(FR) Narrators are a pain in the butt (C+)

Dec 3rd, 2012
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  1. >Day DICKS in Equestria
  2. >Oh hell, here we go again
  3. >You recognize that voice, since it -has- been narrating just about every god damn adventure you've had here
  4. "Will you shut the fuck up please?" you say questioning why you were looking at your ceiling
  5. >You weren't even looking at the ceiling, the fuck?
  6. "Yes I was you dumb prick, now quiet so I can listen for you-know-who"
  7. >You know exactly who you were talking about
  8. >Groaning you plant your fat ass next to the door
  9. "Excuse me? Fat?"
  10. >Deal with it sperm whale
  11. >You're about to open your food processor when you hear a knock at the door
  12. >Answering it you find that sweet little pegasus whose ass you would just love to take for a ride
  13. >Her face suddenly contorts to confusion
  14. >She also makes an eep noise
  15. >"Umm.. Anon?"
  16. >You're still giving her a deadpan look as you secretly think of all the positions her body could handle
  17. >Blushing a little she starts mumbling
  18. "Sorry about that Fluttershy, you're going to have to speak up."
  19. >"Oh... umm... okay uhh, I don't really have an ass per se, but if I found one that would let you ride him would that be your fetish?"
  20. >You take a moment before slapping your vat of pudding for a face, noting the jiggles, and responding
  21. "No Fluttershy it would not, and for the love of fuck stop giving her ideas." you bellow out with cheeks of lard flapping from the force of your noxious breath
  22. >You're really annoyed, so annoyed in fact you're almost forgetting that you'd want to rut Fluttershy in Town Hall this afternoon
  23. >You're about to correct Fluttershy, but she's already gone
  24. >Dragging your 2 ton ass to bed you scream into your pillow before clocking out for the day
  25. >Fucking Narrators
  26. >Fucking fat wimpy Anons
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