Celestia's deep throat (finished)

Jan 17th, 2018
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  1. >>Does Celestia like them big or small?
  3. >"Ohh, this one's so big!"
  4. >"And it's all mine~,"
  5. >"Ugh, do we really have to be here? We'd rather be napping right now--"
  6. >"Come on Luna, stop being so grumpy,"
  7. >"What?! We are /not/ grumpy! We simply fail to see the point of our presence here, and we believe we have more important matters to attend to than watching our sister do something like--"
  8. >"Mmmhh~!"
  9. >"Like this! Do you really have to try and take it all in one go?! You're such a show off, I swear--"
  10. >"Oh my gosh Luna, look! Her throat! It's bulging!"
  11. >"Mmgghhh-mmhh~!"
  12. >"Wow, I didn't even know it was possible, I need to take notes!"
  13. >"You will do no such things, young Twilight! The ponies don't need to know about our sister's... messy habits!"
  14. >"Aww come on, I won't divulge her identity! I won't even say it's an alicorn--"
  15. >"No is no, you have no idea how bad this kind of thing can get--"
  16. >"Now now you two, we're all here to relax and take a break from our royal duties, this isn't some kind of competition... not that it could be one anyway, everypony knows that Luna would be no match to me~,"
  17. >"What?! I will have you know that I will not fall for such--"
  18. >"Because she's a chicken,"
  19. >"I--We are no... no poultry!"
  20. >"You're right, even a chick wouldn't back away from something as easy as this~"
  21. >"We could easily--"
  22. >"Why don't you put your lips where your mouth is then, mh?"
  23. >"Ugh! We are /not/ doing this and that's final!"
  24. >"Aw, you're no fun~,"
  26. >"I-I can try, I mean, I want to try!"
  27. >"Ohh? A new challenger appears, at last?!"
  28. >"W-well, I don't think challenger is appropriate, since I certainly won't oppose any challenge to your skills, but--"
  29. >"Haven't I ever taught you about doubting yourself?"
  30. >"Hehe, you're right, I won't know until I try!"
  31. >"That's the spirit,"
  32. >"...but mine isn't as big as yours tho..."
  33. >"Size isn't everything, Twilight. And it could prove more fitting, since this is your first time after all~,"
  34. >"O-okay, okay, I'm doing this... any tips?"
  35. >"Mmh... keep your tongue inside of your mouth, don't try and take more than you can manage and go slowly to make sure you don't gag, and, hm... oh! And don't worry too much about being messy, it's part of the fun~,"
  36. >"Okay, here goes nothing, Ahhnn~,"
  37. >"Mmh-mmh, good start, yes, ah! Watch your tongue there--oh, oh, slowly, take your time, there's no rush, there, you're nearly there, just another inch and..."
  38. >"MMmmhph--GLK--Cough--Cough--Ahhhh, ahhh, I did it! I can't believe it! I took the whole thing in!"
  39. >"That you did, that was very impressive for a first timer! Even I couldn't take more than a hoof long when I just started! What do you think, Lulu?"
  40. >"Mph! We cannot believe you decided to follow our sister in her antics,"
  41. >"Ahah, well it was kinda fun--ah!"
  42. >"You know, Twilight, there's being messy and there's being sloppy, look, you even got some in your mane~!"
  43. >"Hehehe, well, I kinda got lost in the moment there~,"
  44. >"So much that we believe you couldn't even taste the thing, such lack of respect for the pon--person that took his time making it, "
  45. >"Come on now sister, I'm sure Anon doesn't mind us having some fun here and there, right Anon~?"
  46. "Huh... N-no, no, it's cool, huh, everything's cool!"
  47. >note to self; make next cakes as phallic as possible
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