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  1. Unassuming Suit
  3. Structural Upgrades:
  4. Starsilk Weave, Simple Wards, Astra Shields, Hazmat Systems, Locomotion Adjuster, Compromised Suit
  6. A Knight's suit is his life. It is the source of his greatest abilites, his protection from the dark forces of Nothing and its allies, and oftentimes his connection to his allies.  I never want to be out of my suit, and so I choose one that will be ever-present, unassuming and comfortable, that I can wear eternally and never run out of power. It is as strong as magic and technology can make cloth, with wards against magical attacks, shields against physical ones, and filters against chemical ones. As some who will value speed and mobility above almost all else, a locomotion adjuster is a must-have, and with a suit that requires neither power nor plating, it is no great sacrifice to give up the opportunity for greater shielding in exchange for additional weapon options.
  8. Visor and Chassis Upgrades:
  9. Thermal and Night Vision, Tetrahertz Radar, Magnifier, Detection, Suppression Field, Automated Repair, Prehensile Tendril
  11. My visor upgrades are designed for long-range indentification and analysis of threats. With thermal, night-vision, and radar, I can see things long before they see me, especially with a suppression field that will be active at almost all times when I'm on a mission. Automated repair is useful, as it allows me to keep my suit on even after sustaining damage, instead of having to remove it for repairs after each mission, and the detection software will allow me to analyze scenes and situations without the need for an AI to do so for me. As a Knight who already has eight limbs, controlling a prehensile tail meant for combat will be trivial for me, and will allow me to overwhelm the processing capacity of my opponents' minds.
  13. Combat Attachment: TK Module
  15. Without a bulky and powerful mech-suit to carry great weapons of destruction, I rely on my own limbs, and the added tail my suit gives me, to carry me to victory in combat. What I can carry, however, is a palm-sized telekinesis module, something that gives me an ability to engage at range, and gives me an added method of countering projectiles and striking foes.
  17. Mobility:
  18. Adhesion, Flight, Blink
  20. Mobility, key to dexterity-based combat. Flight thrusters can be used for rapid mobility on the ground, and additional air time should I need it after a combat jump, just enough to throw off my opponents. Adhesion is a precaution for zero-g missions and trips into outer space, while Blink is a must-have for stealth missions, and breaking-and-entering. My radar lets me see through barriers, and Blink lets me slip through the Astral Realm to get inside without raising alarms.
  22. Personal Tech:
  23. H.U.D., Web-Link, Satcomms, LA Communicators (Perfect Cell's theme, transitioning into a Two Steps from Hell battle mix), On-board Library, Guardian Drone, Dress Shift Systems
  25. Most of the personal tech is stuff I'll need for being a guild leader. Web-link and Satcomms are required for communications, dress shift systems allow me to look presentable when I go to meet with fancy clients or high-ranking officials, and the on-board library gives me a reference to anything I could possibly need to reference. The guardian drone is a last-resort fail-safe in combat; most shots should be missing me anyway. The LA communicators are just a bonus.
  27. AI:
  28. Personalized (Tali'zorah), Learning, Combat, Diplomacy, Tech, Unchained
  30. My AI is more than an assistant, she is my right hand. Her tactics and combat expertise allow me to function as a raid leader when my guild follows me into combat, her translation and social programming allow me to negotiate and deal with even the most recalcitrant Kind leaders, and her technological mastery allows for on-the-go maintenance of my suit. She is personalized and unchained for maximum efficacy.
  32. Race/Birth Location/Background
  33. Bukin / Calaphoon; Straakenville / Lower Nobility
  35. Born and raised on a world blessed by Drengr, the Great Old One whom I follow, I lived a comfortable life as a minor noble before discovering my destiny as a Knight.
  37. Class / Stats:
  38. Rogue group, Monk subclass, proficient in gauntlet; stats include bonus +3 and bonuses from later sections.
  39. Str 5, Dex 7, Con 4, End 4, AsC 3, MP 3, Will 5, Int 3
  41. As a monk, I seek mastery of the body. My staying power and durability are superhuman, but no more so than the average Knight; where I shine is in direct, one-on-one combat. I am a blur to most people, acting and reacting faster than they can comprehend. No slouch when it comes to strength, either, I can slip under or around nearly any guard and land my blows where they have the greatest impact.
  43. Skillsets:
  44. Trading, Charisma (Persuasion), Lockpicking, Archivist
  46. The greatest of my skillsets is the archivist. Combined with my on-board library, I can recall any work written in antiquity and then bring it up for in-depth study and research. No secret will long escape my grasp. Trading and Charisma are necessary skills for a guild leader to possess, and Lockpicking rounds off my infiltration abilities.
  48. Weapon Proficiency:
  49. Dual-Wield Gauntlets, 4 additional gauntlets (total of 6)
  51. Appropriate for a monk, I fight with only my body and my suit, reinforced with gauntlets of unparalleled power. With seven melee threats to track, moving at the highest of speeds, no opponent will be able to stand against me in one-on-one combat.
  53. Combat Training:
  54. Pain Nullifying, Staunch Will, Breath Taker, Intensive Training x5, Blindsight, Martial Artist, Hyper Sense, 6th Sense, Light Step, Alert Sleep
  56. Pain nullification, alert sleep, and staunch will serve similar purposes, to prevent me from being pre-emptively incapacitated during a fight. My constitution and endurance are not the highest, so pain nullification will allow me to push my limits when it comes to fights of exceptional length (though my battle bond ability means most fights should end within half an hour). Breath taker is my nod to multi-target fights, allowing me to move from mob to mob without a noticeable decrease in my combat ability. Even the strongest opponent, when he finally goes down, will not leave me winded and vulnerable. Blindsight and 6th sense are also for avoiding pre-emptive strikes, while hyper sense allows me to avoid even an incoming sniper round. Light step is another infiltration technique that, coupled with my suppression field, makes me nigh-undetectable to all forms of security.
  58. Astral Training:
  59. Abjuration: Iron Flesh
  60. Conjuration, Creation: Item Summon, Major Beast
  61. Enchantment, Imbue: Earth Imbue, Ice Imbue
  62. Necromancy: Death Knight
  63. Training: Intensive Training
  65. My delving serves exclusively to complement my combat prowess. I suffer no delusions of grandeur regarding my magical skills. My power is martial, first and foremost. Iron flesh and my enchantments provide an extra layer of both offense and defense for my martial prowess, while my conjurations provide me with versatility. The Major beast I summon is a Sage Dragon, always the same one, with whom I seek to form a bond over the centuries. Quite aside from his abilities in battle, a dragon of her age is bound to be quite knowledgable about secrets hidden even to me. The necromantic ritual of becoming a Death Knight is more or less offhanded. I need to live as long as possible, and I'm sure, should I eventually discover the secret of eternal life, I will be able to reverse the process and live as a normal, if immortal, Kind once more.
  67. Faction / Job:
  68. Solo / Guild Leader
  70. I am the Guild Master of the Star-Metal Battalion, a guild dedicated to the preservation of Something, the suppression of Nothing, and the improvement of the self to the highest degree possible.
  72. Guild Members:
  74. Felicia Morris - The cop and her faithful hound, Felicia runs security internally for the guild, specialized as she is in non-lethal takedowns and investigative know-how.
  76. Kalin Bright - An eager recruit, if a green one, Kalin is one of the rank-and-file, without a specialized role within the guild. This is not to underestimate her combat skill, merely an acknowledgement of her inexperience. She will gain more responsibility as she gains more insight.
  78. Natalie - The Battalion's heavy artillery support and one of the few exclusively ranged members, Natalie nonetheless is a powerful Knight and well-respected among the guild, not least because she won't think twice about turning those Astral Cannons on anyone who disrespects her.
  80. Sandra Fullmetal - Experience cannot be bought, and it is for that reason that Fullmetal is given the position of Vice Commander of the Battalion, second only to myself. Her martial skill is almost an afterthought next to the wealth of knowledge and wisdom she can pass on to the rest of us.
  82. Versha Mula - A promising upstart and a similar fighter to myself, I consider Versha something of a protégé. Her headstrong attitude and fiery spirit can be honed into lethal weapons with a little guidance, and if shown the error of her ways (by being repeatedly flattened in one-on-one sparring) I have no doubt she can improve tremendously.
  84. Nalur Vurnek - A big brute of a fighter, Nalur is something of a battering ram, to be pointed in a direction and released. Certainly not someone we'd bring on any precision operations, but valuable in his own way.
  86. Stacy Vernbach - Another similar fighter, much like Versha, Stacy's training and gauntlet make her the perfect sparring partner for me. Iron sharpens iron, and in this way, Stacy and I will hone each other into lethal weapons.
  88. Vadim Balrogh - One of the most independent operatives in the guild, Vadim can often be dispatched solo or with another single member to bring down large monstrous targets. He also acts as an advisor to larger squads about monster weak points and vulnerabilities.
  90. Val and Vex Grett - Generally kept together so Val can control Vex, the Grett brothers are a duo that can handle many missions on their own, with Val operating as the point man so long as things are quiet, then falling back to support his CQC brother when things get loud.
  92. Agent Voorhees - The third martial artist similar to myself in the guild, Voorhees is a versatile and skilled operative, working well on his own or in squads, and he acts as something of a personal trainer to the guild in his off time.
  94. Saint Peter - Working with Felicia on internal security, and also spearheading investigative missions, Saint Peter is our retrieval specialist as well, taking charge on any mission that requires a target be brought back alive.
  96. Cecilia - More of an advisor than an active member of the guild, Cecilia runs communications and serves as a mastermind in some large-scale tactical encounters.
  98. X8-62893 - An all-around well-trained badass, X8 is a universal rank-and-file soldier, capable of being slotted into any mission team without trouble.
  100. Lana Saek - Functioning in a similar role to myself as an infiltrator and combatant, Lana will eventually grow out of being an angsty teen, and when she does, she will be a highly effective Knight, particularly if she grows a true devotion to the guild.
  102. Vanessa Mrk2 -Another Bison Industries experiment, Vanessa will take some de-programming to get her working with a non-Bison team, especially as we plan to run missions against Bison at points in the future. Once she's shown the truth of what Bison is, and successfully adjusted to normal functioning, she will be a powerful asset.
  104. Abigail - The guild's maid and 'mother', handling duties such as cooking, cleaning, and clothes-mending, Abigail's arachnid appearance doesn't deter any of the guild members from embracing her as one of us.
  106. Ch'naga Galmor - A spirit who functions somewhat as the guild mascot, Ch'naga operates more or less as she pleases, encouraging debauchery and sensationalism among the guild members, pulling the more stoic ones out of their shells and encouraging group cohesion.
  108. Gora Fleetfoot - Someone I can discuss ancient history with, as well as a fierce combatant, Gora is a powerful, if hot-tempered, member of the guild, her long memory and depths of knowledge strangely at odds with her ability to fly off the handle at a moment's notice.
  110. Steph Fleetfoot - Largely in the guild only due to her sister's presence, Steph assists Abigail with cooking for the rest of the guild, often supplying her with meat from her hunts. Something of a village bicycle, but well-loved nonetheless.
  112. Natasha - Included in the guild almost exclusively for her interest in and knowledge of traditional games, Natasha provides welcome recreation for those interested in her sorts of diversion. Her mechanical 'improvements' and tinkering are more or less a tolerated side-effect.
  114. Nessa Dran - A master thief and infiltrator, Nessa accompanies and instructs me on missions unlikely to involve overt violence, but which require a deft touch to solve.
  116. Serana Trine - Friend, fighter, and fuck-buddy to the strongest among the guild, Serana is a powerful fighter who keeps morale high with her 'never say die' attitude and willingness to face any challenge.
  118. Ura Telno - Not to be trusted with guild resources for any reason, Ura nonetheless fits in well amongst her fellow guild members, the structure of the Battalion providing her with a direction in life while still allowing her to carouse at will.
  120. Android - My right hand and confidant, she possesses a small array of magical abilities that allow her to assist in many situations, from combat to post-combat to down time.
  123. Blessing of the Great Ones: Drengr Lundreykr, Highest Warrior of the Primal Fires
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