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  1. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. [img][/img]
  6. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. [h1][b]Description:[/b][/h1]
  8. Currently the mod is in Pre-Alpha stage of development. At the moment it consists of ONLY structures/static objects and 2 maps.
  10. This modification for ArmA3 is a port from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game series
  11. We've made not only port of original content made by GSC Game World but also made by our own.
  12. Usage of this content for another modifications/projects is allowed only with the permission of the author.
  13. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. [h1][b]Credits:[/b][/h1]
  15. Bohemia Interactive Studios - authors of ArmA Game Series and DayZ Standalone
  16. GSC Game World - authors of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Game Series
  17. [h1]Sumrak - creator of Namalsk map[/h1]
  18. paranoiia8 - author of Stalker Two-K retexture
  19. brainscorcher - author of Structures Redux retexture
  20. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  21. [h1][b]License:[/b][/h1]
  22. This Content is shared under [url=][u]Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0[/u][/url] license. You must give credits to authors if you include this modification as dependency. You must ask authors for permission if you want to include any content provided by authors in your modpack or your own modification. You are not allowed to remix/transform/modificate this content if you didn't get permission from authors.You are not allowed to use this content in any way for commercial usage.
  24. All content that has been created by GSC Game World used to create port and included with this distribution, unless declared otherwise,
  25. is commercial GSC Game World property.
  27. The following files are shared under Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA)
  28. ( license.
  30. [h1] - a2_livezone_addons.pbo[/h1]
  31. [h1] - a2_livezone_buildings.pbo[/h1]
  32. [h1] - a2_livezone_nsmap.pbo[/h1]
  33. [h1] - a2_livezone_nsport.pbo[/h1]
  34. [h1] - a2_livezone_plants.pbo[/h1]
  35. [h1] - a2_livezone_structures.pbo[/h1]
  37. [img][/img]
  38. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  39. [h1][b]Contacts:[/b][/h1]
  40. stalker port author: Ewok
  41. a2 port/terrain author: MetallurG
  42. Scripts: REALM
  43. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  44. [h1][b]Links:[/b][/h1]
  45. Twitter:
  46. Discord server:
  47. Steam group:
  48. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  49. [img][/img]
  50. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  51. [b]©LiveZone Project(2018)[/b]
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