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  1. MalfurionXXI  Turns and draws out a set of tools from a pocket and unfolds the leather casing to reveal an extensive set of bone carving tools and small bladed tools a knife and the favored silver scalpel from the previous art project. "Carving flesh is very sensual and not nearly as bloody, but carving bone is very delicate and very intensely painful and I haven't done it ages it seems." He chuckles and makes a few of those tenticles that are wrapped around his arms tighten a bit more for good measure. "You are in need of a pair ofwings, I do believe. First, the bones need runes and I wanted to take a souvenier." He talked in a deep voice as He set up a few more tools, a few small clamps and a couple of large hooks.
  2. MalfurionXXI  of wings^
  3. EzekielHarbinger: Those deep emerald orbs narrowed slightly as they caught the glint of the tools, the sight of the scalpel alone telling him the intensions, "Carving of flesh and bone are far more intimate, and gives you the best detailing in my opinion." he'd grin at his words before growling at the tightened grip of the tendrils holding his arms. "A souvenier? I get I can be a real treat at times, but come on, I ain't no gift shop." the smart ass comments starting fairly early this time around, though realistically his mind raced with the sight of the chosen tools for the evening.
  4. MalfurionXXI: "No, you're not a gift shop, smart ass." Shakes His head and chuckles a bit. "This is a unique souvenier, a one-of-a-kind item. A bone carving taken from your living bone, which is why it needs to be first tonight. I have to open up that handsome back of yours to get at those bones that I want to carve, and then I can carve some runes to help the bone re-grow perfectly after it is removed." That scalpel flipped around in His hand as He spoke the last and tilted His head at him. "Shall I dose you with more venom first or in between is the question..."
  5. EzekielHarbinger: He grinned and rolled his eyes listening to him explain it all to him, like some damned proffessional bone carver of sorts, though the very sight of the scalpel sent shivers through his frame as his own body remembered the intricate carving of the flesh that left his arm decorated with a rather tastful designed scaring. "You'r the one holding the scalpel." he chuckled lightly as his pointed question, "I do believe that is yours entirely."
  6. MalfurionXXI: "Mhm, I am holding the scalpel and I shall be using the scalpel a lot deeper than just that this time," He spoke as He walked around to his back, the shadows lifting him higher so that the 'canvas' was at the perfect height. "This is where the wings are going to be etched and carved onto your bones with runes drawn into them to make them scar over quickly before I put everything back together." He touched over his shoulderblades and partly down from there. "The clamps are cleaner when used to hold back the skin in a small space verses simply hooking and pulling all of it back, working between the muscles and using bracing tongs to keep them apart while I work is also easiest." He set about describing it as he worked so that the things He was doing would be images in his mind as well as His own verbal plan. "If you flinch it will really hurt a lot. But then I'll just enjoy fixing it to start the mark again." He added, slicing that scalple down over his shoulder blade, cutting through the skin deeply so it would start to bleed immediately after the tool moved out of the way. "Mm, I hate to waste the blood so I will just collect that for later." He withdrew a glass vessel with runes on it from the void and spirited the blood away into it so that it swirled in long ribbons within the enchanted glass, remaining in stasis to be called upon later. Some of the blood did still drip from the first cut as He moved that scalpel deeper towards the left Scapula bone of his shoulder blade working silently now as the process continued until a eight inch wound was open there on his back. The scalpel being exchanged for a small pair of clamps and a pair of tongs that spread the muscle apart and held back the skin so nothing would be in the way as He worked.
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  8. EzekielHarbinger: He held still for the most part as he listened to him explain the plan, the touch of his finger along the flesh of his back sent throse slight chills through his frame as he allowed the images of the planning to fill his mind, grinning at the thoughts of the carving and sculpting he had planned for him and how it all worked, what worked best and the works, and then he felt that cold bite of the silver scalpel dig deep into the flesh of his back right where his fingers had trailed moments earlier. It took a great deal for him not to move while the blade was dug deep into his back, only to figure out it was probably better now with just the flesh than when it came time for the bone aspect of it all. He'd allow his muscles to flex slightly as his frame tensed from the pain that flooded his senses, his chest heaving deeply as he held his eyes shut tightly, "And what if I pass out from it? What if it is too much for me to handle?" he teased, they both knew it would have to be rather bad if he were to pass out from pain.
  9. MalfurionXXI: "If you pass out from it I'll wake you up again. I wouldn't want you to miss out on a single detail, and if it does get to be too much I can dull the pain for you so you don't pass out." He countered, also teasing and chuckling a bit. "No pain, no gain as they say. Might even increase your tolerance a bit." He flashed a diamond tipped tool into His hand carving runes along the bone first to set the design as He worked. "A small section at a time and then quick detail work. Anywhere the feathers would lay against your bones of your body they will be etched, even down either side of your arms so you'll look like you're flying if anyone were to look at the runes and designs beneath your skin. [The runes that Ray was trying to hide gave Me the idea. ^^]
  10. EzekielHarbinger: (Nice)
  11. EzekielHarbinger: He wanted so badly to pull at the tendrils that held his arms outwards, the pain that filled his senses crying out for his movement of some kind or another, though he wasn't about to screw up the design as he went to work and began carving into the bone, pulling a deepening growl past his lips as he gripped the tendrils tightly in return, not intentionally holding back those screams of agony, "Don't increase my tolerance unless I pass out." he spoke between the heavy pants before a flood of pain filled growls flowed past his lips. It had been ages it seemed since the last time his bones had been cut into in any way or form, weather accidental during a fight or intentional from one trying to kill him, but never had he allowed any one to purposely curve his bones, but gods he had wished he thought of it before, the aboslute sheer pain of that diamond tool carving into the bone matter itself was ectasy. "Fucking hells...."
  12. MalfurionXXI: "Something you've not thought of before, hmm, I hope you like it because it's going to continue for a while." He chuckled and nodded then made a soft sounding "Mm-hm, and no, you'll naturally increase your tolerance with this because of how long it's going to take to etch a six inch by one inch section through a small eight inch gaping wound all over your back and ribs and shoulders." He spoke in a low tone, small runes being worked into the design of the wings one 'line' at a time. "I can work faster but you'll likely pass out if I did that so let's see, about ten minutes to fifteen minutes total per section should be a good estimate." He pulled the clamps back away from the first line He had completed and let the wound heal and scar momentarily before smothing the scar over without a trace and then starting again two inches lower. The scalpel sliding through his skin once more and then going deeper. The blood continuing to be siphoned away to the glass vessel where it swirled with more and more ribbons of his blood. "The shoulder bone is quite wide across both sides of the back so it can hold a lot of detail, but getting to it is the issue."
  13. EzekielHarbinger: HE truly had to put forth a great deal of effort to keep his frame still, the back was the one spot of the entire body that was effected by quite literally all movement of the body, it truly didn't matter it you wiggled a toes, something on your back moves, even just the slightest, and he wasn't taking any chances, not with his carving into the bone. As he felt that clamp being released he allowed his frame to relax with the healing of the wound, trembling lightly at the very sensation of the scar being smooth overed, than growled deeply as the next incision was made just two inches below, trying to convince his muscles not to tense as he felt that small edge dig deep into his flesh, "I'm likely to pass out from exhuastion alone.." he joked lightly as he tried not to focus to much on the pain that flooded his frame, or the large amount of pleasure he took from it, "It takes a great deal out of yah, when you're trying not to mess some one up."
  14. MalfurionXXI: He chuckles softly while working on that section, His breath warm against the cool skin of his back and the open wound right in front of Him. "Aye, it is a very long process, indeed. I was wondering how far I would get before you did pass out." He chuckled again. "If you mess Me up it just takes longer." He continued working, changing tools occaisionally for different detail marks and shuddering slightly as the sound of the tools and his moans mixed and caught Him getting aroused from the pain He was causing him. "Now to make the right side even, at least for now anyway, much more and you may be a ragdoll for a few minutes and I'll have to wake your ass up." He smirked, not saying how he'd be doing the waking just that it would happen.
  15. EzekielHarbinger: He panted heavily as he tried to keep his concentration on not moving his frame, the deep cuts into his flesh began to pull those deep moans from his lips, the intense pleasure of such delightful pain held every ounce of his senses, but it was beginning to get harder and harder not to move, he was beginning to learn just when he was reaching for a new tool to use on different detailing, and taking advanteg of the short pause, though it was starting to feel like it wasn't quite enough. It could very well have been the blood loss taking hold yet, but he was finding it harder to keep his eyes open despite the agonizing pain that wracked his body as he carved into his bones, before long those screams deepened into growls, than into moans, and than the moans themselves slowly began to soften, even his frame began to relax.
  16. MalfurionXXI: "Two more done, nice. Although you're going to need this now," He chuckled darkly at the sound of his moans and cries as they became weaker from exhaustion and then fed his own blood back to him by filling his muscle with it on his back and then giving a slight squish to the wound so it would spread it back into his body as it closed over top flooding the wound with that fresh blood would also make it hurt more as He massaged that sensitive wounded flesh and then let it heal back together. "There, now I can pull it out of you again." He chuckled after the vessel of blood was empty again. "Perhaps next time, or should I go another round?" He teased him lightly, kissing his back right where He had been working after smoothing over the last of four horizontal marks over his back that He had been working through. "If someone were to look beneath your skin they would see those, but no one else would. Oh, and this is what I took as a souvenier." He held up a slightly pinkish colored translucent piece of bone that was still pulsing with energy from his own lifeforce still held within it, it was a very small circle about an inch in diameter carved perfectly into a single ouroboros dragon swallowing it's tail in a celtic style. "Later it will be stark white and you'll be able to see the details better, but now it's Mine." He smiled and let those tendrils lower him to the sofa and onto His lap pulling his exhausted body in close to warm him with His body heat as He let him look at the carved pice of bone from his right shoulder. "I imagine that will hurt for a week or two until the bone can regrow completely." He added.
  17. MalfurionXXI: piece^
  18. EzekielHarbinger: He screamed out as he felt the blood he had lost being fed back into his body, the feeling of the massaging to get the flow back into his system wasn't ehlping any either as his entire frame shuddered. He wanted more, gods did he want more, but he was certain his body would give out on him before anything else, who would have thought carving up the bone would be so tiring, maybe it really was the loss of blood, "I want you to keep going, but I don't think my body can take it." he chuckled weakly. The feeling of his lips on his back where he had just been working sent all kind of shivers through his frame, his emerald gaze taking a few moments to focus on the pinkish colored piece of bone he held up for him to see, furrowing his brow at it did take him a minute to figure out what it was exactly, rolling his shoulder ever so slightly in the hold of the tendril he felt that sharp stab of where he had gotten it from, hissing at the sensation of it. He gasped lightly as the tendrils lowered him to the couch, the fact he had been suspended for quite some time, and he had been pulling with a great a deal of effort against them, his muscles would tremble as he lay his head on his lap, allowing his frame to stretch out over the couche and letting his body rest, there was no way he going to lay on his back at this point. His emerald gaze taking in every detail of the carved piece of his bone, grinning at the idea of the pain in his shoulder, "Maybe I'll stop it from growing back, so tahe it remains unhealed." it was honestly a joke, but the idea was tickling his fancy.
  19. MalfurionXXI: "Oh, really now," He chuckled some in return as he laid out on Him and ran His fingers through his hair repeatedly. "Now just to make sure that our beautiful Skyya has the same markings, I think she'll enjoy that, won't she?" He grinned.
  20. MalfurionXXI: And the curse of the one liners has resumed. XD
  21. MalfurionXXI: I've had at least six hoots and the pain is still bothering Me from My back, but that was a lot of fun. -Smiled and traced a light finger touch over his back where the first two inches of feathered and runed wings were now carved into his bones.
  22. EzekielHarbinger: He turned his head just enough to be able to look up at him and grinned before relaxing back down into his lap, enjoying the feeling of his fingers through his hair, "I think Sky will love the idea alone. The fact youw ant to carve her up in such a manner I doubt she will be able to contain herself even in the slightest." He shivered at the light touch of his fingers along his back as he traced the feathers along his back, grinning as he closed his eyes, enjoying the light delicate touch more than he normally did.
  23. MalfurionXXI: "I may just put her wings down over her hips even, she has such sensual hips and they would look gorgeous down over her back and hips and thighs like that." He grinned and kept tracing the smooth skin of his back and alternating fingers running through his hair and then back down his neck. "I'm feeling that wave of exhaustion Myself, actually. That was deeply satisfying." Smirks and lets Himself sigh deeply while that smirk widened a bit more and His eyes closed with a light growling moan to escape from His lips.
  24. EzekielHarbinger: "Have them flow down her back and have the tips curve around her hips." he suggested in that low tone as he imagined how it would look along those beautiful curves of his mates hips. The light touch of him tracing the feathers alon ghis back crept a shiver through his frame from time to time, but he truly couldn't help the lul sensation that took his frame at that moment. "It was highly satisfying, I would be disapointed if you didn't get your fill as well." he teased lightly as he felt that pull holding his mind.
  25. MalfurionXXI: "For the night, at least for now anyway, yes." He chuckled more and scratched nails across his back down lower over both hips even. "You also have a very sexy torso, ass, and hips, but she has the kind that can kind of break you a little with wanting them. And I think I'm slightly high and obssessing over both of you in My head right now is hella kinky. Heheheh."
  26. MalfurionXXI: "If you had passed out on Me I was going to sucker punch you in the jaw for good measure, see how a different kind of pain could wake your ass up."
  27. EzekielHarbinger: "My ass is no where near as sexy as hers, why do you think I enjoy watching her dance?" he grinned and chuckled a little, his frame shuddering even more as he felt those nails move over his back and hips. He opened an eye and turn his head just enough to peer at him with a grin, "And you better be prepared to dig my fang out of your knuckles if you do." he'd laugh before rest his head back into his lap once more, closing his eye again as he did.,
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