Vajra (5/5 Saurian Necrolord)

Aug 12th, 2019 (edited)
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  1. Name: Vajra
  3. Gender: Female
  5. Race: Saurian
  6. Special: Reptilian: Saurians are covered from head to toe with thick protective scales, making them unusually hardy opponents. However, they are also very susceptible to the cold, shunning frigid environments. You take -1 hit from all incoming attacks, unless you're hit with an Ice elemental attack, in which case you take +1 hit from all sources for 3 rounds or until helpless. Being exposed to warmth, such as being hit with a Fire attack, can remove the debuff. This debuff also applies when in cold environments.
  8. Bask: automatic, recharge 2 after effect ends; You take a moment to sunbathe, recharging your energy. After doing so, you get a +2 bonus to a skill of your choice next time you use it. The effects of Bask are cancelled if you are knocked helpless while using it. Can only be used in sunlight. The debuff from being exposed to cold can be cancelled by Basking, although if used in a snowy environment Bask's recharge is increased by 1.
  10. Class: Necrolord (Summoner/Necromancer)
  12. Special: Raise Ancients: recharge 2 after minion dies/is removed, spell; Call upon the long slumbering fallen beasts or draw together a mass of bones for a new terror. You summon an ancient undead minion from the list below. It cannot be healed and it returns to the earth when combat ends. On Crit your Ancient is empowered by dark energies that hinder life around it, causing the Ancient to deal 1 hit of damage to all enemies in its zone every turn.
  14. -Reaper (3H/2W): recharge 3; Strike a foe three times, rolling separately for each attack.
  16. -Bone Cage (5H/3W): passive; The Ancient is immobile, but is risen up around a zone to form a cage. Those inside cannot target anyone outside, and vice versa. When the Ancient falls helpless, a roll can be made to pass in or out of it.
  18. -Mana Void (3H/5W): The Ancient has a strong attraction of magic. It gains a Bonus Action whenever anyone in combat makes a successful spell cast to redirect the spell to make itself the ne target.
  21. Skills:
  23. Free: Raise Dead: spell; Raise the dead as a loyal servant, granting you a minion. Undead have double the hits they had in life, but only 1 wound. As long as the minion has more than 1 hit, they cannot fall below 1 hit, but they cannot be healed. On Crit you minion retains the racials it would’ve had in life regardless of its condition. On Crit Fail you summon a hostile undead. If no nearby corpses are available, you can widen your magic’s range to find a minion, but the Crit Fail range is increased to 3-.
  25. (2): Summon Esper: recharge 3, spell; Summon a beast from another plane to your aid. This minion has 4/4 health and 1 Free Skill of your choice on summon. This minion lasts until combat is over. On Crit this Esper is an exemplar, having an addition 1 Point skill of your choice that doesn’t summon minions, as long as it is from a class matching yourself or an ally’s.
  27. (1) Horde: passive; You gain 3 Mastery Points
  29. EP skills:
  31. (1) Rejuvenate: recharge 1, spell; Channel magic into a target to revitalize them, restoring 3 hits. If Rejuvenate targets a minion, it has DC4 and fully restores their hits and heals a wound. If this Crits on a minion, give the minion +2 Max Hits until the end of combat.
  33. Special Talent:
  34. Serpentine senses: As a saurian, Vajra can 'taste' the air with a flick of the tongue, allowing for greater detection within her surroundings. perception checks to detect life gain a -2 to DC.
  36. Trained Talent:
  37. Wrappings of Abyssinia: Swathed in gauze and further enchanted with words of the old tongue, Abyssinian undead prove much hardier than expected for preserved corpses. Vajra's summons gain mummified:
  39. Mummified (passive): Target returns with half health and one wound 1d3 turns after destruction. Usable once.
  41. Does not apply to minions created via Raise ancient.
  43. Hits/Wounds: 5/5
  45. Weapon and/or Catalyst:
  46. Enchanted gauze: Catalyst (Focus)
  47. Special: Unleash: spell; You catalyst builds up magic passively that you can release for a powerful blast. For every 2 turns of combat you do not use this skill, increase the damage this skill deals by 1 hit. This bonus damage is reset when you use Unleash or at the end of combat.
  49. Wrappings of gauze around her arms and torso, enscribed with Saurian runes. focusing her magic through the bindings conjures more ethereal gauze, mummifying the target.
  51. Ritual Dagger: Single
  52. Special: Restrained Strike: weapon; Stab at an enemy with an aimed strike that doesn’t leave you exposed. This attack doesn’t cause counterattack damage, but can only deal 3 hits at max.
  54. Carved from saurian bone, the lengthy dagger serves as an effective carving tool, both for ritual material and enemies alike.
  56. Pyrestone: catalyst, -1 DC to spells cast through it. A dull red stone, cracks along the surface glow the color of flames.
  57. >grants access to Elementalist: Fire while using
  59. Character Traits:
  60. Vajra, an ambitious sorceress from the sands of Abyssinia, seeks ever greater power, power enough to bend the desert to her whim, to bring the vast land of her home under her control. Having stolen the ritual gauze and dagger from her village's temple, she begins her journey to claim the Heart of the Sun for her own nefarious purposes.
  62. - Terribly proud, yet inexperienced, her villainy in it's infancy.
  64. - Wields a stolen power in the ritual bindings, allowing her to control far stronger minions than what she could produce on her own.
  66. Rumors of the gem in question, the Heart of the Sun, drifted to her from background chatter as she performed her duties as a priestess of the temple. Having grown tired of her routine and sensing her own potential, she stole away from the temple grounds, ritual gauze and dagger in tow, on the hunt for this mysterious gem.
  68. This surely magical object will advance her own power, if she could only discern a purpose for it..
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