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  1. [23:07] Elpizo  this is a carefully orchestrated plot
  2. [23:07] Firespitermobile    i expect ML doujins to skyrocket after the TE anime
  3. [23:08] Firespitermobile    thwn we can milk him dry for dev/minis
  4. [23:10] Elpizo  truly you are the Machiavelli of our times
  5. [23:11] Firespitermobile    you flatter me
  6. [23:11] Firespitermobile    I deserve no such title
  7. [23:15] Firespitermobile    btw, has anyone seen my additions to team leader?
  8. [23:15] Elpizo  goddamnit I keep forgetting
  9. [23:16] Firespitermobile   
  10. [23:16] Firespitermobile    do eeet
  11. [23:17] Elpizo  yeah yeah
  12. [23:17] Elpizo  there's just
  13. [23:17] Elpizo  very annoying people urging me with adeva
  14. [23:17] Firespitermobile    still?
  15. [23:17] Elpizo  they stopped making sense sometime around last night
  16. [23:17] Elpizo  so I realized I'm not getting paid enough for this shit
  17. [23:18] Firespitermobile    what the hell are they pestering you so much about?
  18. [23:18] Nephilm you're getting paid?
  19. [23:18] Elpizo  they can goddamn wait
  20. [23:18] Elpizo  they need initiative in order to do anything
  21. [23:18] Elpizo  it was a joke lol
  22. [23:18] Elpizo  my initiative*
  23. [23:20] Firespitermobile    pfft, they should just do it and wait dor approval after the fact
  24. [23:21] Firespitermobile    like I'm waiting for goddamn superior to check it
  25. [23:21] Elpizo  in an ideal world it would be that
  26. [23:21] |<--    Anastasia_Falken has left irc.rizon.net (Quit: To wives and girlfriends, and may they never meet)
  27. [23:23] Elpizo  but no they disagree with what I say or do and actually want me to explain why it exists first, but it isn't a few things, no, I need to write several walls of text for each career before they deign themselves to say "I don't like how the pointman gets slow BS, or how they are penalized for losing arms."
  28. [23:23] Firespitermobile    i'll se what i can do with the tree as a whole after this thursday
  29. [23:24] Firespitermobile    okay! Now shut up and read my talent additions/comments
  30. [23:24] Elpizo  lol
  31. [23:26] Firespitermobile    basicall they are all a bunch of spineless twits WE GET IT
  32. [23:27] Elpizo  I KNOW NO ONE CARES DO NOT ASK ME THEN
  33. [23:27] Elpizo  I'm going to go cry myself into 4 more hours of sleep
  34. [23:28] Firespitermobile    Pfft, what are you, a girl? Cry yourself to anger, then go to sleep
  35. [23:29] Firespitermobile    then sleep-hunt a deer, with your teeth
  36. [23:30] Firespitermobile    and then chomp.jpef it
  37. [23:31] Firespitermobile    like a real man, real men do it all the time
  38. [23:31] Firespitermobile    totally
  39. [23:32] Firespitermobile    110% od the time
  40. [23:32] Elpizo  True.
  41. [23:33] Elpizo  I guess I should go back to being powered by hate, this mode of operation is just too inefficient.
  42. [23:34] Firespitermobile    thats the spirit, go to /v/ to start build yourself up into a frenzy
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