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  1. overtantlyAnalytical
  2. [Side Note: This kid has a lot of issues. Nihillism, suicide, and other bad things are something that you might come across interacting with him. If this is a no bueno for you, you have been told. He's also kind of hard to interact with so I apologize for that.]
  3. Name: Kair
  4. Age: 15. Birthday is January 2nd
  5. Gender/Sex: Male.
  6. Appearance: He's 5'0" and slightly underweight, but not significantly, and he looks fairly frail. He's pretty pale, mostly because of where he lived when he was younger and just due to not wanting to go outside. He has dark brown, shoulder-length hair, almost black but visibly different, he has blue eyes, even if you'll probably never see them lmao. Generally he just wears a white button up and slacks. He's dressed to well for this world.
  7. Handedness: Right-handed, due to his left hand being fractured in multiple places and not healing back properly.
  8. Religion: Atheist.
  9. Hobbies/Interests: They're more of pass-times then actual enjoyment, but what he does most is just read. Like. Constantly. He needs to get his face out of that book before he gets ink poisoning or something.
  10. History: Why would I tell you everything about his character? Please.
  11. Powers: He's a perfectly normal pubescent child.
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