Half-Moon in Equestria 20 (almost sort of clop)

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  1. Finaly coming to rest in the tree-library, Twilight and the rest make you a chair from pillows and blankets. Sinking back into it, you say "Please, go back to the party, I will be fine here."
  2. They look at you skeptically, but agree, and leave. Relaxing back into the pile of cusions, your left arm goes to probe where your right shoulder used to be.
  3. The muscles all seem to be there, but where the bone should be, there is nothing. Oddly enough, your shooulder is holding its shape, so you figure some sort of side effect of the healing process or the Gate. Sighing, you lean back and close your eyes, letting your body work on the meal it had. Its not long before you hear the door to the Library open, and the sound of hooves stepping inside. With a soft groan, you push yourself up,and look towards the door.
  4. "Ah Princesses, how have you been enjoying the party?"
  5. The Princesses step forward, and take a seat near you.
  6. "It has been well" Celestia says "But we have some bad news, and some worse news for you"
  7. "Is that so?"
  8. "Unfortunately yes. The bad news is your map matches none of the maps we can find, so you will be stuck here for a while".
  9. "That would hardly be considered bad news, though it is a bit upsetting, knowing I wont be able to go home for a while"
  10. "Quite so, though you may find the other new more upsetting."
  11. Luna speaks up "While you were in the hospital We tried regenerating your arm, but nothing happened."
  12. "It was as if there was an invisible force keeping us from healing it."
  13. Hearing this just causes you to laugh "That is hardly surprising or upsetting. It was my price, its something I can never get back, unless I an willing to pay another price."
  14. Celestia and Luna look at eachother, whispering something between eachother, before they turn to you.
  15. "Is there anything we could do to help repay you for your sacrifice?" Celestia asks, her eyes gazing deeply into your own.
  16. You smile and shake your head "You all have done more than enough for me, allowing me to stay here, free of charge, and providign me with a house is more than I need. But nonetheless If you can find some way for me to go home, I would be most grateful." Pausing for a moment, you add "Though if you could get Luna to stop giving me these weird dreams, It would be much appreciated."
  17. Celestia gives Luna a wierd look, and Luna lowers her head blushing.
  18. "What manner of dreams have you been giving him, dear Sister?" She asks, Staring at Luna.
  19. Luna shuffles one of her forehooves, before responding "It would be easier if you saw. Please, probe into Anonymous's mind, and I will show you"
  20. "Here we go again" You say, before closing your eyes, and leaning back and relaxing.
  22. You hear a knocking at the door to your new house. Making your way over, you open it to find Rarity standing there.
  23. "Would it be alright if I came in?" She asks, shuffling her forehoof.
  24. "Of course Miss Rarity, I would be honoured" you reply, causing a blush to creep across her features. Stepping back, she enters, and sits on your couch. "Could I offer you some tea?" She nods, and you step into the kitchen. A short while later, you come out holding a glass of tea in each hand. Setting them down, you ask "would you like some sugar or cream with your tea?"
  25. Her eyes close slightly, before she jumps on you ."First the sugar" She says, Clamping her lips on yours, her tongue enter your mouth, dominating yours. This goes on for almost a minute, before she breaks away. "And now for the cream" kicking your pants off with her hind hooves, she turns around, leaving you with a clear view of her dripping marehood, and tight butthole. You feel her hooves pushing down your boxers, exposing your manhood.
  27. "Damn it Luna, you didn't have to push that far" You say, forcing yourself up.
  28. Luna looks a little sheepish, and Celestia is blushing furiously.
  29. "How long have you been doing this Luna?" Celestia demands, towering over her.
  30. "Ummm since he got here." She stammers out "I felt it would be a nice gift for him, but he would always react like that, so when he confronted me about it, I said you told me to do it to test him. To make sure he wouldn't take advantage of anypony."
  31. "While you had good intentions, I cant deny what you did was innapropriate, and leaves a bad impression on a guest of our country."
  32. "Its alright, while it was a little annoying, its not that it was unpleasant." you say, reaching up with your hand to runit through Luna's mane. It feels cool and damp, but is very pleasant to the touch. "You should have asked beforehoof, and I would have likely been okay with it."
  33. Luna starts blushing hard, before turning tinto a cloud of star speckled midnight blue mist. As it floats out the door, Celestia gives you an appologetic look, before chasing after her sister.
  34. Reclining, you try and sleep, but not even ten minutes pass, before there is the sound of the door opening again. Whoever it is, they are trying to be quiet, because you barely hear the sound of hooves against the floor.
  35. As the sounds get closer, you can hear quiet voices.
  36. "Are you sure we should be here right now?"
  37. "Don't worry he is asleep"
  38. "Yeah, but still... are you sure he wont mind?"
  39. "He slept with me for a few days, so it should be fine if we all do"
  40. "Yeah, he is realy nice"
  41. "Ok lets do this"
  42. You feel several weights climb up onto you, and settle down. You crack your eyes open, and see the Cutie Mark Crusaders all snuggled in with you in your pillow chair. Besides being an absolutely Dawww worthy moment, they are quite comfortably, and you quickly find yourself falling asleep.
  44. Twilight and Spike dont bother waking you up as they arrive back from the party. In fact, nobody bothers you till the middle of the night.
  46. "Now, Its your turn to try" you say, gesturing at Twilight and Trixie. Both of them press their hooves to the Circles they drew. Two dirt hands erupt from the ground, pressing you to the ground. One covering your arms and chest, the other pinning your feet to the ground.
  47. "Well done girls, now if you would be so kind as to let me out".
  48. THey both shake their heads, before giving you bedroom eyes. You feel their magic pulling off your pants, and then lowering your boxers. Trixie moves tou your face, covering your lips in hers. at the edge of your vision, you can see Twilight looking through a book, before she begins using her magic to stroke your Manhood. If it wern't for the fact that she is stroking your member, and Trixie is covering your mouth, you would burst out laughing.
  49. You feel her magic fade, as she moves closer, until her lips...
  51. "Accursed Luna, why must you harras me with these stupid dreams!" you call out, making the CMC stir beside you. Looking out the window, you see both Luna and Celestia staring in at you, huge grins on their faces. 'Ah great, now Celestia is in on it.'
  52. Groaning, you curl up again, and fall asleep, Neither Celestia nor Luna trying anything more that night.
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