Feb 1st, 2021
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  2. Exalted Mortal Hero Gauntlet
  3. a full life +50 yep were going to farm
  4. Good Luck Crossing that Bridge [+100] and a bunch of normal people want to fight me, this doesn't seem so bad yet
  5. A Book That Should Never Be Opened [+100] . This is going to be tricky
  6. A Lout, a Layabout, a Lice Riddled Beggar [+100] I can work with this
  7. Forgot My Sword![+150] not fun
  8. the mortal from hell +300 he is a mortal I am more
  9. A Simple Soul Illuminated [+600] it's only 14 years, going to take her to the woods and set up a nice cabin far from prying eyes
  10. True Grit X4+400 going to be here for a while.
  11. Chose location Rathess -100
  12. Children of Earth [Free]
  13. Warrior free going to have to be both fight all those people
  14. Gratuitous Skill Kata : courtesan and martial arts hey it's free.
  15. Heroic Tale Embodiment -100 both versions of longevity, Serpentine Tongue , Thick Skin . Blurred Fate,Essence Abundance X2 ,Exalted Healing This is decent.
  16. The Flow of Essence -100 this is just the basics
  17. Dragon Breaking Feather -200 handy
  18. Grasping the Perfected Lotus Root-300 discounted for warrior
  19. Creation’s Natural Warrior Pattern Engraining meditation -400 , discounted for warrior is this the perfect attack and defense thing?! Hell yeah!!
  20. Made Men -100 import Monique
  21. Weapons -100 import Godzilla blooded exaltation
  22. Armor: import driver belt -100 It's a planet buster and has other tricks
  23. A Layman's Gear [Free]: The basics again
  24. The One Ring -50
  25. Monique
  27. A Simple Soul Illuminated +600
  28. An Echo of a Bastard Child [+400 we are well away from prying eyes
  29. The Djala-200
  30. Warrior free going to have to be both fight all those people
  31. Gratuitous Skill Kata free
  32. The Flow of Essence free for Djala
  33. Dragon Breaking Feather -200 handy
  34. Flawless Form -200 discount for warrior
  35. Grasping the Perfected Lotus Root-300 discounted for warrior
  36. Weapons -100 import Godzilla exaltation
  37. The plan: basically going in the woods building a dinosaur proof cabin and raising these girls
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