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  1. i don't need to love again
  2. i won't sigh and mope again
  3. i just don't need to love again
  4. i just don't think it's worth it
  5. i don't really love her
  6. i don't think i want her
  7. ain't gonna take to love again
  8. it's the way your love hurts
  9. it's the way you're mad again
  10. i don't think i'll love again
  11. i won't ever promise her
  12. i don't think i want her
  13. this time no one else
  14. i don't bear to follow you
  15. i don't ever promise you
  16. sometimes i don't love you
  17. think i'm tired of loving her
  18. i don't really want love
  19. you told me to follow him
  20. teach him that i loved him
  21. i won't ever promise you
  22. i won't even bother to
  23. you gave me my first kiss
  24. i don't think i want it now
  25. i don't ever want again
  26. it's all that i had to have
  27. it's all that i wanted
  28. it's all that i had to
  29. i don't think i'll miss her
  30. i don't think i want her
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