Beware of the Fake FastProxyz Skype

Jul 1st, 2020
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  1. Beware of the Fake FastProxyz Skype
  2. Guys I am a proxies seller here on BHW. Recently another guy has made a fake skype profile with name FastProxyz. He has made it even more real looking by placing a picture taken from my site and placed email in the skype name.
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  14. He is taking payments from people and scamming them. Its a great loss to my business. What can i do?
  15. You will have to also come up with more unique and hot trending discussions. By the way, you can be more comfortable to include more stats and trending facts in your piece of
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  31. The recursive feedback loops & reactionary filtering are so bad that some sites promoting socialism are now being dragged to the Google gulag.
  32. In a set of guidelines issued to Google evaluators in March, elaborated in April by Google VP of Engineering Ben Gomes, the company instructed its search evaluators to flag pages
  34. returning'conspiracy theories' or'upsetting' content unless'the query clearly indicates the user is seeking an alternative viewpoint.' The changes to the search rankings of WSWS
  36. content are consistent with such a mechanism. Users of Google will be able to find the WSWS if they specifically include'World Socialist Web Site' in their search request. But if
  38. their inquiry simply includes term such as'Trotsky,''Trotskyism,''Marxism,''socialism' or'inequality,' they will not find the site.
  39. Every website which has a following & challenges power is considered "fake news" or "conspiracy theory" until many years later, when many of the prior "nutjob conspiracies" turn
  41. out to be accurate representations of reality.
  42. Under its new so-called anti-fake-news program, Google algorithms have in the past few months moved socialist, anti-war, and progressive websites from previously prominent
  44. positions in Google searches to positions up to 50 search result pages from the first page, essentially removing them from the search results any searcher will see. Counterpunch,
  46. World Socialsit Website, Democracy Now, American Civil liberties Union, Wikileaks are just a few of the websites which have experienced severe reductions in their returns from
  48. Google searches.
  49. In the meantime townhall meetings celebrating diversity will be canceled & differentiated voices will be marginalized to protect the mob from themselves.
  50. What does the above say about tech monopolies wanting to alter the structure of society when their internal ideals are based on fundamental lies? They can't hold an internal
  52. meeting addressing sacred cows because "ultimately the loudest voices on the fringes drive the perception and reaction" but why not let them distribute swarms of animals with
  54. bacteria & see what happens? Let's make Earth a beta.
  55. FANG
  56. Beware of the Fake FastProxyz Skype
  57. The more I study the macro picture the more concerned I get about the long term ramifications of a financially ever more divergent society. pic.twitter.com/KoY60fAfe2— Sven
  59. Henrich (@NorthmanTrader) August 9, 2020
  60. Monopoly platforms are only growing more dominant by the day.
  61. Over the past three decades, the U.S. government has permitted corporate giants to take over an ever-increasing share of the economy. Monopoly-the ultimate enemy of free-market
  63. competition-now pervades every corner of American life ... Economic power, in fact, is more concentrated than ever: According to a study published earlier this year, half of all
  65. publicly traded companies have disappeared over the past four decades.
  66. And you don't have to subscribe to deep state conspiracy theory in order to see the impacts.
  67. Nike selling on Amazon=media cos selling to Netflix=news orgs publishing straight to Facebook. https://t.co/3hpVIsymXD— Miriam Gottfried (@miriamgottfried) June 28, 2020
  68. The revenue, value & profit transfer is overt:
  69. It is no coincidence that from 2020 to 2020, Amazon, Google and Facebook's revenues increased by $137 billion and the remaining Fortune 497 revenues contracted by $97 billion.
  70. Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook ... are all aggressively investing in video content as bandwidth is getting cheaper & they need differentiated content to drive
  72. subscription revenues. If the big players are bidding competitively to have differentiated video content that puts a bid under some premium content, but for ad-supported content
  74. the relatively high CPMs on video content might fall sharply in the years to come.
  75. From a partner perspective, if you only get a percent of revenue that transfers all the risk onto you, how is the new Facebook video feature going to be any better than being a
  77. YouTube partner? As video becomes more widespread, won't that lower CPMs?
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