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Tableau Desktop 7.0 Professional Edition cracked version

donandy2005 Apr 25th, 2012 437 Never
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  2. Tableau Desktop 7.0
  3. Professional Edition
  10. Answer questions as fast as you can think of them with Desktop
  12. Tableau Desktop is based on breakthrough technology from Stanford University that lets you drag & drop to analyze data. You can connect to data in a few clicks, then visualize and create interactive dashboards with a few more.
  14. We’ve done years of research to build a system that supports people’s natural ability to think visually. Shift fluidly between views, following your natural train of thought. You’re not stuck in wizards or bogged down writing scripts. You just create beautiful, rich data visualizations.
  21. 10 - 100x Faster
  23. Because Tableau works with your natural ability to process data visually, you get a huge advantage: speed. Drag and drop to change your analysis. Turn on one-click highlighting to identify trends. Add a filter with another click. You can shift perspectives over and over again until you find that nugget of insight into your data.
  25. Working with massive data? Tableau’s Data Engine is blazing fast. With Tableau you don’t have to use any less than all the data you need. Tableau’s architecture-aware approach means you can bring all your data right onto your laptop and still have interactive response time.
  27. Work with 100's of million of rows of data right on your own computer and get answers in seconds. It’s real-life business analytics for real-life business data.
  29. Publish to Tableau Server and collaborate with colleagues. They too can work at blazing speeds from your shared data sources. It’s real-life business analytics for real-life business data.
  30. Ease of use
  31. Ease of use that gives you chills
  33. Tableau Desktop is an intuitive, drag-and-drop tool that lets you see every change as you make it. You maintain your train of thought without taking your eyes off the data. Anyone comfortable with Excel can get up to speed on Tableau quickly.
  35. People see the advantages of Tableau’s user interface in the first use. But “easy to use” does not mean “limited.” Tableau lets you create rich visualizations and dashboards. Business people use it to understand many facets of their business at once. Scientists use it to create sophisticated trend analyses. And you’ll be surprised at how easy it is.
  36. Beautiful Dashboards
  37. Smart, fit and beautiful dashboards
  39. Combine multiple views into a dashboard. Insert web pages and documents for greater explanation and insight. Highlight and filter related data. Just like your views, dashboards can be connected to live data or can use the Data Engine to speed up your analysis.
  41. When you create brilliant dashboards in Tableau you can share them-- along with your aha! moments-- on Tableau Server. Or keep those beauties all to yourself.
  42. Direct Connect
  43. Direct connect & go
  45. What if you could reach out to any database and just start analyzing it, without the need to prepare anything in advance? Old school business intelligence platforms require users to build elaborate “universes” and “cubes” and “temporary tables” before any real work could be done. Tableau eliminates those steps completely. There’s no requirement to pull data into a silo – work directly from your database. And you can still manage your data connection and metadata.
  47. In Tableau you can connect directly to databases, cubes, data warehouses, files and spreadsheets. Your connection is live so you see up-to-the-minute data. It takes only a few clicks-- no programming is required. In minutes you’ll be accessing data, consolidating numbers, and visualizing results without advance set-up. It's true ad-hoc business analytics.
  48. Perfect mashups
  49. Perfect mashups
  51. Connect to data in one click and layer in a second data source with another. Want to add population data from the census to your sales data to see penetration rates? Click. Want to extend your production data with shipping data from those same dates? Click. Combining data sources in the same view is so easy it feels like cheating. You can even filter from one data source to another and highlight across data sources. Just go get that extra data and throw it into the mix.
  52. Share-Tableau
  53. Analytics on SharePoint, the iPad, and everywhere
  55. Develop in minutes, share to thousands. Using Tableau Server you can publish interactive dashboards to the web in seconds, then embed them in a SharePoint site or view them on an iPad. Because your viewers need only a web browser or an iPad to filter, sort, and answer their own questions, they become more engaged.
  57. It takes only a few clicks to publish, and you don't need to make changes for your dashboards to show up on web browsers, mobile Safari, or the Tableau iPad app. So you can spend your time on analysis and not on IT.
  58. Best Practices
  59. Best practices in a box
  61. Born at Stanford and raised by a pack of wild PhDs, Tableau has best practices built right in. You get the benefit of years of research on the best way to represent data, from color schemes that convey meaning to an elegant design that keeps users focused on what’s important. You can put your data on a map with automatic geocoding down to the zip code level in the U.S.
  63. We’re out to provide visualization that helps you understand and communicate information in the most effective way possible.
  77. This is the full cracked version of the software. Download, extract, install, enjoy.
  79. Inside the archive there is "crack" folder wich contains everything you need to crack the software.
  81. Download link:
  83. http://bitshare.com/files/321zjlw9/Tableau.Desktop.v7.0.Professional.Edition.cracked.rar.html
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