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  1. (7:14:06 PM) drakenavarone: i might chance a recruitment post in lsf
  2. (7:14:12 PM) drakenavarone: i think it'd be kinda funny
  3. (7:16:58 PM) Kikered: hahaha do it
  4. (7:17:08 PM) Kikered: and make all the bad habits that gets those sorts of threads ignored, too
  5. (7:17:20 PM) Kikered: and see how many "helpful" people try to lecture you on it
  6. (7:18:02 PM) drakenavarone: that's kinda what i want to do, but... i still need the actual art
  7. (7:18:34 PM) Kikered: i'm sure sensei will understand
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