Tongs - Actias's voice

Mar 24th, 2014
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  1. >This is a story about a mare named 'Actias.'
  2. >now, Actias was a simple mare with simple needs
  3. >but there is one thing that she would always ask for;
  4. >every day and every night, she would pester Anonymous, the resident human, to take her to the town's choir auditions
  5. >for she liked singing
  6. >and she liked singing a lot
  7. >every week on Wednesday morning, she would sing to Anonymous and her other friends in the park
  8. >they all loved her singing voice
  9. >but, the thing about Actias is;
  10. >she doesn't sing
  11. >she squeaks
  12. >but even so, her dear friends would cheer and stomp their hooves for her, encouraging her, spurring on her interest in the vocal arts
  13. >she pestered Anonymous at a greater rate than she would before, almost pleading with him to bring her to town hall for an audition
  14. >and every time, Anonymous said 'no,' but never gave her a reason for his decision, always dodging her accusing questions
  16. >Until one day, Anonymous finally said;
  17. >"Yes."
  18. >Actias could not believe her ears!
  19. >she had finally gotten her wish to sing in the town choir!
  20. >and now, today, they would go to town hall for the audition
  21. >Actias would finally sing in the town choir for all to hear!
  23. "Anonymous, I still can't believe you finally gave me a 'yes'!"
  24. >You are in the town square, looking about at the market surrounding you as you stroll towards the towering building ahead of you
  25. >there's all sorts of things on sale; pears, apples, applesauce, and even nectar!
  26. >town life is certainly luxurious, what with all the expensive foods around here
  27. >"I can't believe it either."
  28. >you 'humph' in mock-annoyance, but you're still giddy from the thought
  29. >the sky is clear, the birds are singing (much like you will be), and the air is nice and cool...
  30. >it's such a perfect day~!
  31. >town hall is certainly smaller than you remember, though
  32. >you contemplate the decision to get Anon to buy you some nectar, but decide against it
  33. >that's probably pushing a bit too far
  35. >Reaching the monolithic construction, you push open the large metal doors
  36. >or, try to, at least
  37. >they're a bit heavy
  38. >not wanting to wait around, you make Anonymous open them for you
  39. >he grumbles something under his breath, but pushes the door through the portcullis anyway.
  40. "Thanks, Anon."
  41. >he grumbles more, probably "you're welcome," but you're too entranced by the room's lighting to notice
  42. >the light reflects off the floor and walls, throwing it around the place
  43. >it's...
  44. >beautiful
  45. >it's as if you had stepped into a supernova!
  46. >oh, that's perfect...
  47. "Aaaaaoooooohhh..."
  48. >something that feels vaguely viscous slips out of your mouth
  49. >"Allllrighty, then. Actias, come on, we've got business to attend to."
  50. >the offending voice's arms grasp you into a tight hold as the lights...
  51. >...Oh. They're gone now.
  52. >...What just happened?
  54. >"This is why I got you those shades to wear."
  55. "It's not my fault that I happen to like lights!"
  56. >"Well, you can't just go drooling all over the floors in public, now can you?"
  57. "Hmmph!"
  58. >whatever
  59. >the matter is dropped, and you are set on the floor gently
  60. >you notice that you're in a corridor, right in front of another pair of doors
  61. >there's a door on the left
  62. >and there's a door on the right
  63. >you step through the one on the right, the one with a sticky note that reads 'Auditions' on it
  64. >they clearly didn't think it'd take this long for the singer's positions to fill up
  65. >it's a small room, with a corner desk and chair fitted snugly against the walls of the corner
  66. >on the chair sits a dark-blue unicorn stallion, looking very much like he came from a business-suit convention
  67. >kinda like Anon's suit, but smaller and more blue
  69. >He looks at you with a look that suggests boredom
  70. >"Hello, ma'am. You're here for the auditions?" the stallion asks in a bored high-class kind of voice
  71. "Of course!"
  72. >mister bored-unicorn waves you over to the seat opposite him, and you gladly comply
  73. >"Please sit down. I need to thoroughly analyze your vocal capabilities."
  74. "Oh. So you just run a spell across me to check my vocal chords?"
  75. >Mister Blue (as you now notice his actual name on a nameplate located on his desk) laughs a humorless laugh
  76. >"No, miss. That's for medical personnel only. Now, let me get the lyrics for you..."
  78. >And so, Actias sat there in the blue stallion's office, squeaking out countless notes of varying pitch, doing her very best
  79. >the fifth rendition of "Camptown Races" seemed a bit unnecessary, though
  80. >Actias squeaked like never before, straining her vocal chords to match the administrator's beat
  81. >Anonymous looked on, impressed at his friend's ability to follow the rhythm to a T, even through the voiced rendition of "In the Hall of the Mountain King"
  82. >and soon, the audition was over
  83. >Mister Blue packed his equipment away for the day with a dull look on his face, simply stating to Actias that she would get a letter in the morning concerning her performance
  84. >and he left without another word
  85. >Anonymous took the eager Actias back to her house to await the official letter of confirmation
  86. >and it was not a week later when it finally arrived...
  88. >You can hear the quiet sobbing from Actias's room
  89. >it's been... 'Rough' for her lately
  90. >ever since you took her to town hall for auditions, she had been a big ball of excitement and giddiness
  91. >and then her letter arrived
  92. >the letter had nothing much to say
  93. >because the titanic, red [REJECTED] stamp at the top of the page had stated it's purpose clearer than the muddled political paragraphs below the margin
  94. >Actias was rejected
  95. >"Rejected for squeaking instead of singing properly," as the note read
  96. >rejected from what she had thought her true calling
  97. >and no matter how much you would try to reconcile her, being the helpful housemate you are, she would just ignore you and stare solemnly at the stamped paper
  98. >sometimes, she cries herself to sleep
  99. >she hardly leaves her room anymore...
  100. >imagine, being told that even though you did the best you could with what you had, and had practiced and trained your skill for years-
  101. >that you just weren't good enough
  102. >it's a sad slump that Actias has gotten in...
  103. >and now, you realize, the blame falls on you
  104. >you had taken her in to auditions, even when you had the hypothesis of her being rejected for squeaking
  105. >that's why you never let her go
  107. >...But it's been a week since then, and Actias is still moping about, albeit in a more depressed and bitter fashion
  108. >and you cannot stand to see Actias with this kind of attitude any longer;
  109. >alone, your thoughts cannot sway the stubborn mare
  110. >but, if her other friends were to attempt to convince her as a group, well...
  112. >and so, your plan was set into motion...
  114. >It's sunny out
  115. >ugh...
  116. >...
  117. >...why did it have to be so sunny today? Couldn't it just rain all the time? It's more soothing that way
  118. >and of course Anonymous would pick today of all days to go to the park
  119. >(why were you rejected? Why, why, why? Squeaking is no different than singing...)
  120. >Anonymous takes a turn toward a secluded table, and the two of you sit down
  121. > really wish it was raining right now
  122. >and suddenly, four different mothponies jump out of the bushes around you
  123. >recovering from your near heart-attack, you sit up and recognize the moths around you;
  124. >Meisa, Caramel, Virgo, and Acteus (you're brother showed up?)
  125. "Alright, what's going on here?"
  126. >your voice is less sad or surprised, and more angry
  127. >your brother is the first to answer
  128. >"Anon decided you needed to get out more, and what better place than the park that you used to sing so much at?"
  130. >Meisa steps up
  131. >"Don't you remember the times we had here? You would sing for us, and occasionally dance, I would buy ensembles for you to wear for fun..."
  132. >Virgo's turn
  133. >"Yes, and we all enjoyed your performances. They might be low-budget-(ow!)"
  134. >Meisa tries to look inconspicuous as she removes her back hoof from Virgo's leg
  135. >"...But your singing brings it all together in a coherent way."
  136. >"Yeah! And everyone loves singing, especially yours!" Caramel exclaims
  137. >...
  138. > it true?
  139. >do they still love your singing?
  140. >even if you WERE rejected from the town choir for having no singing talent?
  141. "...I... Wasn't aware that you still liked my...'Squeaking'."
  142. >"Of course we do, sis. And does it really matter?"
  143. >what?
  144. "Of course it matters! How will I prove that I can actually sing?"
  145. >Caramel speaks up again
  146. >"Actias, you've already proven your abilities. Multiple times, in fact."
  147. >...
  150. "But the auditions administrator said th-"
  151. >"Who cares what he said? He doesn't even know you like we do."
  152. >and then, it dawns on you
  153. >your friends have stuck by you since you first began your little excursion into the auditory arts
  154. >they know your ups and downs
  155. >they know how much you've practiced
  156. >and they know your love of singing is only rivaled by your love of light
  157. "...I..."
  158. >they lean inwards
  159. "...You're right. I... I'm sorry. It's just that, I've been trying to get a career in singing for years, and I've done so many vocal exercises, and sung so many songs..."
  160. "...And it sort of hurt me. But now, I've realized that it doesn't matter. I've been happy with myself this whole time, and I didn't even know it..."
  161. >"That's what we've been try-(ow!)"
  162. >"(Virgo! Shh, you'll kill the mood!)"
  163. >you ignore Virgo's comment and sigh, a large weight lifted off your chest
  165. >"...So. Anybody up for a song?"
  166. >Anonymous breaks the short silence
  167. >you've practically forgotten he was there
  168. >after THAT heart-attack, you agree to a short performance
  169. >you squeak your heart out, remembering the peculiar tune of "Camptown Races"...
  171. -
  173. >After the heartfelt apology and well-done performance, you had headed home
  174. >Anon was to stay over at Acteus's house, he said something about dwarves or something, you don't remember
  175. >you open your door, and sitting on your desk was that fateful little note;
  176. >[REJECTED]
  177. >but it doesn't bother y-
  178. >hold on, what's this letter written on?
  179. >is this- is this linen?
  180. >...well, there's no point in just throwing away such a delicacy
  182. >That night, you lay with a belly full of defeat
  183. >defeat, you learned, tastes pretty good
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