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  1. This is how I'm boosting my YouTube videos. I'm generating around 600-1500 views per day using view exchange sites. At the moment I'm not really focused on YouTube but I'm using few sites that boost my views/rank my videos.
  3. Currently I'm using Vagex and Enhanceviews only, they do the job perfectly for me!
  4. Step 1) Sign up at and
  5. Step 2) Earn Free Credits to get your views.
  7. - < --- Follow everything and earn credits.
  8. - < --- Follow everything and earn credits.
  10. Step 3) Once you've enough credits like 2000 at vagex and like 5000 at enhanceviews you're ready to redeem. I recommend you to redeem all 2000 credits to your YouTube video from vagex and redeem maximum 200 views from Enhanceviews.
  11. Step 4) Once boosting finished you should get good rank on YouTube, if you're not earning anything yet then earn more credits and do the same to your videos till you get good rank at YouTube!
  13. I boosted my videos but I'm not ranked on YouTube?
  14. Well that's because you don't have right title/description/tags. To get your right title, description and tags please read my tutorial here: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=358
  16. There's a lot of websites that offer free YouTube views. So if you have any and you confirm that it's legit please PM me with the link and little tutorial how it works.
  17. Make sure in your video title you put (Mediafire Links) or (No Surveys).
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