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  2. Start of #Malt buffer: Mon Jul 19 01:58:34 2010
  3. * Now talking in #Malt
  4. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] ( has joined #Malt
  5. * Clampaste is now known as Roth_[Voidmaster]
  6. * Ben_[Astropath] (rainbows@4997A0EF.26B29B69.D3B8FF8E.IP) has joined #Malt
  7. <@Malt> You find yourselves on the bridge of "The Lady of Victory" a
  8.   Hazeroth-class privateer. This long sleek ship is a relic of the machine
  9.   cult with many areas long forgotten. She can outrun anything she can't
  10.   outgun and quite a mighty if not elegant ship.
  11. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> Yasha stretches out as the new day arrives. The silk
  12.   sheets are new, but not unwelcome.
  13. <@Malt> With the month long celebrations marking the freedom of Odessa's
  14.   world long past you are finally arriving at Port Wander.
  15. <@Malt> The mighty station rests before you as your ship easily coasts
  16.   towards it.
  17. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> Yasha strides into the bridge, her morning prayers
  18.   complete.
  19. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Galactic date...X, W, 184, HRE, 8347... Have safely
  20.   travelled to Port Wander...
  21. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] is updating her journal
  22. <@Malt> The bridge is filled with crew going about their business to bring
  23.   the vessel into Port Wander. The captains chair is at the rear of the
  24.   bridge, presiding over the rest of the bridge
  25. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Here we are. The Koronus expanse. I have to admit,
  26.   I expected more trouble on our way here.
  27. <@Malt> One of the servitors lets out a repeating drone, reading off the
  28.   closing distance to the Port.
  29. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Good work, Navigator.
  30. * Ben_[Astropath] is pacing the rear of the bridge, keeping himself near
  31.   enough to the Captain that he can be beckoned easily if needed, but not
  32.   so nearby that his habit of muttering to himself under his breath will
  33.   disturb her concentration.
  34. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Now then... Can someone remind me what we're doing
  35.   here again ?
  36. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> "Building an empire?"
  37. * Roth_[Voidmaster] sits at the helm, fiddling with various controls
  38. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Oh, yeah, that. Excellent. Where do we start ?
  39. <@Malt> One the crew, a junior lieutenant turns towards the captain bowing
  40.   deeply, "My Lady, we are arriving on schedule to restock supplies before
  41.   heading into the Expanse."
  42. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] nods at the crewman
  43. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> At ease, lieutenant.
  44. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> How much time until we're done restocking ?
  45. <@Malt> the young man returns to his work station
  46. * Dominique_[Navigator] ( has
  47. joined #Malt
  48. <Dominique_[Navigator]> ((Sorry, have I missed anything?))
  49. * Ben_[Astropath] steps to the side of the Captain and mutters quietly, "My
  50.   captain..."
  51. <@Malt> A administatum adept tasked with looking after stock addresses
  52.   Odessa saying "A day at most My Lady."
  53. <Ben_[Astropath]> Perhaps upon docking it might be best to meet directly
  54.   with the Port authorities or other enterprising individuals who have been
  55.   traversing further into the Expanse to aprise ourselves of the current
  56.   political situations that our forming before our advance?
  57. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Agreed. This is a good place to start looking for
  58.   opportunities.
  59. <@Malt> The ship slides into harbour the helmsman expertly resting her
  60.   within the clutches of Port Wanders docks
  61. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> Yasha nods. "It is a fool's errand to go charging
  62.   into a territory you do not know. A sliver-beast might be lurking under
  63.   any rock."
  64. <@Malt> from this distance the station dominates the main viewing screen,
  65.   its mighty city like structure rising aboive
  66. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> "You may wish to hail the docking authorities,
  67.   Captain, lest they mistake us for pirates and open fire."
  68. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Remind me if they have some kind of
  69.   planetary-internet equivalent in the 40K verse ?
  70. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> (woops, that was ooc)
  71. <@Malt> The junior lieutenant turns and announces, "Successful docking
  72.   procedures accomplised, praise Him on Terra. Our new docking codes have
  73.   been accepted Captain."
  74. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Very good. Start looking through the data networks
  75.   for any enterprises that could be worth our times. Registered distress
  76.   calls from outer planets, salvageable space stations, get me all you can.
  77. <@Malt> "We have been permission for our workers to begin loading supplies
  78.   and some crew to take short shore leave if that is satisfactory to you
  79.   Captain?"
  80. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] takes a dramatic pose "Make it so."
  81. <@Malt> He returns to his work
  82. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] sighs
  83. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Sheesh. Peace time is tiring, everyone's so serious.
  84. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> Yasha smiles and leans in. "Don't worry. I'm sure
  85.   we'll get plenty of excitement soon enough."
  86. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] slumps on her ornate throne
  87. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> I hope you're right, Yasha.
  88. <@Malt> "The collation of information about possible ventures will take
  89.   about 2 hours according to our techpriests."
  90. <Dominique_[Navigator]> ((The Navigator is in here room if you need her.))
  91. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> "Shall we go aboard the station while we wait?"
  92. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Well, the alternative is staying here and staring
  93.   at the walls.
  94. <Roth_[Voidmaster]> "Might as well. isnt much more to do here while we are
  95.   docked"
  96. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> "Very well. Shall we extend an invitation to the
  97.   Navigator to accompany us?"
  98. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> Yasha walks over to a vox screen as she asks.
  99. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> As long as he doesn't creep out the locals, sure.
  100.   Let's see what's so good about that station.
  101. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> *Heads to the exit bay, sending a call to the
  102.   navigator through vox on her way*
  103. <Dominique_[Navigator]> Dominique Yorke, the ship's navigator was busy in
  104.   her personal quarters, enjoy morning tea with a few of the Press Ganged
  105.   workers. She was an 8 foot beast of a women dressed in a fine imperial
  106.   dress and wearing a white mask to hide her fearsome (lack of) face.
  107.   Despite her monster like appearance she liked nothing than to have tea
  108.   with her fellow crew members. But they always seemed to be too scared to
  109.   join her. So she deci
  110. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> Yasha nods and she performs the ritual of contact to
  111.   contact the Navigator.
  112. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> "Hello? Dominique? We were going to go aboard the
  113.   station. Do you wish to accompany us?"
  114. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "Exploring a station. My, that does sound like such
  115.   fun! I was in the middle of a tea party, but I shall gladly come along!"
  116. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> "Very well. We shall meet you in the docking bay."
  117. * Ben_[Astropath] mutters under his breath and heads off into the ship's
  118.   interior to make his way to the Navigator's quarters to await her egress
  119.   from her ornate apartments, the blind man being one of the few people
  120.   onboard the ship who seems to not at all mind the beastly woman's
  121.   presence. In fact, he seems to enjoy the company of one who knows the
  122.   hardship of what it means to gaze into the warp...
  123. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> "Void Master? Will you accompany us? I do not
  124.   believe there will be many things to shoot at while we are docked here."
  125. <Roth_[Voidmaster]> "Yeah sure Ill go. Could be fun"
  126. * Dominique_[Navigator] unchains the guests of her tea party. "Well I guess
  127.   we'll have to do this another time gentlemen, but do come again!" She
  128.   says, but the crew members had already fleed long before she was done
  129. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> She smirks. "Come on, then! Don't fall behind, Roth!"
  130. <@Malt> The shore party makes their way through the ancient corriders of
  131.   the ship, recieving sharp salutes from passing crew as they leave. They
  132.   eventually reach the docking bay which is full of busy servitors and
  133.   sweating crewmembers moving vast amounts of goods into the ships cargo
  134.   hold for the journey ahead.  a large map on the stations docks shows the
  135.   position of the party.
  136. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] Meets the rest back at the docking bay.
  137. <@Malt> Once on the station proper the map shows trading/habitation and
  138.   entertainment districts
  139. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "Oh Mr Ben, you must join me for tea some time!"
  140.   Dominique says as they walk to mean the others
  141. * Roth_[Voidmaster] sits up and streches from his Helmsman chair, and
  142.   speeds up to the others
  143. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Is that synth-tea, or organic ?
  144. <Ben_[Astropath]> Tea would be most delightful, but I'm sure the Captain
  145.   has more pressing business at the moment no doubt..
  146. <@Malt> These areas circle the central column of the station that is the
  147.   main domain of the imperial presence who control the station.
  148. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "Oh Throne, only the finest Organic Tea for my
  149.   guests. But no one seems to have time to join me for a cup."
  150. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> "So, the entertainment, habitation, or governance
  151.   sections of the station?"
  152. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Well I'm not one to say no to a nice cup of organic
  153.   tea. Mind if I take you up on that offer later on ?
  154. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> I'd say governance just to see their faces once our
  155.   ragtag group walks in, but I'd rather not draw too much attention just
  156.   yet.
  157. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "Oh the delightful, Miss Fulgor." The giant
  158.   navigator, getting a little to close for sanities sake. "But we must vist
  159.   the entertainment section while we''re here."
  160. <Ben_[Astropath]> Perhaps the Captain might care to track down the
  161.   entourages of the other Captains who may be present on station? They may
  162.   be more forthcoming with more reliable information than the higher ups of
  163.   the station proper.
  164. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Something you want to see in particular, Dom ?
  165. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Hell, I don't really think any Trader worth his
  166.   name's gonna share valuable intel for free, but it's worth a shot.
  167. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "Oh I am sure these little people are no doubt
  168.   Emperor blessed with the theatratical arts! Let's see a play!"
  169. * Ben_[Astropath] mutters, "There's *always* a price.. the unfortunate cost
  170.   of the trade."
  171. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> "A play sounds fine to me, if a little sedate."
  172. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Well, uh, I'm not one for opera or anything like
  173.   that.
  174. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> But I guess I can do an effort for you.
  175. <Ben_[Astropath]> My Captain, I might suggest that arranging meetings with
  176.   the more reputable traders and travelers on-station may be a better
  177.   expenditure of your time.
  178. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Uh...Yeah. Probably. Definitely.
  179. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Sorry about that, Dom, I really would have liked to
  180.   come.
  181. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> But, you know how it is, always busy.
  182. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "maybe we could hire on a travelling theater
  183.   company!" Domi gasps!
  184. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Sure. Why don't you go do that ?
  185. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> Yasha shrugs.
  186. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> We'll meet up in 4 standard hours, sounds okay ?
  187. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> "Do you want me to go with her to make sure she
  188.   doesn't run into trouble?" Yasha rubs her hand along the butt of her
  189.   hellgun.
  190. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "Oh Emperor, is that enough time to get a new
  191.   dress? I must be wearing something wonderful for tonight's play."
  192. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Dom's a big girl, but I'd feel safer if you
  193.   accompanied her.
  194. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] whispers to Yasha
  195. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> And not only for HER safety
  196. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> Yasha nods. "Make sure she doesn't flip out and
  197.   traumatize anyone, got it."
  198. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "oh how wonderful, Miss Yasha, we can get dresses
  199.   together!"
  200. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Counting on ya. Let's go, gang.
  201. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] leaves to the governance sector to get some info on
  202.   docked Rogue Traders
  203. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> "Hurray." Yasha goes to accompany the navigator as
  204.   she goes off shopping for dresses.
  205. <@Malt> The party split up heading different directions, Odessa's to the
  206.   left, Dom's to the right.
  207. <@Malt> As you continue you find the station is in the 'late afternoon' of
  208.   it's onboard cycle
  209. * Ben_[Astropath] accompanies his Captain, still muttering to himself,
  210.   wondering if he may be able to sense the presence of the other ships'
  211.   astropaths en route to the next sector.
  212. * Roth_[Voidmaster] follows along with Ben and Odessa as well
  213. * Dominique_[Navigator] grabs Yasha's hand and leads her down to the local
  214.   clothing street
  215. <@Malt> The station is very busy but starting to wind down as the day ends,
  216.   security checks the groups but allow them to pass into their respective
  217.   destinations
  218. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> Yasha walks along behind the Navigator, allowing
  219.   herself to be led but not letting her guard down.
  220. <@Malt> The trading district is dazzling, with all sorts of products
  221.   available, smooth perfumes wash from the luxury end while machine oils
  222.   waft from the technical end of the district.
  223. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> Yasha wrinkles her nose. Not too often the stinks of
  224.   nobility and the working belly of the hive get mixed.
  225. * Dominique_[Navigator] is delighted and spotting a fine looking tailor,
  226.   she leads Yasha in
  227. <@Malt> The governance district is heavily fortified with armsmen present
  228.   everywhere. They double check credentials but allow Odessa to pass with
  229.   due respect.
  230. <@Malt> The lean tailor claps at a young assistant to attention while
  231.   bowing deeply, "Dear ladies, how may be of humble service to you?"
  232. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Now, Ben, you must have been navigating ships for
  233.   longer than I've been alive. Where do we go from here ?
  234. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> "A cloak, perhaps?"
  235. <@Malt> "Of course, how about you browse my wares and tell me what you
  236.   like?"
  237. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "Oh me and my friend here and visting the station
  238.   today and we're playing on taking in a play later so we must have simply
  239.   beautful clothes to wear!"
  240. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> Yasha looks for something practical. A fur cloak or
  241.   something; ships can get drafty.
  242. <@Malt> The mans store is full of cloths or various quality, mostly high
  243.   end though. Everything from corsets to ballroom gowns and slinky slim
  244.   dresses are available
  245. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "Just a cloak, no no that wont do! You need
  246.   something more pretty!"
  247. <@Malt> fur coats of various overstatedness are soon found with gem
  248.   encrusted and finely cut they sparkle in the light
  249. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "A purple noblecoat with white trimmings! with fur
  250.   and golden skulls would look wonderful on you!"
  251. * Ben_[Astropath] mutters to his Captain, "Well the personnel from any
  252.   military vessels should be easy enough to track down.. but, uh.. uh
  253.   obviously those would be the ones we'd probably want to avoid moreso than
  254.   other traders like ourselves. However, given that a ship's captain must
  255.   necessarily be available to deal with any inclimate situations that may
  256.   come up, they should be accessible enough."
  257. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "Or maybe something more lady-like. Like that Red
  258.   dress with the rudy skulls on it!"
  259. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> Yasha tries it on. "It's nicely warm, too. Doesn't
  260.   hinder my movement much."
  261. <Ben_[Astropath]> I would recommend using the station's data network to
  262.   make contact with a likely sympathetic individual, and in this arena you
  263.   are more knowledgable than I am, Captain..
  264. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> She looks a bit disdainfully at the dress, though.
  265.   "I don't think it would go very well with my armor, though."
  266. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "Yes and shoes, you need shoes. Maybe those there
  267.   with winged skulls! They would look divine on you!"
  268. <@Malt> The tailor says, "You have a fine eye, a real eye for quality. It
  269.   would be a great crime for your beauty to be in anything of lesser
  270.   quality."
  271. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] is pensive for an instant, then nods
  272. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] finds a data terminal and looks to establish contact
  273. <@Malt> A young man with a dataslate attached to his hand spots Odessa and
  274.   rushes through the crowds to her, "My most humble greetings your
  275.   ladyship, I represent my master who wishes to meet you at your earliest
  276.   convenience."
  277. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "How about a hangbag! That one's made from an ork's
  278.   head!"
  279. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Is that so ? I guess he beat me to the punch.
  280. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> And who would that master be ?
  281. <@Malt> "My lord's name is Oriel Brackenhorf the 5th, a holder of a Warrant
  282.   like yourself."
  283. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> She frowns. "Thing should have been burned. More of
  284.   the filth would have grown up since it wasn't."
  285. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> I see. Have you been told of the subject he wishes
  286.   to discuss ?
  287. <Roth_[Voidmaster]> "I never heard of no Oriel Brackenhorf, you sure we can
  288.   trust this guy?"
  289. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] shrugs
  290. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "Oh, but it goes so well with your fur cloak
  291. <@Malt> "I am afraid all I have been told is that your presence was
  292.   requested, I don't wish to speculate."
  293. <@Malt> "If you are available now I could escort you to him?"
  294. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> I see. Very well then. Let us meet in a neutral
  295.   place, say, the Highest Spirit theater in 5 hours ?
  296. <@Malt> "Very well, I will inform him at once."
  297. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> "I'm sure we can find something nicer. How about we
  298.   try to find something for you?" She looks around, and grabs a
  299.   gold-colored shawl. "How about this?"
  300. <@Malt> The man makes a deep bow and turns to continue his work.
  301. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] nods at the servant boy as he leaves, then turns to
  302.   her vox
  303. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] Bridge ? Get me a few men stationned around the
  304.   Highest Spirit theater in civilian clothes, concealed weaponry. Just in
  305.   case. Tell them to stand by.
  306. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> *
  307. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "Oh it's pretty. Look it has a picture of the
  308.   Emperor beating up an Ork on it. But I need a new dress to go withit."
  309. <@Malt> The familiar voice of the lieutenant responds, "I will have five
  310.   men from the 34th posted at once."
  311. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] turns to Ben
  312. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Well, it looks like we're going to see that piece
  313.   after all.
  314. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> Yasha looks around, and grabs a dress off a rack.
  315.   "This shimmery silk stuff is pretty; maybe you could get them to make you
  316.   a bigger one?"
  317. * Ben_[Astropath] mindsends to his Captain, "Needless of me to warn you to
  318.   be wary, my Captain, but apparently your reputation either precedes you
  319.   in this sector or this Brackenhorf is looking to take advantage of some
  320.   opportunity - which may or may not be necessarily to our gain."
  321. <@Malt> The tailor nods to the boy and he brings out a larger version the
  322.   the dress from the backroom.
  323. <@Malt> "Do you wish to purchase this most endearing dress?"
  324. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "Oh yes, oh yes indeed! And maybe we could skull
  325.   shoulder pads to go with it. Does in cost more for real skull?
  326. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] thinks back at Ben. "I know. I don't trust this
  327.   either, but denying him an audience isn't gonna do us any good. Better to
  328.   hear what he wants from his mouth."
  329. * Ben_[Astropath] probes out further to find if the navigator is within the
  330.   2km range of his sending and, if so, apprises both the navigator and the
  331.   archmilitant that their presence is required by the captain immediately.
  332. <@Malt> The tailor makes a honest face saying, "For a most unique and worth
  333.   customer such as yourself I will add them free of charge, all I ask is
  334.   that when someone remarks upon their beauty you mention old Tobias
  335.   Perion."
  336. <Ben_[Astropath]> No doubt, my Captain, no doubt...
  337. <Roth_[Voidmaster]> "Yeah true. Well we will find out in 5 hours anyway"
  338. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "Oh yes thank you I will, could you have the dress
  339.   done by tonight? I'll be back in a jiff."
  340. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "Come along Yasha, we'll have to come back another
  341.   time." Domi says, leaving the store
  342. <@Malt> The Tailor bows deeply and nods his appreciation before tutting to
  343.   his boy to look after the front desk while he works in the back room on
  344.   the desk.
  345. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> Yasha presses the vox-rune on the microbead, and
  346.   listens to the message. Then adds, "Okay. I'll be with you shortly."
  347. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> She then turns, and adds to the tailor, "Add these
  348.   to the account of the Rogue Trader Odessa Fulgor, okay?"
  349. <@Malt> The boy nods and writes down the name
  350. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> "All right, then. Come on, Dominique. Let's go meet
  351.   up with the Captain."
  352. <@Malt> The Navigator and Archmilitant would travel for a time, seeing more
  353.   of the wonderous products available in the shops before reaching the
  354.   checkpoints to the inner district. The pass easily and continue on their
  355.   way to the Captain
  356. <@Malt> Soon they catch up with the waiting captain.
  357. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "Hello Captain Fulgor,I hope we did keep you long."
  358. <@Malt> an hour and a half pass and Odessa's microbead chimes, the junior
  359.   lieutenant says, "My Lady we have a list of possible contacts and
  360.   enterprises we can send to your dataslate if you wish."
  361. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Go ahead
  362. <@Malt> The dataslate brings up a number of dossiers entitled 'Oriel',
  363.   'Contacts', 'Enterprises' and 'Recommended goods'
  364. <@Malt> that you can choose from
  365. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] Picks Oriel first
  366. <@Malt> The dossier opens bringing up the following: Oriel Brackenhorf the
  367.   5th a rogue trader from the Brackenhorf family, their family is in
  368.   decline at the moment and Oriel is attempting to regain their lost power,
  369.   based on available commerce records he appears to favour the machine cult
  370.   and tech-related goods.
  371. <@Malt> His family is at odds with the Lugron family who also deal with
  372.   similar goods and have ancient feuds between each other
  373. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Hm. His credentials check out.
  374. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] looks for anything that might indicate the
  375.   direction of his current affairs
  376. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> "Human tech or xenotech?"
  377. <@Malt> The only other addendum states that he is preparing for a long
  378.   voyage into the expanse with much of his wealth riding upon this endevour
  379. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> If he's friend with the machine cult, I doubt it's
  380.   xenotech.
  381. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Alright, let's have a look at the rest then.
  382. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] picks 'Contacts'
  383. <@Malt> A list of various traders and minor players are brought up but the
  384.   most important and first listed as 'Hans Lugron' (Rogue Trader), 'Kerra
  385.   Miles' (Major organised crime boss), Wenton Vestor (Ecclesiarchial
  386.   representative), Ilon Monty (Magos represtative.)
  387. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> I see. Well, it's getting late. We'll check out the
  388.   rest of that data later.
  389. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> For now, let's get ready for our meeting.
  390. <@Malt> After several more hours you find yourselves approaching the
  391.   Highest Spirit theater you Yasha and Odessa would recognise one of the
  392.   men reading a dataslate outside is a member of the 34th.
  393. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] Goes in, wearing a light, formal dress and no
  394.   visible weaponry.
  395. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> Yasha is decked out in full armor, her hellgun, and
  396.   her new coat.
  397. <@Malt> The gold leafed doors are held open by a handsome servant for you
  398. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> Yasha sticks close to Odessa.
  399. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] Is Oriel already inside ?
  400. <@Malt> As you enter the same young man who works for Oriel comes forward
  401.   to meet you. "May I escort you and your compainions to your seats?
  402. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] smiles gently "With pleasure."
  403. <Dominique_[Navigator]> Dominique brings her most theather going
  404.   HellPistol, Metal Staff and wears her Xeno-mesh armour under her overly
  405.   foppish dress complete with gold plated skulls and images of the
  406.   Primarchs beating up things
  407. <@Malt> You are taken to a private box overlooking the audience, a dinner
  408.   table is set up with chairs for all attending, a burly man and lean woman
  409.   are already seated.
  410. * Ben_[Astropath] follows his captain wearing the robes and semi-formal
  411.   attire of the imperial astropath, form fitted to allow his bodyglove free
  412.   movement under his looser clothing
  413. <@Malt> The man rises graciously as you enter and make a curt bow, "My
  414.   thanks for meeting me so soon My Honourable Lady, I am Oriel."
  415. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Sir Orien, I presume ?
  416. <@Malt> "Indeed"
  417. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> The pleasure is all mine. I see you are already in
  418.   most charming company.
  419. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "Oh how simply fantastic." Domi says, seeing the
  420.   table. "You have out down yourself Sir Orien!"
  421. <@Malt> "Please take a seat, I hope dinner is to your satisfaction."
  422. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> "I hope so, too."
  423. <@Malt> The table is covered in rarities and fine food, the young man who
  424.   escorted you begins pouring wine for the guests.
  425. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "Oh I'm sure it's to die for." The 8 foot woman
  426.   says, taking a seat.
  427. <Ben_[Astropath]> "Hmph." Hoping that the navigator won't make a scene or
  428.   turn this dinner into a riot, as has happened in previous instances.
  429. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> Yasha grabs her glass and swigs some down. "This
  430.   doesn't taste half bad."
  431. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "Please Yasha, there's no need to glup down the
  432.   wine." Dominique says, holding her glass of wine in the 'proper' way.
  433. * Ben_[Astropath] bites his lip as he mindsends to his companions, "There's
  434.   at least one psyker present in the crowd. I doubt they can miss our
  435.   presence either, between the navigator and myself..."
  436. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] calmly takes a seat
  437. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> Yasha shrugs. "Food is food. It's just fuel for the
  438.   fire of life. Well, unless it's poison."
  439. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> I believe I am at a disadvantage, here. * With a
  440.   disarming smile at the lean woman* I don't believe we have met.
  441. * Dominique_[Navigator] thinks if he's a Rogue Trader then of course he
  442.   would know a psyker...what are the odds he could be reading our throughts
  443.   righ now?
  444. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> I think I'll change the color of my text. Figuring
  445.   out who says who is a bit confusing right now.
  446. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> (ooc :/)
  447. <Dominique_[Navigator]> ((can you do that?))
  448. <@Malt> Oriel continues, "Please eat as you wish. I appologise but my
  449.   compainion of few words, she isn't the social type but in these times one
  450.   must have protection is all cirumstance."
  451. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> ((I was sure you could))
  452. <@Malt> in all'
  453. * Roth_[Voidmaster] snatches up bits of the food while oblivious to the
  454.   convosation
  455. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> "Of course. I would have done the same. You must
  456.   pardon my companions as well, they have not eaten such delicate food in a
  457.   long time."
  458. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> Yasha snorts to herself at that, as she forks food
  459.   into her mouth.
  460. <@Malt> Oriel turns to Roth striking up small talk, "My good man, I was
  461.   told you were the Helmsman of the Captains mighty ship, how does she
  462.   handle?" He brushes off Odessa comment saying, "On the fringes one can
  463.   often miss out of the finer things in life so I take care to enjoy them
  464.   while I can."
  465. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> "Well then, I believe it is unecessary to keep the
  466.   tension any longer. You wished to discuss something with me ?"
  467. * Ben_[Astropath] broadcasts out, "Our thoughts should be safe enough from
  468.   the prying of all but the most exacting psykers. If any were to attempt
  469.   breaching our communication, we would know about it."
  470. <@Malt> "Oh yes, that, of course. I was hoping to engage your interest in a
  471.   business venture."
  472. * Roth_[Voidmaster] tries to talk with his mouth full of food "Great ship.
  473.   Handles better then anything I ever flew before"
  474. <Dominique_[Navigator]> 'Oh yes indeed, we are honoured to be at your
  475.   table, Sir." Domi says, opening a bottom part of her mask so she can eat,
  476.   partly revealing her fiendish teeth. "We would be delight to hear your
  477.   offer."
  478. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] Broadcasts : I don't sense any taint of chaos on
  479.   them either.
  480. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> "You have my undivided attention, Oriel. Please,
  481.   continue."
  482. <@Malt> "I have to transport sacred tech from the machine cult to worlds
  483.   within the Expanse and I was hoping to entice you to carry some of it as
  484.   the sheer size and number of the goods are far too much for a single
  485.   cargo hold
  486. <@Malt> "You would of course recieve your share of the profits."
  487. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> "Who buys it? I thought there weren't any big worlds
  488.   in the Expanse to sell to."
  489. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] Broadcasts : Ben, can you use your powers to detect
  490.   lies ?
  491. <@Malt> "Well these are how can we say, private outposts and research
  492.   stations of the mechanicum that require our utmost speed and discretion
  493.   in delivery."
  494. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> "Makes sense."
  495. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "What sort of tech do they need? if you don't mind
  496.   me asking."
  497. <@Malt> He runs off some figures and what type of cargo each respective
  498.   ship would take, Odessa notices that the profit margins for the tech she
  499.   is supposed to deliver is quite less than Oriels cargo.
  500. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> "Pardon me, Sir Oriel, but I believe if we are to
  501.   engage in this...partnership, it would be better to do it as equals."
  502. * Ben_[Astropath] sends out, "I could, Captain, but he would know it the
  503.   moment that I probed into his mind, so unfortunately I think a more
  504.   subtle approach is needed here.."
  505. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> "How about we run those numbers again ? This time,
  506.   with a fair division of the goods ?"
  507. <@Malt> Oriel looks downcast for a second but quickly responds "Oh you are
  508.   most assuredly an equal My Lady, I of course will equalise the numbers, I
  509.   mearly thought your ship would not have the capacity for a number of
  510.   goods that high, my mistake."
  511. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Very good. Now, we have talked about reward. What
  512.   about risk ?
  513. <@Malt> As the conversation continues the play below continues, it is quite
  514.   good if anyone cares to notice. Oriel states offhandedly "Oh the usual of
  515.   any trade run, the occasional overconfident pirate or brigand might try
  516.   to take advantage of you but I'm sure you and you crew could manage them.
  517. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> Yasha pats the butt of her hellgun and smiles.
  518. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "Are there many pirates on this route?"
  519. <@Malt> The woman gives Yasha a nod of appoval at her gesture.
  520. <@Malt> "Not overly, the planet you will deliver to has had no reports of
  521.   raids. The risk is minimal I assure you."
  522. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] Broadcasts : This sounds...simple. Too simple. This
  523.   is fishy as hell.
  524. * Dominique_[Navigator] thinks would want to give us this mission if it was
  525.   safe?
  526. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] Broadcasts : Hell no.
  527. <Roth_[Voidmaster]> "Look, I dont know anything about your fancy buisness
  528.   mumbo-jumbo, but you wouldnt be getting *us* to do it, if there wasnt any
  529.   risk"
  530. <@Malt> Oriel takes a long gulp of his wine and smiles broadly at the group
  531. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> Yasha broadcasts: We're going to have to face worse
  532.   than pirates if we want to build an empire, and getting someone in good
  533.   with the Mechanicus as an ally will give us a supply line we otherwise
  534.   wouldn't have. Odds are we're going to have to deal with his rival,
  535.   though.
  536. <@Malt> "Oh no sir, It is mearly a matter of cargo capacity. I have not
  537.   enough room and I require a trustworthy trader to make the required
  538.   schedules."
  539. * Ben_[Astropath] broadcasts, "It would've been worth our while to note if
  540.   there are any other ships in port comparable to ours. If so, why hasn't
  541.   Oriel made this offer to them? And if he has, why did they turn it down?"
  542. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] Broadcasts. Hm. Well, no matter. I'm not going to
  543.   turn down an offer like that. If he's got some backstabbing planned, then
  544.   we'll just have to be ready.
  545. * Ben_[Astropath] sends, "Wait, Captain.."
  546. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> "You mean you want someone new you can trick into
  547.   drawing fire from your rival.
  548. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> What was his name again?"
  549. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Lugron, was it not ?
  550. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] looks him straight in the eye
  551. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> "Right. Lugron."
  552. * Ben_[Astropath] sends, "At the risk of intruding onto business affairs
  553.   that are not my area of expertise, would it hurt to at least see if he
  554.   has the goods he claims he has? If so, and we take them aboard, then he
  555.   is at least at risk of losing out financially - and we stand to gain if
  556.   we smell a doublecross coming - should plans fall out, no?"
  557. <@Malt> Oriel stiffens "Oh, you mean Hans Lugron. He wouldn't dare attack
  558.   you, He surely knows of your heroic deeds and martial strength. Plus it
  559.   would harm his reputation to make an unprovoked attack upon a neutral
  560.   party."
  561. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> "Once we take your goods, we're not neutral anymore,
  562.   now are we?"
  563. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "But this Hans Lugron fellow sounds like the most
  564.   vile of sorts, no doubt he will indeed."
  565. <@Malt> "Well, no, but a single trade run is hardly an alliance between two
  566.   traders. These sorts of deals happen all the time."
  567. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Well, your offer sounds reasonable.
  568. * Ben_[Astropath] sends, "And it might be worth our while to broach this
  569.   Lugron for parlay to see where he stands on the matter as well?"
  570. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] Broadcasts : We'll contact him as soon as we can.
  571.   See what he has to offer.
  572. <@Malt> "So you will accept?"
  573. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> You have a deal.
  574. * Yasha_[Archmilitant] broadcasts: Just remember, in the end, allies are
  575.   worth more than Thrones.
  576. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] Broadcasts : I'll keep that in mind.
  577. <@Malt> Oriel claps his hands together with glee, hey calls to the boy
  578.   "More wine boy!" After being served he rasies his glass in toast, "To
  579.   profit and health."
  580. * Dominique_[Navigator] thinks maybe things will turn out alright....maybe
  581. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "Oh yes, to profit and health indeed, Sir Oriel."
  582.   raising her glass too
  583. <@Malt> "I will let Ilon know that you will be transporting the goods, his
  584.   servants are most efficient in their loading techniques."
  585. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] Raises her full glass. "To new friends."
  586. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> Yasha raises her glass, "Yup. To all of that." Then
  587.   she takes another gulp.
  588. <@Malt> The rogue trader smiles broadly, white teeth glittering from the
  589.   light of the overhead chandeliers
  590. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> I will send some of my men to help with the
  591.   offloading. I'm sure they'll be pleased to help.
  592. <@Malt> You depart not long after with Oriel smiling broadly and continuing
  593.   to get drunk as the play ends.
  594. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] After the meeting, back in the ship, Odessa
  595.   instructs her men to inspect the merchandise while they're loading it and
  596.   report anything suspect. Meanwhile, she contacts the trader Lugron.
  597. * Dominique_[Navigator] is entralled by the play despite it being quite bad
  598. <@Malt> The men you had present form the 34th return to the ship
  599. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> "So, we going to see if there are any other
  600.   opportunities to make some money? People who want to go where we're
  601.   going, or want something picked up along the way, or the like?
  602. <@Malt> The junior lieutenant comes towards the Captain and says, "We have
  603.   the rogue trader Hans Lugron on your private vox My Lady."
  604. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Thank you. I'll take it in my quarters.
  605. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] back in her quarters, fires up the Vox
  606. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] broadcasts : I've got Lugron on my Vox. I'll be
  607.   transmitting the conversation through the mind link.
  608. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] Retcon : Back on the bridge.
  609. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> This is Odessa Fulgor, Lord-Captain of The Lady of
  610.   Victory.
  611. <@Malt> Odessa's currently spartan private room has a ornate desk in the
  612.   middle of the roomand two ragged battleworn flags on the wall one bearing
  613.   the symbol of the  34th Regiment and one bearing Odessa world icongraphy.
  614. <@Malt> Hans smooth voice responds, "Hello My Lady, what do I owe the
  615.   pleasure?"
  616. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> I believe you are well-established in that station.
  617.   I was wondering if maybe you would be so kind as to give a new arrival
  618.   like myself some pointers ?
  619. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> You seem to be the most knowledgeable person
  620.   around, after all.
  621. <@Malt> You hear a faint chuckle over the voice, "Of course My Lady I thank
  622.   you for your kind words. The Expanse is a dangerous place full of risks
  623.   but the rewards are all the more sweeter, I would suggest you seek work
  624.   on the station at first but then explore and see what oppertunities
  625.   arrise. Secondly I would suggest you contact good people you can rely on
  626.   out in the void and here, you obviously...
  627. <@Malt> ...have learned this lesson by coming to me."
  628. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Quite right. I considered for a moment adressing
  629.   the Rogue Trader Oriel, but you seem to be a more powerful, and more
  630.   refined man.
  631. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> I have, in fact, met with him earlier. He was quite
  632.   desperate. Rather pathethic, really.
  633. <@Malt> "Oh yes, you wouldn't want to involve yourself with that ruffian,
  634.   he is old news. I however have made great boons in past years and there
  635.   is nothing but a bright future ahead for the Lugron family."
  636. * Yasha_[Archmilitant] sends: A pity we're not meeting him in person. It'd
  637.   make it a lot easier for the psykers to do their stuff.
  638. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Is that the charming chime of a business proposal I
  639.   hear in your voice ?
  640. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] sends : We'd have psykers on both sides, really.
  641.   Not much of an advantage when we can instantly detect each other.
  642. * Yasha_[Archmilitant] sends: True, I suppose.
  643. <@Malt> "Oh my dear I am afraid my business is currently occupied but might
  644.   I suggest a declaration of intention: 'That in the Expanse there be
  645.   nothing but goodwill between our respective powers.'  "
  646. * Odessa_[Rogue_Trader] with a grimace, but keeping an agreeable, pleasant
  647.   voice.
  648. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Of course. May the Emperor guide your fortune.
  649. <@Malt> "And yours to My Lady", Hans cuts the vox link
  650. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Asshole.
  651. * Yasha_[Archmilitant] sends: What makes you think that?
  652. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Well, we're not getting any business from that one.
  653.   Let's stick to the original plan.
  654. <Roth_[Voidmaster]> "Well this cargo isnt going to haul itself? Maybe we
  655.   should get a move on"
  656. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> My men are already loading it.
  657. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> Yasha steps inside the room. "Okay, but we should
  658.   still probably look around, and see if there are any incidental pieces of
  659.   business to take care of. Pilgrims, people who need something
  660.   transported, and the like."
  661. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "So next stop, adventure?"
  662. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Doesn't seem to be any bombs, murder servitors, or
  663.   other hidden surprises.
  664. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> "You know, little things to give us that extra bit
  665.   of profit."
  666. <@Malt> The junior lieutenant perks up saying, I took the liberty of
  667.   acquiring heavy trans-orbital landers for good transport at our
  668.   destination, they are not in the greatest condition but they were all we
  669.   could find."
  670. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> "Or that many more allies."
  671. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "makes sense to me."
  672. <@Malt> goods transport'
  673. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Well I'll let you take care of that. I'm going to
  674.   bed for now.
  675. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> Yasha gives Odessa a funny look before laughing.
  676.   "You were always the one with the people skills, you know."
  677. <@Malt> After a day of supplies and tech goods being brought on The Lady of
  678.   Victory pulls out of harbour and turns towards new adventure.
  679. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> "So, where are we going, exactly?"
  680. <@Malt> She makes good speed from the station and is soon ready to enter
  681.   the warp to make her way to the co-ordinates Oriel has provided
  682. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "Where ever the Emperor wills us I guess, or did
  683.   you mean which planet?"
  684. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> "Yeah, I meant which planet. You're the Navigator; I
  685.   figured you'd know."
  686. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Yes. Have you plotted a course yet ?
  687. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "P1784, not a very cute name, but if you give me a
  688.   moment I'll plot us a course."
  689. * Roth_[Voidmaster] Lights a few candles at the helm "Ugh, I hate making
  690.   warp jumps"
  691. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> We'll be in your care then, Dom.
  692. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> Yasha slaps Dom on the shoulder. "We'll be in your
  693.   hands. Hopefully we won't be seeing any gribbly monsters, eh?"
  694. * Ben_[Astropath] retires to his quarters after making sure there are no
  695.   pressing messages his Captain needs sent. He meditates awhile before his
  696.   small shrine to the Emperor, knowing full well these will be the last
  697.   peaceful moments of rest he will experience before the ghosts of the warp
  698.   come to haunt the dreams of the living in transit
  699. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "Oh dear me, that would be dreadful!" Domi says
  700. * Roth_[Voidmaster] Lights a few more candles, and flips some switches.
  701.   "Gonna send the message down to the cogboys to activate the geller field,
  702.   Might wanna close your mind psykers"
  703. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> Yasha pats her on the back, and leaves Dom to her
  704.   work as she ascends the Navigator's Throne.
  705. * Ben_[Astropath] sends, "For the duration of our trip, we'll be breaking
  706.   this link. Emperor be with you all." With that, the psyker breaks the
  707.   mindlink amongst the group.
  708. <@Malt> The ship lurches into the warp and heads for its new destination
  709. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "Well that's all good and done. Time for Tea!"
  710.   Dominique says to herself as she looks for some crewmembers to pressgang
  711.   into joining her for tea
  712. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> "Umm, shouldn't there be a Navigator piloting the
  713.   ship? You got one of the Junior Navigators to take the helm, right?"
  714. <@Malt> The ship makes good speed, taking a mere 15 days to reach it
  715.   destination, The ride is smooth with relatively few problems. As the ship
  716.   breaks warp travel siren blare as the ship enters the gravity well of a
  717.   outlying planet.
  718. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> "
  719. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> "ROOOOOTH!"
  720. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "There's no need to shout indoors."
  721. <Odessa_[Rogue_Trader]> Grab something, this is going to be a bumpy ride !
  722.   Roth, get us the hell out of there !
  723. <Roth_[Voidmaster]> "THRONEDAMN IT....."
  724. <Roth_[Voidmaster]> "Ok"
  725. <Roth_[Voidmaster]> "Ok I got this"
  726. <@Malt> The ship lurches to the side sending most of the bridge sprawling
  727.   but Roth expertly spins the ship and shoots past the moon to a safer
  728.   distance and stabilisers here
  729. <@Malt> her'
  730. <@Malt> The ship settles and the crew report next to no damage.
  731. <Dominique_[Navigator]> "I spilled my tea." Domi reports sadly
  732. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> "So, to the planet of the Mechanicus, then?"
  733. <@Malt> The Junior Lieutenant looks at Roth with a mixture of awe and
  734.   gratitude. "A magnificent manoeuver sir."
  735. <Roth_[Voidmaster]> "Empra yes it is. Wouldn't be anything less with me at
  736.   the helm"
  737. <Yasha_[Archmilitant]> "Ha! I remember you driving that tank we built out
  738.   of that groundcar. Wild times."
  739. <Roth_[Voidmaster]> "Some things never change"
  740. <@Malt> Dominique provides Roth expert approaches that reduce the time of
  741.   travel to the planet to half a day. The planet makes orbit above the
  742.   desert world and the crew have offically made their first successful
  743.   journey within the expanse.
  744. * Dominique_[Navigator] hums to herself as she she plots a corse the
  745.   planet, it's a bit creepy
  746. <@Malt> the ship, not planet (hurr derr)
  747. * Ben_[Astropath] (rainbows@4997A0EF.26B29B69.D3B8FF8E.IP) has left #Malt
  748. * Roth_[Voidmaster] (genericnub@E89B3F6.EFB93B38.7FB124AC.IP) Quit (Quit:
  749. Quit)
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