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Oct 25th, 2019
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  1. When i was a Rookie/Newbie, i would be making coffee around this time kek.
  2. Q could drop any moment.
  3. Sometimes, it felt like Q didn't post until you got online.
  4. Other times Anons wait for Q all day and need a nap, and Q would post during their nap, kek.
  5. I would race Anons to say 'hi Q' w meme.
  6. As you know, Anons are fast like cats.
  7. Felt GOOD to get their first on the list.
  8. Anons be replying like crazy.
  9. Blocks of replies.
  10. Q would read them all.
  11. Anons try to hide how many hours they been going, but words get hard to type after 24, kek.
  12. Sometimes can't sleep.
  13. These days i have more discipline, kek.
  14. Much to balance in life.
  15. Godspeed.
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