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  1. # What is your backstory? Please use extensive details as this will be used as your bio and explains who you are.
  2. #### As a child Dahvina never remembered a life before slavery, she never sought freedom for she had no recollection of what freedom was. When she was still fairly young, she became sickly and weak,  her master labeled her as useless. He had Dahvina carted off to be sold for less that a hand full of silver.
  4. There at the slave market she had felt so purposeless that she thought death would be better. A Man by the name of Valens Parceni spotted her in passing and took pity on her, bringing her into his home and nursing her back to health.
  5. Valens was an architect of some renowned and a widowed father of a young girl Ahva Parceni who was close to Dahvina's age at the time.
  7. Valens treated Dahvina like a second daughter, much to Ahva's disapproval, and was given the education far above that's of a slave. She fallowed in Valens footsteps and developed a love for Architecture and craftsmanship as she grew into an adult, working with him when ever she had the opportunity.
  9. One day Valens became suddenly ill and within a weeks time was on his death bed. He had both girls gathered before him in private so he could tell him his final wishes. He told Dahvina and Ahva that they would split everything he owned and that they were to help each other as sisters would after his passing.
  11. This infuriated Ahva, for she believed a former slave had no claim to her father's fortune. After her Valens death, she accused Dahvina of poisoning her father and had her arrested. The trail was short and unfair, with Ahva speaking against her Dahvina was sentenced to exile.
  13. Since her exile, she became good at staying out of sight and getting around without being seen to avoid fighting. Unfortunately her fear or the dark prevents her form moving around at night without a torch.
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