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  2. Wan6SaberToday at 4:54 PM
  4. Trump and Pence Target Trans Healthcare—And Their LGBT Discrimin...
  5. Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Photos GettyThe Trump-Pence administration today took another step toward creating two separate and unequal healthcare systems in America: one for straight people protected by law, and another in which transgender people, women, and gay...
  7. The_DM_Barlow, InquisitorToday at 4:58 PM
  8. Some of this is bad. Some of this is good. Some of this is unconstitutional.
  9. The very idea of legally requiring a Catholic orphanage or adoption agency or such like to treat same-gender couples no differently than hetero couples is absolutely not acceptable under the Constitution.
  10. ZyferToday at 5:13 PM
  11. sounds good
  12. getting rid of the mental ill problem head on
  13. The_DM_Barlow, InquisitorToday at 5:15 PM
  14. Transgenderism is not a problem.
  15. ZyferToday at 5:24 PM
  16. it's very much a problem... i can't help it if you can not realize it or refuse to realize it
  17. The_DM_Barlow, InquisitorToday at 5:29 PM
  18. No, it is not.
  19. It is no one's responsibility to replenish the society with raising the birthrate.
  20. It is no one's power to decide what gender another wishes to be, or to stop them from pursuing that change as effectively as possible under current techiques, without demanding that money from elsewhere.
  21. If you don't wish to date or be in a relationship with a trans individual for whatever reason, that's fine. But their choices do not create a problem for you nor for the society at large.
  22. Remember, Zyfer, it is removal of choice, removal of equality of outcome, that are what we must stand up against. Not ever a subset of freedom. Not the right to speak or to carry and own lethal weapons, but instead the demand from others that you must worship this god that way, or the government deciding you need to have or not have a child.
  23. It is my right to smoke tobacco, regardless of the fact that many hold the opinion that this practicing is significantly more damaging than it is helpful to me (though I would argue that it's a net positive for other reasons), just as it is the right of any transgendered individuals to go through the process to become the other (yes, there are only two) gender for all reasonable intents and purposes.
  24. I will take this opportunity, Zyfer, to remind you that this is absolutely an unreasonable position for you or any to hold, that transgenderism is somehow a problem for you as a cisgendered individual.
  25. Anything you want to add to that, @Wan6Saber ?
  26. My eyes are open @Zyfer -- but what I see is not a societal problem but rather a far less significant issue with not understanding how freedom works.
  27. ZyferToday at 5:46 PM
  28. freedom is freedom.. but they should know their place
  29. transgenderism is a problem for a lot of different reasons.. not just raising birthrates...
  30. just like that story the other day when a transgender "fem to male" decided she wanted to have a baby while parading around as a man and then telling the doctors she is a man..
  31. the baby ended up dead... okies.. but she could easily ended up dead likewise
  32. and if something happens.. and im sure we haven't heard the end of that story.. i am expecting her to sue the hospital because she didn't report that
  33. The_DM_Barlow, InquisitorToday at 5:48 PM
  34. freedom is inherently incompatible with "knowing your place"
  35. ZyferToday at 5:48 PM
  36. that will effectively end any possibility for them
  37. The_DM_Barlow, InquisitorToday at 5:49 PM
  38. The baby isn't dead, because the baby was never alive
  39. Until birth, a pregnant mother and fetus are one organism
  40. ZyferToday at 5:49 PM
  41. that's a whole different debate
  42. either way..
  43. The_DM_Barlow, InquisitorToday at 5:49 PM
  44. Either know your place, or have freedom
  45. Pick one
  46. Can't have both
  47. ZyferToday at 5:50 PM
  48. dead baby... could possibly be dead herself.. and probably still gonna see a sued hospital because she's a fucking retard that decided to mutilate her body
  49. you can have both
  50. The_DM_Barlow, InquisitorToday at 5:50 PM
  51. I don't care.
  52. You can't have both
  53. They are wholly and completely incompatible.
  54. ZyferToday at 5:50 PM
  55. besides that.. your probably biased since you are sleeping with one anyways
  56. The_DM_Barlow, InquisitorToday at 5:51 PM
  57. If you really think I'd let that bias me, you've learned nothing about me in all the time we've talked.
  58. ZyferToday at 5:51 PM
  59. either way.. there this whole entire bs is nothing more then pushing a leftist agenda to corrupted more people
  60. people who could easily be happy with what they was...
  61. The_DM_Barlow, InquisitorToday at 5:52 PM
  62. No, they could not. Not the ones with appropriate diagnoses, which is more than half.
  63. ZyferToday at 5:52 PM
  64. instead they was fed lies and decided to mutilate their body on a whim and act and parade around as some kind of immoral phariah
  65. The_DM_Barlow, InquisitorToday at 5:52 PM
  66. It's not on a whim
  67. And it's not mutilation
  68. And it's not immoral
  69. wtf
  70. ZyferToday at 5:53 PM
  71. and even if they did end up going thru the whole entire thing.. they will still have problems.. still be miserable and all that.. possibly even more so.. because they can't go back
  72. The_DM_Barlow, InquisitorToday at 5:53 PM
  73. It can take 5-10 years to get SRS when it's done right.
  74. No, they won't.
  75. I've watched enough of them go through the process, and have far better mental health after to know that's bs
  76. ZyferToday at 5:54 PM
  77. yea.. how soon did you see them?
  78. The_DM_Barlow, InquisitorToday at 5:54 PM
  79. how soon after SRS did I see the friends who have gone through it?
  80. Within the same week as the procedure. I don't ignore my friends.
  81. ZyferToday at 5:54 PM
  82. yea.. cause 1-3 years isn't enough time
  83. The_DM_Barlow, InquisitorToday at 5:55 PM
  84. oh, your phrasing is horrible
  85. ZyferToday at 5:55 PM
  86. your looking at that stuff setting in at a much longer timeline
  87. The_DM_Barlow, InquisitorToday at 5:55 PM
  88. I have watched one friend from the first week out through.... seven, eight years now.
  89. ZyferToday at 5:55 PM
  90. then keep on watching
  91. The_DM_Barlow, InquisitorToday at 5:55 PM
  92. knew them for about 3 years beforehand.
  93. This person is stable, and happy, and is those things because they successfully transitioned.
  94. ZyferToday at 5:56 PM
  95. and they could easily be happy without transitioning
  96. overall it's an unnessessary cost
  97. The_DM_Barlow, InquisitorToday at 5:57 PM
  98. No, they could not have.
  99. Overall this was the only way for this individual not to attempt suicide consistently until they succeeded.
  100. ZyferToday at 5:57 PM
  101. well then maybe suicide was their answer
  102. after all.. some people are born to die
  103. The_DM_Barlow, InquisitorToday at 5:57 PM
  104. What is wrong with you Zyfer
  105. You speak about morals as if you understand them
  106. But I think you honestly have none.
  107. ZyferToday at 5:58 PM
  108. maybe wtf is wrong with you
  109. The_DM_Barlow, InquisitorToday at 5:58 PM
  110. Hardly.
  111. ZyferToday at 5:58 PM
  112. maybe your just indenial..
  113. The_DM_Barlow, InquisitorToday at 5:59 PM
  114. sorry, there's no such possibility. Talk to you and deal with your unreasonable positions later.
  115. ZyferToday at 5:59 PM
  116. my positions are fine.. i think your just biased
  117. everything is short-term this short term that
  118. maybe look at a longer scene once in a while
  119. The_DM_Barlow, InquisitorToday at 6:02 PM
  120. No, that's not it.
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