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  1. /p Instructions incoming, pay attention! <se.4> <se.6>
  2. /p The Pairing applies for the Feathernails in P1 and the meteors in P3
  3. /p If the Feather/Nails appear in Cardinal Directions (N/E/S/W), pairings "move" clockwise and pick their nail
  4. /p for Meteors, the player w/o the pink void goes counter-clockwise between 2 meteors.
  5. /p In P3, the tank baits the tankbuster-cleave always into the North
  6. /p After the first 4 runes in the Third Geomancy, we stack in the south and spread shields (Adlo+Divine Veil and such stuff) to ease up the orbs and quarters
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