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Dec 19th, 2011
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  1. rake db:test:clone # Recreate the test database from the current environment's database schema
  2. rake db:test:clone_structure # Recreate the test databases from the development structure
  3. rake db:test:load # Recreate the test database from the current schema.rb
  4. rake db:test:prepare # Check for pending migrations and load the test schema
  5. rake db:test:purge # Empty the test database
  6. rake rails:freeze:edge # Lock to latest Edge Rails, for a specific release use RELEASE=1.2.0
  7. rake test # Run all unit, functional and integration tests
  8. rake test:benchmark # Run tests for benchmarkdb:test:prepare / Benchmark the performance tests
  9. rake test:functionals # Run tests for functionalsdb:test:prepare / Run the functional tests in test/functional
  10. rake test:integration # Run tests for integrationdb:test:prepare / Run the integration tests in test/integration
  11. rake test:plugins # Run tests for pluginsenvironment / Run the plugin tests in vendor/plugins/*/**/test (or specify with PLUGIN=name)
  12. rake test:profile # Run tests for profiledb:test:prepare / Profile the performance tests
  13. rake test:recent # Run tests for recentdb:test:prepare / Test recent changes
  14. rake test:uncommitted # Run tests for uncommitteddb:test:prepare / Test changes since last checkin (only Subversion and Git)
  15. rake test:units # Run tests for unitsdb:test:prepare / Run the unit tests in test/unit
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