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Jan 12th, 2020
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  1. Ban Pawniard
  2. Pawniard is arguably the most meta defining pokemon. Monferno may have more usage than pawniard, but pawniard almost forces you to use monferno while you dont have to use pawniard. Pawniard has one of the best defensive types in the game allowing it to come in on pokemon like Quilladin and gets a free STAB knock off. Pawniard generally uses Swords Dance, Sucker Punch, Iron Head and Knock Off and is predictable but also can have better utility with Stealth Rocks or Thunder Wave. Pawniards general predictability is no issue when you can click the best move in nfe (knock off) several times without drawback in a game. Its other main checks Gabite, Marshtomp, Tangela, and Combusken all can easily be beaten by hazards + knock off eventually.
  4. Pawniard has put a burden on the ORAS NFE metagame. Almost every viable team has monferno due to the fact it is the only truly 100% reliable counter to pawniard. I've seen drain punch quilladin just so it is not set up fodder for pawniard, which shows how much of a danger pawniard is as drain punch in the meta is utterly useless besides hitting pawn. Most teams are similar due to most players wanting to use Pawniard Monferno because pawniard is over centralizing and bad for the metagame. Due to all of these reasons it is best to allow the ORAS NFE meta to grow without pawniards restrictiveness.
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