Nayaase - Rarity on a Date

Jul 22nd, 2015
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  1. >You’re Anon
  2. >Friday 15:00hrs
  3. >Classes have ended for today, and you’re in the main entrance of the school, waiting for a certain someone
  4. >It has been almost three months since the subway incident
  5. >An incident you’re so happy that happened. Thanks to that you’ve been going out with Rarity
  6. >These have been the most enjoyable months of your high school life
  7. >And you’re now months away from graduation day
  8. >”Better late than never I guess” you scoff
  9. >”Darling!”
  10. >A sweet endearing voice drives you out of your mental rambling
  11. >Rarity hurries to get to your side; it looks like her classes ended a bit late
  12. >As she throws her arms at your neck, you grab her by her waist
  13. “Hey there Rares, I missed you,” you smile at her “How about you, missed me?”
  14. >Rarity just smiles and gives you a quick peck at your lips, you’re gonna take that as a yes
  15. >”Shall we Anon?” Your girlfriend said as she drags you from your arm to the walkway
  16. “Wait, you’re not going to go out with your friends?”
  17. >Ever since the two of you started hanging out, you’ve received some mean looks from a couple of her friends, mainly Applejack and some fashionistas in her group.
  18. >After all, there has to be a female version of “bros before hoes”
  19. >”Oh don’t worry about them, darling” Rarity smiles at you ”I’ve already talked with them”
  20. “Oh, is that so” you scratch your head
  21. >”Besides…” You feel her sultry voice in your ear in a passionate tone “Today’s petting Friday”
  22. >Your face beamed at the comment, you always wait for this day ever since your mother caught both of you fooling around in your house
  23. >Your face immediately changes to a frown as you remember that embarrassing event
  25. >2 months ago
  26. >The ambient is hot and humid with both of you doing what you always love to do over your bed
  27. >”Mhhhh oh Anon!” Rarity’s moans are like music to your ears, as you suck one of her nipples
  28. >You shiver as Rarity expertly massages your shaft from bottom to the tip with her smooth slender fingers
  29. ”Rarity, you’re so beautiful” you pant on her neck, while attacking her weak spot, the way she tightens indicates she’s very, very close
  30. >You can feel her trying to crush your fingers and she bites her lips and arches her back
  31. >The door of your room opens suddenly, caught you and your girlfriend by surprise
  32. >”Hey honey, I’m back early! Wanna go for chine…”
  33. >Your mother cuts whatever invitation she was offering to caught a couple of teens shoving their hands in their most private places in the bed and staring back at her
  34. >Moments later at the Chinese restaurant
  35. >”So… already a month?” your mother ask while she eats her chop suey, Rarity and you manage to only nod with the face directed to the floor, still too embarrassed to look at her in the eyes
  36. >After giving you a 2-hours straight lecture about sex and STDs, your mother gives Rares the approval to date his son, and you receive the most frightening death stare and warning to hold responsible if something happens
  37. >Present time
  38. >Man, your mother knows how to be scary if she wants to
  39. >”Still going on about when your mother catched us?” Rarity arches an eyebrow, as you are walking to the cinema
  40. “Uhhh…” Sometimes you hate that she can read you like a book
  41. >”You make too much fuzz about it” she let out a small giggle as she blushes “Besides, I would lie if I say I didn’t found it hot at the moment”
  43. >You roll your eyes at the comment but with a small smile on your face, you love that little hidden kinky side of your girl
  44. >As you arrive to the cinema, both of you look at the movies that are on display, a particular one catches your attention
  45. >”The Grand Murabest Hotel”, apparently had a rerelease in the theaters
  46. >Oh man, you fucking love that movie! You poke at rarity’s shoulder to get her attention
  47. “Look hun, let’s see that movie!”
  48. >”What? But Anon, you know why we-“ Rarity is about to protest, you know why you were going to the cinema, but… but… It’s the Murabest Hotel; you gotta see that movie again
  49. >You give your best puppy eyes, honestly any other movie you wouldn’t give a shit because you had other plans on your mind
  50. “Pleaaaaaaase!, I promise you I’ll treat you after we’re out” you beg at her
  51. >She looks at you with a thoughtful look on her face “You really like that movie?” She ask you, you could only nod in excitement
  52. >You only feel how you’re yanked from the collar of your shirt by Rarity to put you at her height “I hope you brought THAT in your backpack” She says as she gives you a naughty smile
  53. >After some blinks on your part you finally get what is she referring to
  54. “Ohhh yeah, yeah yeah yeah, you’re damn right I got it” You smile
  55. >”Well then, shall we?” Rarity says as she enter to the cinema, as you rush to her side
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