Project Sol

Oct 7th, 2017
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  1. could be larp hard to say, thanks, #fakenews
  3. source: http://archive.fo/Xjmom
  5. i am actually a close worker from inside the Sanders campaign. I joined the HRC presidential campaign after New York. Remained as neutral as possible, knowing very well before defecting that Sanders stood no chance when he dennounced the Globalists. I had a bit of hope, but understood how naive our options really were.
  7. For a while, I continued to provide insider info to the DNC from within the Sanders campaign. I know this sounds despicable but hear my whole story.
  9. After the incidents of voter fraud in New York I knew very well that the only chance to defeat the globalists would be to aim for the long run. As I defected, I was well aware that the Clinton campaign had enough dirt on it to impeach Hillary the moment she took office. But that didn´t happen.
  11. I spent month gatheirng info on HRC in order to turn against her at the appropriate time. There had to be more than the obvious, I had a very strong hunch. What I found was far more sinister, you will see it come to light in the next few weeks.
  12. Donalt Trump will resign the presidency, due to health problems. He will undergoe heart surgery and will never see the light of public again. NO more live events or rallies.
  14. Donald Trump was financed by Vladimir Putin, The Clintons, Soros and Carlos Slim. He was created with the sole purpose of moving two of the main globalists agendas. The lift on ecobans to push forward the oil industry in order to contain Saudi Arabia and the Sionist State, and the proliferation of a project known as SOL. This is a top secret project aimed at social engineering of a sociaty that is at the brink of global revolutions. It will become the next technological event to change the way we live. Much like the internet and electricity did before. What SOL entises is the proliferation of cognitive objects. Ai products that will further serve to modify the way humans interact with each other. The details of this project will soon be made public by wikileaks, but I have a feeling Assange will not be the head of that organization anymore. I was able to aquire this information, personally, physically while on the Clinton campaign. I am not alone. I have fleed America in search of political asylum, but I fear for my life still.
  16. It is important to remember the events that follow last weekends FAKE WHITE SUPREMACY Rally. The fall of BANNON was the beginning of this chain of events. Trump is part of the conspiracy. From the get go. Look in the next few weeks for project SOL. I will be back in a month to share direct locations of files, documents and images that attest to the nature of our investigation. We are a tight group of brave men and women, doing what we can to stop the next step of social engineering. OUr resources are limited but our will isn´t. Pray for us and stay strong. Remember the sequence of events, the impeachment will reach the floor, but before it becomes matter of political debate Trump will fall ill. I ignore how aware of this Bannon and allies are at the time, expect retalliation against them.
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