicious pussy cum, I need to be able to lick up and taste every drop of all of your sticky grool and creamy pussy's cum, I seriously and genuinely really, really, really, really, really, fucking warrant and really fucking need 2 Luke and taste your pussy and pussy juices so I can validate how sweet delicious and amazing your beautiful and perfect pussy tastes! I and 400% confident and willing to bet that you look beautiful fat gorgeous perfect dripping wet creamy and sticky pretty pink gorgeous and perfect fat pussy tastes a thousand times more amazing and delicious then I can possibly imagine!
  10. Anyway, I have so much more I would love to say to you, but I got carried away and this message is  longer than I originally intended it to be. You just seriously have absolutely no idea how Beyond incredibly and ridiculously stupid fucking crazy attracted I am to you and your perfect body and what you're doing to me right now! I got caught up in Lost in your perfect body and my mind began wondering and fantasizing about some incredibly sexy kinky dirty naughty nasty taboo and amazing things I would do to your body. Anyway, I also have many many many more very real, genuine, specific, detailed and descriptive complements I would really really really fucking love to tell you, those that I haven't had a chance opportunity or time to mention yet. I also have a few questions I would love to ask you, if that's okay with you of course, and you don't mind hearing me out? Honestly, I was just really love the opportunity to chat with a woman that, in my eyes, is as Beyond incredibly naturally beautiful, gorgeous, ridiculously sexy, high-caliber, and perfect as you are! It's not every day I come across a woman that is as incredibly and ridiculously crazy sexy and attractive as you are and with the absolute most beautiful and perfect body that I have ever seen and that also has each and every single specific characteristic of a woman's body and especially specific body parts, exactly like you do!
  12. So, may I p.m. you? If not, I completely understand, but what you may be, at least, be open or willing to take some requests from an incredibly huge, new, and probably biggest and newest number one then of you, all of your beauty, and every bit and inch of your perfect body?
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