Breakfast - I don't have a name for this one

Mar 8th, 2014
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  1. >You are Shimmer Light, and you just bought a pack of crayons.
  2. >Your Blue became unusable through... completely normal circumstances... and you needed a new one.
  3. >So you went to the market and bought as many as you could.
  4. >You are currently walking home with a box of crayons in your mouth.
  5. >Your carrying it in your mouth because you can't wear a saddlebag.
  6. >Well, you don't know of any specially made for your wings, at least.
  7. >You love your beautiful wings, but beauty can be a burden sometimes.
  8. >A swarm of moth fillies run around a dull-looking moth mare.
  9. >... The same swarm as usual, but they surround a different mare. This one is the stagnant brown one, the one you usually see with the tongue one.
  10. >... Sometimes, you feel you should at least learn their names.
  11. >... But they don't know your name, why should you know theirs?
  12. >This time, the orange one doesn't notice you as you pass by.
  13. >"Dandelion wishes to play Cops and Robbers!"
  14. >One of the fillies.
  15. >"Huh? Uh, yeah, sure..."
  16. >The mare, most likely. She sounded like she wasn't even listening.
  17. >Soon, the group is nothing more than a little noise in the distance.
  18. >...
  19. >Your trip has been one of near-silence.
  20. >Good. You hate all of their useless banter anyway.
  21. >Your quiet is broken by an opening door.
  22. >The tongue one walks out of a nearby house while looking back toward... someone.
  23. >"Well, I had fun. And remember, you can always count on me if you need..." She trails off as she flicks her tongue sexually.
  24. >You didn't expect anything else from her.
  25. >As your vantage point gets better, you are able to peer into the doorway, using your peripheral vision.
  26. >No one knows if you are looking at them or not.
  28. >The one behind the tongue one... is a mare you don't see often. She looks... regal and fancy.
  29. >"Golden Corral, I would appreciate if you did not joke about such atrocities to me."
  30. >Her voice matches her appearance.
  31. >You pass by the house and their conversation becomes light teasing in the breeze.
  32. >...
  33. >You spot a red splotch in the middle of the street.
  34. >... It's a moth. She's that hippie one who's always "high on life".
  35. >Her parents probably hated her.
  36. >You don't give her a second glance as you walk past her.
  37. >...
  38. >You're nearly home.
  39. >There isn't a single pony around.
  40. >... Your gaze fixates itself on the house next to yours.
  41. >The door opens and out steps Hexferry.
  42. >... How exactly did you know her name again?
  43. >... The peach one she hangs out with probably said it at some point.
  44. >Come to think of it, you haven't seen the peach one in a while.
  45. >She always teases Hexferry about something.
  46. >And Hexferry becomes a stuttering mess.
  47. >You're glad you aren't that way.
  48. >You'd rather die.
  49. >Hexferry lets out a grudging sigh and begins her walk.
  50. >Toward you.
  51. >Well, more in the direction your in, not you specifically.
  52. >She notices you and... slows to a stop.
  53. >Her face shows bewilderment.
  54. >As you pass her, her gaze sticks to you.
  55. >You can almost feel her looking at you.
  56. >"Crayons, really?"
  57. >...
  58. >You don't even react, like you didn't hear her at all.
  59. >She isn't worth your time.
  60. >No one here is.
  61. >Maybe no one anywhere is.
  62. >You get to the door of your house without even glancing toward Hexferry.
  63. >She's probably trudging off by now, angry about being ignored.
  64. >You have that effect one ponies.
  65. >... You love it.
  66. >You open the door, walk inside and shut the door behind you.
  67. >After breaking out your brand new crayons, you proceed to draw... very poorly.
  68. >You aren't an artist.
  69. >... But you're still better than anyone else in this village, you're sure of that.
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