Not Quittin' 'Til It's Right.

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  1. [23:05] Initially, at the onset, he moves swiftly, narrowly evading certain death and springing onto the creature with devastatingly punishing, high-speed combinations. Every which way that it swung, he was just seconds out of reach, streaking into a bolt of electricity attoseconds before impact each time. Burning hot emotions were kept loosely under his grip, honing his reactions to a zenith...
  3. Attempting to balance chaotic feeling in the face of a divine being was a mistake that an amateur would make. Unfortunately, he was an amateur.
  5. Siegfried is throttled, abruptly, rocked by a stray hit and sent spiraling throughout the air like an airplane plummeting to the ground. He strikes the dirt, hard, and tumbles across. Inevitably, his back hits a wall, and he lies there, his twin swords embedded into the ground on either side of it.
  7. "Good job team," he slurs, head spinning around in circles with metaphorical stars whirling in his perception.
  9. Siegfried tosses a thumbs up before he lays on his back and closes his eyes. He's not out, but it was time for a breather.
  10. (Siegfried)
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  13. [23:12] {NARRATION} The monster thrashed. It was hurting and wounding all of them left and right, about to tear and rip into them little by little. It had been weakened little by little, and as Esso had mounted it from its head. As the blade lodged into it, lightning started to channel through it more and more.
  15. With an explosion coming from its stomach, its guts and all of the magma that comes along with it spills out. Several horns break from its head - As it had three, and not two - And after it had died.. The final door could finally be seen.
  17. ... A Nyeshk vault door. Lined with arcanium locks, it was a door that.. Was never meant to be opened.
  18. [23:12] The damage was disorienting. He could barely breathe, barely thing, barely hear. Half of his face was burnt and his whole body looked like a mess. The Ghould King's curse pulsed with a dark red glow a bit brighter than ever; the remains of death magic could only feel the Wayfinder getting closer and closer to crossing the line and falling in the realm of the dead.
  20. Fuck. That hurt like hell.
  22. Being a slacker for over a decade had left him enduring all of this in the worst years of his life, yet, the magi would likely stand no chance in moving on forward if he wasn't a slacker. If he wasn't a mess. If he hadn't been part of an expedition that never happened - leaving him with no chance to improve. All he could credit his talents to was his fight against Dezmerak - the ascension of the tower had left him facing the reality of these kinds of situation. The risk that came with it. After nearly dying - nearly watching his friends die? Ethan came prepared.
  24. ... Twice prepared.
  26. His left hand shifted, rummaging through his pockets before he pulled out a vial - the vial he had gotten a day or so after they fought in the tower. A day after the fallen angel's minion was slain.
  28. An elixir that brought life back into his body.
  29. (Ethan Hawke)
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  32. (after this, some puzzle-solving, and the ground finds the archon.)
  34. [23:46] {NARRATION} The arcanium locks on the doors start to pop off one by one, little by little each and every lock starts to creak and bust and fall to the floor. It's salvage as another piece of arcanium. The magma behind them is forcing them forward.
  36. Only one way to go. But as the doors creak open, there is an assault of such utterly putrid force that races through at them and causes holy magi - and the further attuned - to their knees in immediate pain.
  38. A feminine, very jovial laughter fills this final chamber. Multicolored lava spews from the ceiling, the walls, it almost seems like Niagara falls if it was multicolored lava and not water.
  40. And they were about to be standing right in the center. A voice can be heard throughout.
  42. ".. Ah? I -knew- there was company soon. I should've tidied the place..."
  44. This place was the heart of the twisted divine phenomenon across the volcano.
  45. [23:46] {Item} You picked up Arcanium. Dropped by Escaping Light [DM]. .
  46. [23:48] She was hurt... her emotions attempting to rage forth... it was something she could not allow. The struggle would be every evident on her face even...
  48. I will not let my actions decided by emotion... I will not let emotion rule my magic..
  50. She speaks voice strained,
  52. "Who are you?"
  54. Shield and magic at the ready, whatever was the cause of all of this cannot be good.
  55. (Elayna Taranis)
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  58. [23:48] Oh.
  60. A woman was here. Or...something that sounded like one. That was absolutely, almost certainly not good. The moment he heard it, he kind of shrinks behind Esso's presence - not Ethan's, that son of a bitch threw him last time.
  62. Siegfried was not about to fucking get hurtled headfirst into some bullshit again.
  63. (Siegfried)
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  66. [23:49] The sights were amazing. It was something out of dream - something that you'd come across in the spirit world only. Lavafalls that shone with every color of the rainbow and reached the deepest parts of this volcano were definitely imbued by divine magic, leaving the Wayfinder even more convinced than he was before: This was what he needed.
  68. The old man brought his arms up as the occult forces washed over him, forcing a nullifying barrier to appear in order to repel it - to contain it. Just who was that woman and... what was she?
  69. (Ethan Hawke)
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  72. [23:51] He looks around hesitantly as the locks come down.
  74. Only one way to go..
  76. The smell catches him off-guard, but it's not that bothers him. It's this feeling of dread that feels like it's threatening to tear his soul from his body. It takes all of his willpower not to outright drop to his knees and freeze up, but his eyes flit around in a paranoid fashion for the feminine voice.
  77. (Esso Invidia)
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  80. [23:52] By the time that the door was opened, Marceline was fuming. After having come up with the most practical and quickest solution, she had to sit back and watch as her life was placed in the hands of two fools doing a puzzle. Mostly, she despised whoever put together this puzzle.
  82. The corrupt fae floated right into the room, seemingly unaffected by the horrendous feeling that the room gave. It even empowered her, pushing her to press forward with her utterly enraged expression. Her plasma flames brightened, becoming more dense.
  84. There was no pain. Only anger.
  86. "Who the hell do you think you are?!" she shouted into the room. She was sweating from the high temperatures, heavily breathing from all she had to endure to reach this point. "Come on, get over here! I'll kill you!" she yelled at the faceless voice.
  87. (Marceline)
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  90. [00:00] Like an angel, a woman seems to descend downwards from the sky above. She's got large wings coming out of her back, and she had crimson red hair that came down to her waist. Crimson eyes that stare back at all of them, the woman tilts her head to the side and gives a wry smile. Her stare is meant to pierce right through Elayna while Vavillion arrived.
  92. In both of her hands were two, crimson swords. And as she flipped them around her wrists, she's laughing to herself - The same laugh that fills the entire room. Flying by means of her absolutely massive Occult wings, she'd shrug her shoulders and tilt her head to the side.
  94. "I - Am the Archon of Indulgence. You may call me Vavillion.. And I've been locked inside of this volcano by that locked door.. For two centuries." She shifts forward now, laughing very lightly as she took in a deep breath. "It is -so- kind of you to have opened it for me. Hm?"
  96. She sticks her tongue out of her mouth, and on the tip of her tongue remains a rainbow-colored shard that shimmered and radiated extreme force. Licking her lips, she pulls her tongue back into her mouth and with it - The Spire Shard she had been since 'indulging on.'
  98. "Now step aside... I have plans to make." The crimson swords in her hands? They were unmistakably.. Something of a divine construct. They were..
  100. Beyond potent.
  101. (Vavillion)
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  104. [00:00] {NARRATION} Like an angel, a woman seems to descend downwards from the sky above. She's got large wings coming out of her back, and she had crimson red hair that came down to her waist. Crimson eyes that stare back at all of them, the woman tilts her head to the side and gives a wry smile. Her stare is meant to pierce right through Elayna while Vavillion arrived.
  106. In both of her hands were two, crimson swords. And as she flipped them around her wrists, she's laughing to herself - The same laugh that fills the entire room. Flying by means of her absolutely massive Occult wings, she'd shrug her shoulders and tilt her head to the side.
  108. "I - Am the Archon of Indulgence. You may call me Vavillion.. And I've been locked inside of this volcano by that locked door.. For two centuries." She shifts forward now, laughing very lightly as she took in a deep breath. "It is -so- kind of you to have opened it for me. Hm?"
  110. She sticks her tongue out of her mouth, and on the tip of her tongue remains a rainbow-colored shard that shimmered and radiated extreme force. Licking her lips, she pulls her tongue back into her mouth and with it - The Spire Shard she had been since 'indulging on.'
  112. "Now step aside... I have plans to make." The crimson swords in her hands? They were unmistakably.. Something of a divine construct. They were..
  114. Beyond potent.
  115. [00:01] Esso Invidia asks, "Only two centuries?"
  116. [00:01] Esso Invidia says, "From what I understand, that's not too terribly long for an Archon."
  117. [00:04] Marceline stopped whenever Vavillion explained herself. The corrupt fae crossed her arms, squinting. Looking long and hard at the Archon with a scrutinizing gaze, as if she didn't believe her at first. "So, you weren't the one who made all of these puzzles." she said.
  119. "Oh."
  121. And with that, the corrupt fae slowly hovered back. Away from the forefront of the squad, and somewhere near the back. That's all she was actually angry about, the dumb puzzles that they needed to solve in order to get here. The Archon themselves didn't instill any rage in Marceline.
  122. (Marceline)
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  125. [00:05] This was the thing he sought out - the gem that resided within this woman's mouth was what Ethan needed to complete his project - to mend the world and erase Malentine's influence at once. The last obstacle would be her; Indulgence itself wouldn't allow anyone to take what was hers, would it? The small band of adventurers would definitely have to find another solution to get it.
  127. ... A fight was almost bound to happen - yet...
  129. "What kind of plans?" He asked, only to remind himself that archons could be dealt with - spoken to. Convinced.
  131. "We might be able to help, yeah?"
  133. Ethan's younger days were full of almost-fights turned into mere talks. This could happen here, too.
  134. (Ethan Hawke)
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  137. [00:06] Esso's eyes narrow at the woman. Whatever pain he was showing before ceases now; he had more important things to be mindful of than the sickening aura of this place that she's no doubt the source of. Her swords are no doubt FAR more lethal than the aura, along with any part of her body. This is definitely the end of their journey, and she confirms that when she licks her lips, the glint of the spire shard unmistakable as she readies herself and demands they stand aside.
  139. He doesn't budge.
  140. (Esso Invidia)
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  143. [00:07] An Archon... the first she'd seen on her time in Agartha.. being native Britannian she understood Imperfect.. though this..
  145. This was what had been held here...
  147. The Book of Kraus held few exceptions for most of its teachings, but...
  149. Don't suffer a Yokai to live
  151. This was the closest she had seen, it was a moral conflict for her to not want to end the friendlier Demons.. though they showed some form of redemption. Something mainland Yokai cannot..
  153. This was an Archon who had bent Divine magic to their will... they would not be spared...
  155. Golden lightning crackles from the Spirit, a silent prayer,
  157. Give me the strength to do what I must.. to prevent this evil from being unleased... give me the strength to endure..
  159. THe Lifestream floods her once more, as if a floodgate had opened... the golden shield a blinding white..
  161. "You will not be walking from this place."
  163. Her words carried weight, the weight of all that should be flowing through her words.. the energy of life.
  164. (Elayna Taranis)
  165. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  167. [00:08] Right now, Siegfried doesn't really care much about what Esso may or may not understand about Archons. He is infinitely more concerned with the fact that he was going to die.
  169. The boy's actually visibly trembling from the sheer presence of the divine entity that is laid out before them. Where the others are squaring up, ready to make bargains or bare their steel?
  171. Siegfried is a nineteen year old boy who'd had no idea what he was getting himself into.
  173. He stares like a deer caught in headlights.
  174. (Siegfried)
  175. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  177. [00:16] {NARRATION} She brings the red swords into the sky, shaking her head side to side as they're both pointed at the spirit in question. "Do you know why they call me Indulgence?" She flies forward on her wings, grinning ear to ear. "Because when I get my hands on things, I can't stop until I've sucked all the power and life from them. And that's why this pretty little shard.."
  179. She flutters forward, now pointing the blades towards Elayna. Blades start to manifest in the sky, hundreds and hundreds of them. Crimson and black, they ready to pierce and penetrate her until she was lifeless.
  181. "Has kept me oh so entertained over the years. When I leave here, I plan on returning to Agartha and using everything this pretty shard has given to me.. And scorching the people who sealed me here. Jianghu and the combined tribes of Gehenna."
  183. She's smiling lightly, laughing now. "If you try and stop me, I will kill you. Step aside, and none of this has to happen."
  184. [00:16] Elayna Taranis says, "It's a good thing I died already."
  185. [00:21] The red swords up above his head were the thing that had Ethan's more diplomatic attempts turn completely. There was no redeeming this kind of evil. It was astounding that people still thought that Isaac was a decent person worth of their companionshipā€” crazy that someone like Reito would fall for him, too. Those bloodstones were always able to manipulate people and control them, after all. Ethan had never forgotten. He had always known.
  187. This archon was no different. Sucking on the power they were not born with and priding themselves over the destruction they would bring; this was no way to live life. The Wayfinder wouldn't allow this thing to keep on living.
  189. "Wrong answer." He uttered, launching forth a wave of orange flame - keeping their natural color despite the empowering occult taint.
  190. (Ethan Hawke)
  191. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  193. [00:22] Marceline just floated there, fully prepared to not do anything about this. In her mind, none of this was her problem. If anything, she could leverage this situation with Vavillion to gain power whenever the Archon did reach Agartha. She genuinely considered just letting this happen.
  195. When the others prepared for battle, however.. she felt expectations weighing down on her. Which made her felt obligated to do something. ".. What, do you expect me to do something?" she asked as Ethan threw the first attack, groaning and reaching for her weapon.
  197. "Fine."
  198. (Marceline)
  199. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  201. [00:28] There was nothing else, was there?
  203. He brings out the big sword.
  205. Not Noel's, a gift from the bandit warrior that'd been his friend, but the other. The one that Taiga had imparted to him, that Taiga's friend had given to him, a sword which had belonged to someone that no longer was, but whose will still remained. He holds in his hands a blade that looked comical on his diminuitive frame, locks of auburn hair framing his face as he takes in a deep breath, squares his shoulders, sets his feet shoulder-width apart...
  207. I'll always be the optimist, he'd told Ashalle earlier this very same day.
  209. It was good, then, that he believed in far-off dreams.
  211. Because going into battle with this thing, right now, felt like suicide.
  212. (Siegfried)
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  215. [00:39] {NARRATION} She raises her voice, a smile to her features.
  217. "This is all? These are the people meant to kill me and stop me from scarring Agartha to oblivion?" Swords are ripped from Esso's chest and put back into the sky.
  219. "Don't make me laugh.." Fire is ripped from Marceline's figure, coming back to her palm. Shadow morphs back onto her wrist.
  220. [00:50] Ruthless. Reckless. This being was nothing short of the strongest thing he had ever come across. Between the divine blades of destruction, the death magic razing down one person after another, the occult blasts larger that any grown Kaor and the heated flames that could melt down Nyeshk with a snap it was a wonder she had remained trapped where she was for so long.
  222. The Wayfinder could feel the despair that settled upon his allies' faces. He could feel their will waning - their heart crumpling. They were after his stupid decisions. His sense of adventure. His will to make the world a better place.
  224. ... And for that, he couldn't give up on them. He couldn't stop believing in them. He couldn't stop believing in himself, either. Jesse, his brother, had fought with death before himself countless times. He was ready to jump in and die at any moment, to do what he had to do to win.
  226. The old man picked himself back up, pushing himself to his feet with the staff he held - allowing it to glow in all of its own divine magnificence. Satsuki's gift wouldn't be wasted. The six Wayfinding commands began shedding forth a light reminiscing of what was in the archon's mouth. It cast forth all of its spells at once, allowing the room to fill itself with what seemed to be an endless amount of green portals, before...
  228. ... The lot of them would find themselves forcefully teleported outside, right atop the volcano - right where the sun shone and the heavens watched over them. The heat wouldn't be as extreme as the heart deep within. The Wayfinder could only hope to inspire.
  230. "Don't give in..!"
  231. (Ethan Hawke)
  232. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  234. [00:58] Siegfried has never felt quite so hopeless.
  236. Again and again, he attempts to get in close and battle back Vavillion, and each time, it is like an insect swatting at God. Coming too close to the sun leaves him being burned away by it's radiance - going hurtling across the skies and embedding into a wall, only to rise, and fall, and rise, and fall, in a cycle that repeats itself for several minutes.
  238. This is impossible.
  240. "Even if I can get close to her, the winds that circle around her can stay my blade," he intones in despair. "If I make a single misstep, she blows me off my feet. My strikes don't even seem to phase her."
  242. Were they in over their heads?
  244. ---
  246. Taiga's back was turned to him, and the man just walked away, wordlessly. Siegfried followed, running, running, but no matter how fast he ran, he couldn't catch up to the man walking.
  248. Eventually, the Dhampir is out of sight, and he is alone.
  250. He screams, but no one is there to hear him.
  252. ---
  254. Ethan changes the scenery. They are at the top of the volcano now, ash and brimstone still crowding down below, but a much further vicinity than before. His breathing is labored, heavy, and blood is matted to his forehead and soaking his clothing. Siegfried clenches his sword, vision fading in and out, and stares her down...
  256. Ilui, Calael, Taiga, Thalia...
  258. He grips his blade tighter, for those that were not here, for those at his side, for those who he must catch, and throughout his body ripples the adamant, burning refusal to lose. His aura burns brighter, and the static that hazes his mind is expelled, outward...
  260. And nothing hurts anymore,
  261. I feel kind of freeeeā€¦
  265. We're still the kids we used to be!
  267. Siegfried, terrified, out of his mind, on a suicide mission, finds bravery in his bravado. His moxie is the regal cowl that shields him from that which would bind his movement. The cloak of energy burns so bright it hurt the eye to gaze upon, with azure electricity that crackles so intense it sears his skins almost like the lava below would...
  269. Like a breath exhaled from the earth, he charges forth with his allies, ready to make what could very well be their final stand - with the most unlikely of people.
  270. (Siegfried)
  271. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  273. [00:59] {NARRATION} "Don't. Make. Me. Laugh. Do you really think a change in scenery will change the outcome of this?"
  274. [01:04] {NARRATION} Little by little, she's fighting jovially. She's smiling as she does it. The woman brings her arms into the air, and casts more swords into Esso as he ran. They pierce him. pin him to the walls. She's smiling ear to ear, laughing as she does so.
  276. It's about then when Marceline hit her with as much rampant power as she could muster, and her focus is shattered. Vavillion screams outwards, and her fist tightens. A burst of holy force from Elayna's flank crashes into the woman. She's weakened, her defenses are broken.
  278. The malicious winds surrounding her body have all faded, she's losing power very fast. Her tongue with the Spire Shard dances about her lips once more, dancing as she laughs. "Do you really think any of this is going in your favor? Do you think you're heroes? You're all going to die."
  280. It's about then when Marceline returned, the Fae blasting her down into a crater below. Power. There is power flushing across the entire volcano's landscape.
  282. "Why do you fight? Do you think you're strong enough to stand and walk on your own two feet?" She roars now, picking herself back up.
  283. [01:05] {NARRATION} - - - - - - - - - - -
  284. KOs:
  285. - - - - - - - - - - -
  287. Ethan: 2
  288. Esso: 3
  289. Elayna: 2
  290. Marceline: 2
  291. Siegfried: 3
  293. [01:09] "It's not about being a hero. It ain't even about you." Ethan answered, his cape shifting around with the heat - the wind. His whole body flickering from one spot to another. Emerald eyes laid upon the Archon, a wave of fire unleashed - crashing against her dark own.
  295. "This is about gettin' what we need to take down some potato-mouth dickbag. If you wanna stand in the way of that, then that's your choice!"
  297. The man's mana circuits were running on high, his whole body was in pain, but he refused to fall. A thick, nigh-unbreakable layer of nullifying magic appeared around him. He was ready for more.
  298. (Ethan Hawke)
  299. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  301. [01:09] Marceline didn't want to die.
  303. She had been close many times, having stood on the brink. The corrupt fae knew the border between life and death well, but had never quite tipped over the edge yet. As the scenery changed to be atop the volcano, she was able to bask in the sunlight for the first time in forever.
  305. And as she felt the sunlight encase her, she knew her place as a mortal under the sun. She understood how fragile her life was, every time she felt her soul tugged at by death magic. Shadowflame embers hung to her body. Everything burned.
  307. The entire round was practically her playing keep away. She could hardly hang onto her consciousness as she ran. The pain accumulated, emotion building. The realization came that she had everything to lose in this moment, and she snapped. Vavillion's words were met with heated shouting.
  309. "Shut up already!"
  311. Well said. It was immediately followed by a tesla cannon that erupted from her staff, blasting the Archon into the epicenter of her own crater the moment that Marceline dashed in. A rift enclosed around Marceline, transporting her a fair distance away in the next moment. Her chest heaved, her heart beating against her chest like a piston.
  313. "Actually, KEEP TALKING. I'll show you that you don't have any time to be running your mouth."
  314. (Marceline)
  315. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  317. [01:10] She'd been pierced, all over. Blades of Divinity were something more than the usual.. many wounds leaking streams of the mana sustaining her.. the closest thing she had to blood that little could draw from her.
  319. The rifting to the top, the sun on her face... she had not lived a true second life.. but here she was. The warmth of the sun felt.. on a Spirit who'd been lost in purgatory for over a century.
  321. It doesn't matter if I fade truly... all she can do is send me one step closer to Avalon.
  323. Her sword is pointed, a wave of raw power from the Lifestream slamming into the Archon just after Marceline's blow weakened her defense the blow shattering them entirely.
  325. Words fall on deaf ears as the Fae blasts her down into a crater,
  327. "Why do I fight Demon..? I fight to be a light... to be a bulwark against the darkness. I am the Guardian, and my people you will not harm."
  329. A golden storm began to brew above.
  330. (Elayna Taranis)
  331. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  333. [01:14] Heroes, villains..?
  335. "Do you think this is a game?"
  337. That seems to infuriate him more than anything, drawing himself up yet again while bleeding profusely from seemingly every orifice. He was gushing, everywhere, practically coming apart, and he could taste copper. Magic held him apart, like magical glue. His heart was racing, the boy's eyes affixed to her as he swayed back and forth.
  339. "Wipe that stupid fucking smile off of your face," he roars at the top of the volcano. Electricity flashes from his willowy frame, feral and angry, nothing like his usual self. He points the blade in his grip at her, and it refracts the light of the sun.
  341. "Up here, six shadows cast, six fates foretold, and at the end of the broken path, is your death, and your death alone," he prophesizes.
  343. And then he moves, to etch his prophecy into the tablet of fate.
  345. (Siegfried)
  346. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  348. [01:21] {NARRATION} She's thrown back, endlessly so she is knocked backwards and almost has pieces blown off of her armor and body. The woman brings a shield of swords up to defend herself, but in the end - It is their collective mighty force that can once again keep them not dead. Afloat.
  350. They are nearing the end. Vavillion is panting, bleeding from her lip and face as she stares back at all of them with bloodshot eyes. The woman takes in a deep breath, shaking her head side to side. A snarl can be heard, and her body starts to shift and burn brightly with force and power. Now reaching into the sky, her wings start to grow and grow.
  352. They are no longer black and without form. They are made of flame - They extend from her back and flap as she floats. "God.. You're all so -fucking- annoying." Black flames start to coalesce in her palm, pointed towards the group now.
  354. She snarls, licking the blood from her lips and showing the Spire Shard from her smile.
  356. "I'm going to kill every last one of you."
  358. [01:25] "I ain't dying before I get my dumbass, corrupted-ass stupid daughter back!"
  360. Ethan was mad. Ethan was actually mad. There were very few times where he had shown that kind of anger, and this was one of them. Even at the end of his rope he never seemed to be too negative or angry, but this? This was too much. This was just another thing in their way - something threatening their lives. Something selfish. Something possessing the power of the fallen angels along the very same death magic the Dezmerak had inflicted him with.
  362. Not only that, but it was a woman.
  363. God were women awful when they decided to be.
  364. (Ethan Hawke)
  365. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  367. [01:28] The pain Marceline inflicted only increased overtime. As long as the bug wasn't swatted down, she kept accumulating power. Gathering more dense flames as her emotions built. There wasn't any end in sight to her anger, ignoring even the pain of having her soul tugged on to keep fighting.
  369. The final blow of this round was a burst of chilling ice that erupted from a trap that Marceline had set up, dousing Vavillion's flames and leaving them hindered. Though, her flames only came stronger with a second wind. Wings of flame extended from her back, accompanied by her ominous declaration. Marceline's response was another angered shout.
  371. "I told you to shut up!"
  372. (Marceline)
  373. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  375. [01:31] What is it to be strong?
  377. Mankind chased the ideal of strength, and yet, it was so abstract of a concept, it's very definition differed from person-to-person. Money, yells the impoverished man. Magical might, says another. It doesn't matter, one might bicker, embittered by that which he thought he could never attain.
  379. But is it so crazy to assert that none in this world would turn down the opportunity to be strong? To be truly strong?
  381. Man created the notion of God to explain the sky and the stars and the things that were beyond him, but so to does he endeavor always to reach ever higher, to blot out the sun with countless hands that reach toward and aim to clasp it in their grasp.
  383. In a way...did that not mean that man always strove to be God?
  385. Because only god can create a stone so large he cannot lift it, and lift it.
  387. He who fights against the strongest and overcomes them, is the strongest. The strongest cannot be defeated.
  389. Flames radiate from the volcano. They beat from her wings. Heat bares down from the sun. Pressures, internal and external ravage the combatants bodies as they pour their all into the climactic final battle, and Siegfried's palms singe, nerves deadened, barely reacting when he commands them to.
  391. But rather than a shout, he stays behind a second longer than the rest, to make a promise to himself.
  393. "I won't be on the losing end forever."
  395. And then...
  397. He is right behind them.
  399. Let's do this.
  400. (Siegfried)
  401. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  403. [01:34] {NARRATION} KOs:
  404. - - - - - - - - - - -
  405. Ethan: 2
  406. Esso: 4
  407. Elayna: 3
  408. Marceline: 2
  409. Siegfried: 4
  410. - - - - - - - - - - -
  411. Elayna has landed the final blow. Injuries are doubled. Please roll a D6 now for injuries.
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