MG roulette (Echidna)

Dec 13th, 2017
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  1. Bryan and his two friends relaxed in the park, drinking the Friday afternoon away. All three men had received the e-mail of the roulette and had gathered to talk about it.
  3. “I still don't think it should be called a game,” Jim said as he looked through his phone. “I mean it's not really a game, you just get a monster girl and that's it.”
  5. “Maybe it's the random aspect?” Paul suggested. “You don't know what we could get right? So it's like spinning a roulette wheel, only the numbers determine what girl you get and everyone's a winner.”
  7. “You could be right. Though there's still no skill or real thought involved. If someone could get hold of that wizard, they could ask him why he calls it a game.” Bryan said. “Still, I just wonder just how big the variety is.”
  9. Jim scratched his chin. “According to a friend of mine, the encyclopedias the e-mail users get list the number of monsters at over two hundred, but that's all the ones some great explore knows and its updated as he travels.”
  11. “That's... a lot,” Bryan said.
  13. Paul opened a can of beer“ I seen a few around, they seem nice, even if they're a little clingy with their men. What gets me is that some of these women don't look that freaky.”
  15. “What do you mean? I've seen women with spider half's that almost made me bolt at the first sight of them, and then there's that... I'm not even sure what it was but it was some oily plant thing had a crap-ton of tentacles that only vaguely looked female.” Jim shivered.
  17. Paul chuckled. “Well you do get those kinds around but there are others that are more human looking. I saw a fox lady that's kinda nice if you get past the ears and tails, there's an elf that has set up a curio shop not far from my house and that zombie woman...”
  19. “Wait, zombie?” Bryan asked.
  21. “Yeah, this one guy had this fancy woman with him that was the wrong kind of pale. Had this weird ghosty extra arm thing going on with as they sat a bench, she was giving his shoulders a rub them as they talked about her...un-life.” Paul explained.
  23. “So even the dead can be summoned...not sure how I'd feel if my girlfriend or my wife was enjoying the afterlife while we were together,” Bryan said. He was excited about it sure, most of the monster women he had seen around looked attractive to him. He just wasn't openly giddy about it like Paul was.
  25. “So what do we do with the e-mails?” Jim said. “Do we just leave them and move on?”
  27. “Not me, I actually want to see what could happen, I heard one guy actually got some this woman that was some form of Eel, wouldn't stop talking about body rubs.” Paul said with excitement.
  29. “Why would he-you know what? Never mind. We could just all use the game at the same time, that way, nobody gets called chicken for not going through with it. That good with you two?” Bryan asked.
  31. “...Fine with me, just be warned if I get something I can't work with...” Jim grumbled
  33. “I'm all for it!” Paul said while pulling out his phone. “At the same time on three?”
  35. Bryan nodded as he did the same and all three of them had their thumbs on the button. “You both ready? On three, One...two...three!” There was no sound to say that they had pressed it, but they all stared at their phone in interest.
  37. “I got `Nekomata`, not even sure what that is,” Jim said. “What about you, Paul?
  39. “It says here I got `Thunderbird` It bust be a type of those harpy ladies,” Paul answered as both he and Jim looked at Brayn,
  41. “Mine says `echidna`” He said.
  43. “You mean like knuckles?” Paul asked
  45. Bryan shrugged. “Seems like it, though it would be weird, having a rodent girl. So the arrival is random right? Should we pack up and see if there at our houses or... some...thing...” Bryan drifted off as blue light glowed from behind him and it had caught his friends attention. Turning around he was shocked to see some sort of portal that was growing by the second.
  47. If the sight of it wasn't already worrying, the husky female voice that came from it sent a chill down his spin “Ah, so this is the one, hmm? Let's see if you are truly worthy.” Before he could question her words a chain emerged from the portal and rapidly wrapped itself around Bryan who yelped in the surprise as he was dragged through the portal with ease before it closed abruptly, leaving Jim and Paul at the park bench in silence.
  49. “What the hell was that?” Jim said with concern “where did they take him?”
  51. “I don't know, nobody said anything about being taken by magic portals!” Paul said panicking. “What are we gonna do?”
  53. “Calm down,” Jim said. It was clear that he was shaken, but the needed to think about this. “First we've got to think of how to contact somebody in the-.” He paused when he felt something against his leg and looked down to see a large brown cat rubbing up against it and purring.
  55. “Um... what's with this cat?” Paul asked. “Their usually violent round this area right?”
  57. “I've never seen this one around,” Jim said as he slowly put his hand down to pet the cat. The purring got louder before it jumped up sat itself on on his lap. “...I guess it likes me.” He said as he continued to pet it. He always did like animals
  59. “Erm... Jim?”
  61. “Yeah?”
  63. “Why does that cat have two tails?” That question made Jim stop and take a longer look at the cat. Sure enough, there were two tails swishing where there should be only one. But what made both men worry for the second time in less than five minutes was the fact that the cat looked at its own tails and then at the men clearly like it was caught doing something naughty.
  65. “I think... this isn't a normal cat,” Jim said slowly.
  67. ~X~ [Unknown brick passage way]
  69. “Where the hell am I?”
  71. Bryan had been transported what looked like some sort of underground stone corridor. The place was dark and dreary, with dim torches lighting the way down to passage to a large red door. He walked forward with caution, following the torches to what he hoped was an exit.
  73. He tried to remain calm as he tried to collect his thoughts, `I haven't heard anything about people going missing due to the game. Maybe I just need to meet the woman and then I would get sent back home.” He put his hands through his hair in frustration as he walked. `Dammit, I don't know that for sure.`
  75. As he got closer to the end of the corridor he started hearing noises, something that reminded him of construction sites, just without the rumble of the motors. `Maybe it's an underground house of some sort? He thought. Whatever monster that had brought him here must live in this place, ho it must be some crank for water or something, or at least that's what he thought as he pushed the door open and stepped through.
  77. Bryan's eyes widened as he took in the surroundings. He had entered a room the size of a football pitch, filled with all sorts of contraptions and platforms that all seemed to follow some sort of convoluted path through everything around hall before leading to the door on the other side. I looked like some mad combination of a game show obstacle course and a video game dungeon.
  79. “I have to go through all of this?” He asked himself aloud. Looking at everything seems so daunting, but he had no other choice in the matter. Well, he could just stay here and refuse to take part in it, but he didn't want to know how the voice would react to that.
  81. `I gotta think positive, maybe I might get something if I actually see this through. I've always wondered how I would do on total wipeout.` He thought as he tried to stretch his limbs and motivate himself. He took a deep breath and nodded to himself.
  83. He was ready as he could get.
  85. ~X~ [Treasure room]
  87. She watched via magic mirror as her challenger looked to be preparing himself to take her dungeon on.
  89. The mirror was a hand-me-down for many generations of her family, a tool for them to view those who had ventured into their domains and
  91. She did admit that she was maybe a bit too forceful in bringing him here without his consent, but years of not having a male visitor had left her eager to see if he had some form of strength. The blue sage had said that while the age of swords and sorcery had long passed in the new world humanity was still strong in body and mind.
  93. Besides, this was how mother and grandmother met their husbands so there was nothing wrong with keeping the tradition, right?
  95. “Well then.” Her challenger spoke to himself. “As they say, fortune favours the bold.”
  97. `Fortune favours the bold?` She thought as she watched him jump to the first platform and begin her challenge. `I can agree with such a saying` While bravery was often the partner of stupidy, nothing was gained by being idle or turning down all opportunity. There was also the thought that one without such mindset would never reach her.
  99. She played with a hair snake as her challenger, (who was called Bryan if she remembered right) continued the course, her interest in him increasing as he cleared each trap and solved the puzzles. He may have been taking some time in certain places (that one puzzle with the rolling weights marked the end of many a adventures distance) but she was honestly impressed.
  101. When he had reached the halfway point, her interest had turned to hope. Few had made it that far, many had either failed or simply given up and thrown themselves into the pits, knowing they would be sent outside the dungeon as monsters avoided death wherever possible. It was part of the reason she didn't tell him the traps where non-fatal as she feared he would take the easy way out.
  103. She did wonder how exactly would he feel when he got to her. Her mother said that when she had revealed herself he had happily embraced her, while her grandmother had destroyed her treasure room and caused a cave in fighting with her grandfather. Hopefully, he would be happy to see her.
  105. Her excitement increased as he dodged a falling boulder trap and rolled under a flame jet. It was clear that her trials had taken their toll on him, he was taking longer breaks between obstacles and his clothes were starting to get cut and dirty, but still, he carried on, and still, she watched.
  107. He was getting close now, I wouldn't be long before he manages through the last of the big traps, after that, it was easy to get to her, the last traps where more to keep explorers on their toes as opposed to being an actual threat. She was fidgeting with everything she could get her hands on, her hair snakes tossing a gold coin between their mouths as she eagerly cheered him on to get to the end.
  109. `Come to me Bryan... come to me and claim your prize.`
  111. ~X~ [Hall of trials]
  113. Brian was a wreck. If there was anything that he was regretting it was not staying in shape.
  115. He had no idea just how long he had been at this course/trial/dungeon or whatever this place was, all he knew was that he was getting the workout of his life. `If I'm getting any sort of money for this, I'm buying a treadmill with it.` he mentally grumbled.
  117. I didn't help that there were puzzles thrown in as well, making is already tired mind groan as it was put to use. `Whatever treasure is at the end of this, it better be worth it.` He thought as he ran up a ramp while trying his best to zigzag to avoid fireballs and what looked like more of those electric plated floors from earlier almost knocked him out. Whoever made this place really decided to go all out near the end.
  119. When he got to the top he froze. He turned around and looked around with a smile of relief spreading across his face. He had done it! He had gotten to the other end of the hall! If it wasn't for the fact he was tired as hell and paranoid about leftover traps, he would have jumped for joy.
  121. Making sure to step over the last few pressure pads he opened the door slowly and looked in to make sure there was nothing that would jump out at him, Or at least he would of if he hadn't seen the contents of the room he just entered.
  123. It was some sort of treasure room lit up by some sort magical chandelier attached to the ceiling, All sorts of trinkets and items on various shelves. An open treasure chest with gold coins in it and a large, ornate mirror that looked expensive as hell. Next to an empty stone throne with several furs over it
  125. “Congratulations on making it here, Bryan.”
  127. The sudden female voice echoing from the dark of the room made him jump, he put himself into a sloppy boxing stance and looked around.
  129. The voice laughed. “No need for that, darling. The trials are over, you have already won.”
  131. “I've had a long afternoon lady, got roped into doing this without even knowing where I am, I've been burned and shocked a few times, and I've almost fallen to what could have been my death so sorry if I'm not so trusting,” Bryan said with his hands still raised.
  133. “I guess you're right. Perhaps if I show myself, you would be more trusting?” she asked as Bryan hears a dragging sound from the right of the throne and turned to see the reptilian eyes of a woman that... slivered her way out into the light.
  135. The upper half of her body belonged to a very beautiful woman, her pale blue skin and with ornate snake tattoos along what he could see of her skin helping with her wonder. The lower half of her body was a large, red and blue patterned snake tail that reminded him of a python. And as if her skin and snake body were not enough proof of her in humanity, to logs of her hair were actual snakes, moving and looking at him independently.
  137. He was dressed in an for fitting red robe with a wave pattern along the sides. That along with the gold bracer gave her a regal look.
  139. Bryan, amazed by her beauty, could only say “Woah.”
  141. With a Sultry smile, she waved her self back and forth drawing his eyes to her body, “Like what you see?” She asked.
  143. Bryan grinned. “Very..”
  145. The snake woman stopped and blushed, not expecting the honest remark. “Oh... thank you. I've never really met someone like this, I usually disguise myself as a human when I go out so they don't know I'm an Echidna.”
  147. “Well, you look nic-hang on, you're the Echidna I was meant to meet?” Bryan said.
  149. She looked confused “I am.. are you expecting something different?”
  151. Bryan scratched his chin. “Kinda, I wasn't expecting you to be part snake.”
  153. “But the name is familiar, right? So doesn't your world have Echidnas?” She asked
  155. “Uh... we do... I'll tell you about it later” He said trying not to offend her it also didn't help that her scales and clothes were mainly red,s. It was better to change the subject. “Anyway... what's your name?”
  157. “My name is Tabitha.” The Echidna said as she circled around Bryan. “I own this dungeon, and all that's in it.”
  159. Bryan frowned“You own this place? Then why did you make me go through all that? Just to test me?” He asked
  161. “In a way, yes. It is the tradition for my kind to lead men down her with whispers of our treasure, only the worthy are allowed to use the items and weapons out to those who are strong in body and mind.” She explained. “I wanted to see if fate would truly put us together, so I manipulated the magic of the blue sage to bring you here, as opposed to going to you.”
  163. Bryan grew worried, “So, I have to stay here, now?” He asked.
  165. Tabitha laughed, “Not at all, how can you celebrate and tell others of your victory if we stay here. I still can take us back to where I took you from, It will be draining, but I'll manage.”
  167. Bryan let out a sigh of relief before he realised something. “Wait, so if I passed your test, does that mean I get one of these treasures or some gold?”
  169. Her smile only widened. “Anything you want.”
  171. “Anything?” Bryan parroted with his eyes wide.
  173. “Anything, you have passed my trial. Everything you see around you is yours, All of it to use at your disposal.”
  175. “Woah...” He said as was about to move to the shelves to see what the items were before when he tripped, or he would of if not for the snake tail that wrapped around his waist. Before he could thank her, he was yanked back and into her embrace. It was a sudden pleasant feeling being cuddled by behind with her soft chest pressing into his back, but he was ticklish enough that the snake tongue licking his face snapped his brain out of it. “uh... what are you doing?”
  177. “Enjoying my new husband's touch a and smell.” she hissed out, but, it sounded more hungry that threatening.
  179. “Hold up!” He struggled to get out of her coils but she wrapped around him bore and more. One of his arms was caught under her coils and the other was wrapped in one of her hair snakes. “Since when were we married?”
  181. “Since you've entered this room. When I said everything I meant everything, and that includes me.” Tabitha said as she put her hands on his shirt and started to massage his chest. “When a man completes an Echidna's dungeon and the Echidna finds him worthy, we take that man as our partner in life to love and cherish, as is the reward. Now, don't you want to celebrate your victory?”
  183. `Holy crap!` he thought, he was a dream come true, get to have a good time with a pretty snake woman. Better than the dream even, as this one had a flare to her that he very much enjoyed.
  185. “We can't...” Bryan said. Her feeling up his body came to a halt.
  187. “Do you not like the idea of being with me?” Tabitha asked slowly.
  189. Bryan panicked a little. “That's not it! I want, I really do and I would be happy to be with you.” The happily hissing hair snakes distracted him but he carried on, “But I need to tell my friends that I'm okay!”
  191. “Why would you want to wait to enjoy your wife?” the Echidna asked. Bryan didn't mind, as far he was concerned he was putting off sex with a willing and sexy snake woman who now saw herself as his wife, it was a damn good question. But he couldn't let the thought go.
  193. “We were in the park when you brought me here, my friend is probably worried about me. Just let me tell them I'm okay, and then we can get back to having fun.” He explained.
  195. “Ah, I was told that most men were alone in their houses when they use that computer thing. I was so excited to meet you that I didn't check to see if that was the case, I'm sorry,” she said.
  197. “Don't worry about. It worked out didn't it?” He said. “So... How do we get back?”
  199. ~X~ [Park]
  201. Bryan stepped through the portal with Tabitha and looked around. He was back right where she had taken him from, the only difference was that the sun was setting and the state of his friends.
  203. Jim was reading something on his phone while a catgirl dressed in a robe sat next to him and leaned on his shoulder with a blissed out smile on her face, her two tails.slowly moving about. Jim, on the other hand, was topless and face down at the table-bench, shuddering every now and again.
  205. The catgirl's ears twitched and she looked up, with a yawn, then tapped Jim's shoulder to get his attention. Jim looked up and saw looked a bit relieved to see him. “So your back. Just like he said.”
  207. “Like who said?” Bryan asked confused.
  209. “The sage, when you were taken he sent us a message saying you were safe, even if he might have to have a talk about someone `messing with his system`” He said with a shrug. Bryan looked at Tabitha and she looked away with a blush.. “and that's... is that the echidna?”
  211. “Yep this here is Tabitha” she gave a polite bow at her name. “I had to go through this hall of trails thing to meet her, think total wipeout mixed with the last course on gladiators, only with a lot more fire and logic puzzles are thrown in, and you get the idea.” He said. “So a nekomata is a catgirl?”
  213. “Yeah, this is Tsuki, she turned up almost right after you got warped.” The catgirl waved a paw and then purred as Jim scratched behind her ear.
  215. “The... answer...within beam... wind... is,” Paul said in a deranged mumble.
  217. “What the hells wrong with him?” Bryan asked.
  219. “That would be my fault.” Bryan turned to see a harpy walk towards them. She had a sort of white and blue colour pattern that reminded him of lightning, and her hair was wild and followed the same pattern. She was also dressed like a 90's rocker. Bryan assumed this was the Thunderbird. “Don't worry, he's fine, or he will be. name's Zoe, by the way”
  221. “You did this to him?” was concerned.
  223. “I produce lighting that causes pleasure to the body. but I can't exactly control myself when I have fun, so I ended up shocking him too well... this.” she gestured with a wing. “He should be okay in about an hour or so.”
  225. “hold on, fun?” Bryan knew what she meant by fun, and looked over to see Jim trying to stare at either his phone or the floor.
  227. “Well, we weren't going to just wait for you all day,” Jim said. I mean, didn't you do the same with her?” the silence was all it took for him to catch on.
  229. Bryan's face when blank, they had known the whole time that he was okay and even though he had gotten lucky? While he was concerned they didn't know he was okay to the point he held off doing what he wanted? `Well, I can't be that mad. I didn't know they knew I was fine, so my concerns still valid` he thought.
  231. “Well then, seeing as I'm back and everything fine, I think we should all head home, I will talk to you guys later.” Jim understood what he meant with a nod. Without a further word. He took Tabitha by the hand and led her out the park, the Echidna let herself be taken despite being stronger.
  233. “Bryan, what was that about?” she asked as he leads the way to his home.
  235. He paused and looked her in the eye. “I did what I said I'd do, now I'm gonna go home and spend time with my new wife, we going to have sex, and this time I will let nothing distract me from pleasing you in my bed. I made the mistake of turning you down before, It will not happen again.”
  237. That had got her so fired up that she coiled him the moment they got inside, they may not have reached the bed, but he sure as hell pleased her!
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